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Hey, thanks for reading this. I've been going on writing sites for about 6 years now, offering advice and receiving it. I love writing fiction as well as fan fics, and in fact I'm in the stages of writing an original fiction called The Magician's War. I plan to write more here when I get a chance. :)

I really like to map out entire stories chapter by chapter before they are written, so rest assured that my stories are not usually half-assed. Character development is also important to me, and I believe one should never underestimate the power of flaws. My biggest pet peeve is actually the characterization of female characters. They can be so incredibly annoying - fiery, intelligent, caring, motherly, passionate, tactful, sociable, daring, understanding, conservative, naive - all at once! As Elizabeth says in Pride and Prejudice, "I've never met such a woman. She would be a fearsome thing to behold." I do my darndest to keep my characters realistic.

Anyway, I'll rant later, mm?

Also, for anybody that was interested in "The Surrender", thank you for your support! : However, I decided to make some changes regarding pacing and background. Dialogue-centered stories are not really my thing and it was kind of turning into one, so I'm pulling it for now and just reworking it. Look for it again soon though! Much love.

Happy writing.

~T. J. Hawkins

(University of Southern California Class of 2012, can't wait!)

The MarySue by Dallas W reviews
Bashing the overused Mary-Sue character. No offence to anyone... haha.
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