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Welcome to OFUCSI. Contact via e-mail listed in profile (ofucsi at gmail dot com) if you wish to be enrolled in the madness and a form will be sent for you to fill in.

This is a co-written project by Camilla Sandman and Princess Artemis.

Camilla is a 25 year old Norwegian who has been bitten by the CSI 'ship bug and will sometimes cough up a GSR or CWR story. She will read any pairing if the writing is good enough and her pet peeves include your/you're mistakes, CSI characters suddenly acting like teenagers, urple prose, bad use of rape as a plot point and villifying characters in the way of a particular pairing. Cam has many years behind her in the Lord of the Rings fandom, where she wrote OFUM, of which OFUCSI is a spin-off. You can stalk her at her LJ ( or her website (

Princess Artemis is a 30 year old American who doesn't write nearly as much CSI as her plot bunnies demand. She 'ships GSR and Greg/Sara, but tends to write Greg-centered stories instead, for she is an unrepentant Greggophile. Like Camilla, she'll read most anything if it's well written, but she has a very low tolerance for Sueage and OOC, especially if done in order to make a character hate their canon love interest in favor of someone else the author likes better or simply to make the character look bad. (She has other peeves as well, but doesn't feel like boring you by listing them all, for they are many.) Princess Artemis is also an awful fandom-hopper, but she's written the most in Final Fantasy VII and Real Ghostbusters. If you really feel like using her LJ as either a sleep aid or to laugh at, it's at ( In the meantime, visit her website ( Of interest may be Master of DNA ( for all your canon Greg Sanders needs.

The Official Fanfiction University of CSI reviews
Vengeance can be sweet, but so can education and the CSI characters have decided it’s time to do some teaching about fanfic. Shipwars, mayhem, lusting, oh my! Welcome to OFUCSI.
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