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Hi! Everyone that reads this! I'm a nice person and I like to write, so that's why I have an account on fanfiction!

Fave Movies

Cars: I love the movie cars! I love to watch it over and over again! I want to write about it some more, but I have to finish this story first! I have a story about Lightning Mc Queen, but after that I'm gonna write about all the other characters! That movie is the best! If you don't like the movie, don't read my stories. If you love it, your in luck!

Toy Story: I have loved toy story ever since I was two or younger! I don't know why I love it so much, but I just do! Right now I really like buzz and mr. potato head. It's a really great movie, but I don't think that I'll write about it!

Bug's Life: This movie is awsome! I have loved it ever since two years ago! My favourite character is flick and dot. Flick has all these AMAZING! inventions, and dot is the one that always looks up to him. Too bad you can't make an invention that fast. But that's the good part about cartoons. They're so unrealistic! That's the best part because you can beleive in yourself, and that makes you try harder!

Mary Poppins: No, I don't mean nanny mc fee! I don't like that movie at all! It is not the new mary poppins! I can't beleive they put that on the cover! I have loved this movie for about five years! A nanny that sings! That is so wicked! It can make you sing and makes you want to eat spoons full of sugar! Awsome!

Bench Warmers: I have loved this movie for not even a year! My favourite character is clark! All of the characters are really stupid, but clark is the stupidest. That is what makes him my fave.! I don't think I can write much about this movie though. It already has enough in the movie! It is quite funny though. I like it!

Napolian Dinaymite: I don't know how to spell either of those words, but... My favourite character is napolien. I love this movie because it is so stupid! jhon heder does a better job in bench warmers of acting stupid.

Well I guess that's it...

Oh! My name is bauman because that's my last name! If you were wondering!