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What's up? I would post a picture of me without a mask but the mask is cool. Besides, all the other pictures of me on this pc are from when I was like 16- and that's not very accurate anymore believe it or not.

I just realized that since this is a profile, I should probably write something about myself.

Um... I'm 18.

I'm here because I like reading fanfictions. I'm way too lazy to write them, even though I have a pretty vivid imagination and can probably think up a couple of good stories.

I'm starting my second year of college in the fall. I wont officially be a sophomore, but I'll catch up in time to graduate with the rest of my class.

I like Britney Spears. I LOVE shopping. And watching movies. In fact, I'm going to the movies tomorrow.

My high school was really big, and when I watch shows I'm like: high school isn't like that at all. Even though it probably isn't, I can't exactly compare my high school to others. Everyone knew each other but there were over 3000 kids, so not everyone associated with everyone else. The 'popular' kids were simply the ones who held some kind of office. The nerds had just as big a group as anyone else AND the non-nerds were never mean to them. Unless they were retarded. Apparantly, I was cool, but I never paid attention enough to actually notice that everyone knew my name. I wasn't an athlete (I wish, but I'm totally anemic), and I never really showed up that much. My group was pretty inclusive, too.

I would never want to change my past, but I can't help but wondering what would happen if I HAD tried out for the swim team junior year or for the basketball team in eight grade. I'm apparantly a natural at getting things through the hoop. Sometimes I think I'm too old, but I know I can still work at something if I try. I could, theoretically, go back for three more years of high school. That isn't going to happen, though. Ha.

Um... I play guitar. :) Oddly, most of my friends and family do.

And I sing. Weekly. At church.

I think I'd make a great dancer, and I guess I can move really well, but I don't actually know how. I make it look like I do, but I don't

I'm totally cute, but guys are always so intimidated by me... pout

Oh yeah, I'm a cough cough Not yet, I mean... cough cough When this store opens up cough cough They want me to be cough clear throat cough Their main, um... cough Model. blush

Yep, that's me.

Oh, and there is one other thing. I went through this phase when I was around 15 or 16 when I thought it was really hot to put a boy or multigender name on a girl. Made her sound tough, especially if she was really cute and girly. It takes away from the girly and makes her... idk. All I know is that whatever mindset I was on at that stage in my life, that's where I got my name. Korey. It's a combination of two names. I can't remember what they were now, though. I don't really care for it anymore. My best friends all have little nicknames for me. Belle calls me Buttercup, Blue calls me Jelly, Filipe sometimes calls me Raven... But only privately. I'm past the boy-name phase. Now, I'm just embracing being all girl. Oh, and those are my nicknames for them, too. Belle, Blue and Filipe all have their real names.

I have a story called Only At Midnight and I just reread a few weeks ago. I realized it didn't make any sense sometimes (probably because I wrote it when I was like 14 lol). I'm a great writer and always have been so you can still read it; its just slightly hard to follow at some points.

I've improved A LOT and realized that the reader isn't inside my head and I have to actually tell them whats going on.

-I lost all interest in OAM and if I do continue, I'll probably rewrite it entirely. It's not a bad plot, just badly developed.-

Teen Titans rock- anything revolving around Raven goes. Fave pairings:

RavenxBeast Boy romance- they do fall in love in the comics.

Okay, so it isn't the kiss one but it's still cool. Beast Boy is talking about their kiss.

RavenxRobin friendship and romance- even though the romance has no basis in the comics.

Okay!! So I just saw a bunch of comic strips of Raven and scratch what I just said!! Raven and Robin DO have some sort of weird thing in the comics!! And they look so CUTE together! I never much cared for RavenxRobin romances but look at this:

Wow. That's a part of Nightwing's dream, I guess, but it's still cute. Raven was apparantly in love with Robin.

This wasn't a dream: haha

I think I just became a Rave/Rob fan.

RavenxArella- in a mother/daughter way, of course.

RavenxStarfire friendship pairings. They're really close, but the cartoon doesn't allow much room to show that. Well, it does, just very subtly. Like, Raven and Starfire can always combine their powers, they always fight side-by-side, and they usually stand next to each other. Starfire aknowledges Raven more than anyone else. Yep, they're bffs.

StarfirexRobin- romance or friendship but mostly as a subplot.

Beast BoyxCyborgxRobin friendship- as a subplot.

No pairings have to be Beast Boy or Raven centric. Maybe Starfire.

RavenxBeast BoyxTerra- but only if Raven wins. :D

Raven is by far the most popular Titan on Fanfiction, winning by a landslide over the second most popular Titan, Robin. After Robin comes Beast Boy, followed closely by Starfire, after which comes Terra and finally, Cyborg. It's not that Cyborg is unpopular, its just that he's not usually the main character. BUT, he is usually one of the biggest supporting characters. Like, if there is a BBRae, Cyborg usually appears more often than Robin. :)

The most popular Titan pairing IS: drumroll please

Beast Boy and Raven, with a total of 126 pages dedicated solely to them and counting!

And in second place we have: Robin and Starfire, coming in at 97 pages!

Hot on their heels and in third place is Robin and Raven, with a grand total of 83 pages!

In fourth place we have the short-lived but nevertheless immortalized coupling of Beast Boy and Terra with 17 pages!

And in fifth place we have Robin and Slade. -.- 14 pages.

!!Keep in mind that these are just the pairings that the stories center around and they may not be romantic in any way. :) Much of the Slade/Robin can be father/son or whatnot. :D

Now that I know a little about the comics, Raven has dated a lot of people. Geez. There was Eric, Obsidian, Joey, Nightwing, Beast Boy!! And those are only the ones I know about from this person's profile on a website. She may not have dated some of these, but she certainly had a thing with them.

Most popular honorary Titan: Speedy

Most popular villain: Slade

You know those little episodes that people put up on their profiles that they think is hilarious but just makes them look really weird? I hate them.

Regardless, here is one of myself. It is not so weird since, well, I am not weird. :)

Korey: I always end up playing with potentially dangerous electrical wiring.

Phillip: Why do you say that?

Korey: Because its true.

Phillip: Did you start another electrical fire? (inside story)

Korey: No! I just... hotwired a computer. blush

Phillip: How so?

Korey: With wires... the button wasn't working.

Phillip: Crazy...

Korey: :) I had to get it working! lol

Anything below this line was written long ago. Slightly modified, but still...

Location: Orlando! Go Magic!

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Religious Beliefs: I believe in Christ, that's all that is needed to know. I love God.

Oh, and I just found this really REALLY good story about TT called "The White Rose." There is only one thing that ticks me off, though. There is a part in chapter two when Robin picks up the phone to order Chinese. I admit that most people that work in those places don't speak english very well, and are sometimes difficult to understand, but the girl was chewing gum! What does that say? Typical American teenage girl. Why does that tick me off so badly? I'm the typical teenager who works in a pizza place... Have I ever gotten an order wrong? Yes... But only like twice after three years of working there. When someone has to repeat an order, they usually don't speak loud enough, have a very heavy accent, something is wrong with their phone, I ask them a question and they say something completely unrelated and when I ask them again they say I already told you when I didn't know what they were talking about in the first place... When I ask something like, "Will that be pick up or delivery?" and they say yes... When they say they want an order for take out when half the people say take out meaning delivery and half say take out meaning pick up, and then they get mad at me for asking which one... When they don't know their own address, phone number, NAME, etc. and they make me guess it (which by now I am very good at doing)... One time this guy was like, "Why do I have to repeat everything? It's not like I'm speaking Chinese!" I just HAD to laugh(not into the phone, but afterwards), 'cause the guy was definitely not speaking english... It was something more along the lines of, "Uai duu ai hev tu hepeet evritang (think 'spit in mouth')? Ai no speeka Shaineez!" So there! Never underestimate a phone girl... But if they're a waitress, then that's another story... You know, no phone lines to screw everything up...

Something cool about me:

I can lick my elbow. It's not impossible, because I can do it.

This was funny:

--there is silence until a slight noise is heard--

--Storm- "Are you hungry?"

Me- "Why, did you just hear my stomach growling?"

Storm- "Yeah."--


Someone that's not me, when asked: "Why are partings always so difficult?" responded by simply saying "Because we seem to forget we will see each other again very soon along the twisted lines of life." Of course, being as I am, I altered it. I don't really agree with this, though. I agree with, "We'll see each other in Heaven."

God Bless All

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