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Author has written 3 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.

Most recent rant: Curse music exams. Curse them! I have a saxophone exam in one week and there's no way you can cram for music exams. In this one, besides other horrible exercises I have to SING FROM A SCORE OF MUSIC. (For non-musical people who happen to be reading this, a score is the liney-thing that notes are written on). How evil is that?


Real Name: Rachel Boyd. It's one of the most boring names in the entire universe.

Sex: Female, and no plans of changing.

DOB (just to be annoying): 1991

Likes: Blood, Lord of the Rings, Yugioh, fantasy books, being strange. I also like reviews! Very much! (hint hint) Subjects: Math(s) and Sciences.

Hobbies: Skiing, being hyper, playing saxophone, playing piano, writing fanfiction (well duh)

Dislikes: not much, but not overly fond of insects, especially mosquitoes.

Ambitions:I need to finish all the stuff I'm writing. Uh... that'd be about 30 stories. -_-

Favourite characters: Ryou (Yugioh), Yami Bakura (Yugioh), Malik (Yugioh), Yami Malik (Yugioh), Scar (The Lion King), Sauron (Lord of the Rings), The Witch King (Lord of the Rings) and all the evil people. Especially Amubu, who is this alien in this story I'm doing with a friend. He's just too cool... ;D

Least Favourite characters: ALL of those psychotic Teletubbies, Denethor (Lord of the Rings) - he's so mean to Faramir! And the way he eats tomatoes... ugh. Also, Barbie, and Mary Sues.

A completely random fact:

When "Coca cola" was translated into Chinese, it was originally translated as "ke-kou ke-la" which means, believe it or not, "bite the wax tadpole".

The New Students by White Angel Chan reviews
YGO/HP crossover, as promised. Yugi, Ryou, and Malik are invited to Hogwarts; however, dark forces have discovered the existance of the millennium items and plot to use them for their own means...
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 45 - Words: 207,182 - Reviews: 4622 - Favs: 1,519 - Follows: 754 - Updated: 8/8/2008 - Published: 11/30/2002
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Yugi Gets Braces reviews
Random story I wrote far too late at night. Basically, Yugi gets braces. Now, Jounouchi has glasses too...
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The Trip to Disneyland reviews
The Yugioh gang go to disneyland! Aren't I evil? Mua ha haa.Read, and you will... fall asleep, probably. Rated for swearing that might occur later on.
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Honey I shrank the Yamis reviews
Basically, Kaiba invents a shrinking machine in a moment of insanity, and uses it on Yugi and Co. So the Yamis get shrunk... yes, I know this summary sucks. You'll have to read it to get a better idea.
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