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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Hikaru no Go, Only the Ring Finger Knows, and D.Gray-Man.

Hello to all!

The (pen)name's Kasumi Hayashibara!! You may also see me in other websites and forums as kasumi_yyh07.

[UPDATE 7.17.12]

I guess after how many years of inactivity, it's safe to say that I am officially on hiatus as a writer. Things have come up in real life that I find myself less devoted to the fanfic arena and more to other things such as concentrating on both my personal and professional life. Posting on YT and Deviant have become a bit of a hobby right now and sort of a stress reliever from the chaotic cycle of work. I hope that I would be able to one day return to these stories that I have left hanging such as Endless Summer (which I have quite an attachment to) and perhaps proceed with Empty White Canvas as I had originally planned. Sadly, I don't see either of these happening in the future. Reunion of Hearts, as I've stated in the latest chapter/author's note, is officially discontinued since its plot now belongs to Isshin Dream Publishing, of course not the characters because that belongs to someone else -- but just the plot itself that I conjured up so many years ago.

With a heavy heart, I would like to say "Thank You" to all my readers and reviewers. :)

For my stories, please feel free to review. I welcome constructive criticisms, praising comments and maybe a few flames. What I will not welcome, though, are stupid comments and profanities aimed at degrading and insulting the author.

Most, if not all, of my works will contain yaoi pairings. In other words, male x male relationship. If you are disturbed by this, or it is not in your preference, then I suggest you leave now as I will not be held accountable for the immense culture shock you might experience.

All pairings are arranged seme x uke. For example, Sasuke x Naruto or SasuNaru means Sasuke is seme and Naruto is uke. This arrangement works for all my stories.

Remember, you have been warned and advised. Please do not make comments concerning my tastes for the seme x uke arrangement, or to express your disgust with homo relationships. Comments like that will be deleted. This is fiction and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Stealing and plagiarizing my works will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

If you accept all these terms, then feel free to immerse yourself in my yaoi fantasies and random fandoms, and enjoy them to your heart's content. :)


Endless Summer (Only the Ring Finger Knows)

On Hiatus. Sequel to The Untouched Ring. I am currently working on this, and I must apologize to everyone for the extremely long delay. Just bear with me as I try to manage my schedule.

Rings of Promise (Only the Ring Finger Knows)

WIP. A collection of one-shots inspired by the OTRFK series. I already have a few stories planned for this, and I intend to add more as I go along the way.

The Untouched Ring (Only the Ring Finger Knows)

Complete. My first OTRFK fanfic. It was inspired by the fourth novel, which seemed to take forever to be released in English.

Midnight Sin (D. Gray-Man)

Complete/WIP?? It initially started as a one-shot for Cross x Allen, but certain events in the manga inspire me to give additional chapters once in a while. Although the chapters can be connected to each other, they can also be a stand-alone story so, technically, the story can be considered complete.

Reunion of Hearts (Naruto)

Discontinued. I'm still a fan of the series itself, but my interest in the fandom seem to be waning. I am continuously losing the drive and focuse to pursue more Naruto fics. There may come a time that my interest will be sparked, but at the moment, I have nothing to add to this. [UPDATE 7.17.12.] I've decided to leave this on FF.net after all due to requests from readers that have been saddened by my decision to discontinue this story.

Secrecy and Lies (Naruto)

Complete/WIP?? This is actually a collection of oneshots with the same plot, only seen through different character POVs. As such, this story could be technically considered finished at any given time. Like I said, my interest in the Naruto fandom is waning, so this fic will be stopping at the current chapter. I might add another chapter to it occasionally, if ever the spirit moves me. But, for now, it's complete.

Belong (Hikaru no Go)

Complete. The first fanfic I've written, but published second. Inspired from Gyarandoh's AkiHika doujinshi entitled Ibara no Umi Tsuki no Kanmuri. It's complete; no sequel or further chapters to be added.

Simple Encounter (Naruto)

Complete. First fanfic to be published. Alternate Universe, and oneshot prequel to Reunion of Hearts.

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