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Author has written 11 stories for Gravitation, and Harry Potter.

Mission Statement:

My mission is to write mediocre HP fan fiction that is rarely in canon, more often A/U. There is always a bit of ‘wangst’ and most likely hurt-comfort. It’s fan-girly, meaning that it’s dominated by male characters that ‘hook up’, even get married and have babies (yes, it means Mpreg).

The characters are always a bit OOC, because, come on?! Harry and Lucius Malfoy? Impossible and I realise that, even if I choose to ignore the harsh reality to satisfy my kink. My Harry is prettier than in canon or other characters just think so.

And, yes, I have nothing against creature fics as well.

I am open to practically everything.

Including Mpreg – and to those who has something against it – shut up, I know that it is not possible for men to have babies, but it is also impossible for them to do magic. It is a matter of taste and that’s all.

Yes, and some of my stories are a bit silly and fanish and cliché and immature… but I don’t think all of them.

And English is not my native language, and I am not good with Betas, so there are mistakes no matter how hard I am working on that.


I care for logic very much. There is a cause and there are consequences – everything has to make sense, if I am making sense.

I don’t care for Sues – no super-Harries without a good reason, No goth/emo-Harries(EVER!), no Harry suddenly becoming richer than everyone, no detailed shopping sprees, no miraculous makeovers, no bossy nurses, friends and other Other-Female-Characters.

No fancy baby names or differently spelled usual names (don’t understand that one)

No cutter-Harry.

No Harry, we all feel sorry for, because he got raped by his uncle, cousin, aunt’s broom, aunt Marge’s dog Ripper and all the Death Eaters and Ron, but then got cured by someone elses cock, whom I liked better.

No extreme bashing without a reason and beyond reason.

I hope you caught my drift.

The point is that while I am not a canon-Nazi, I try to keep my stories reasonable, avoid annoying elements and extremes and keep characters recognisable.

This is Harry Potter, so I like using all the lore, writing about spells and such and I get upset when in a HP story the only time someone touches a wand is to cast some kind of fancy lubrication charm and otherwise everyone is acting as if they have forgotten that they are wizards.

My stories:

Even if the story is complete, I have this habit of revising them all once in a while. So, don’t be surprised if the story you have read some time ago have changed.

If you want to read all of them, go to .

Time Changes People – complete for now, but I might continue it one day. It is the kind of story I know, I can stop where it is, but more could come.

Cat and Mouse – yes, I do realise that the ending sucks, but for now it stays. A creature fic, actually, just not veela, but a magical creature I came up with. I am surprised that no one has complained and called it silly yet.

Revenge – complete! Won’t be touched! You might need a hanky, or people say so. Well, I might revise it once again to weed out some more mistakes and idiocies, but I like it the way it is.

Love and Paris – complete. And much better story than the stupid title. What was I thinking!? I just don’t dare to change it now or people will think that I have written a new story. But I think it will be renamed soon anyway as well as cleaned up a bit.

Unconditionally – complete. My personal favourite. Almost In canon, actually and quite mature. I have started posting sequel. I don’t care if YOU don’t like it. If you have red my other stories, but haven’t read this one, then I feel sorry for you.

Could You Love Me – I am done with it, don’t want to look at the damn thing anymore. Sorry, but I doubt that there will be a sequel.

Another Cinderella Story – WIP. Top propriety at the moment – I am trying to finish it.

Sacrifices Betrayals Love and Foolishness – my first Snarry. Snape is so smart that I am not sure I can write him. But then the story knocked on my skull and I just had to write it down. Came easy. I was surprised that it was so well-received, but glad as well.

It was a reactive story, meaning that after reading many other stories with similar plots I had to create my own version of a cliché. If you want something done right, do it yourself or something.

Spoiled Love – my first one-shot. Nothing, but dialogue.

Father’s Love – romance between Lucius and Harry from Draco’s POV. Nothing to get exited about, but a nice, clean story.

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Sacrifices Betrayals Love and Foolishness reviews
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Shu can't be with Yuki anymore, because he is...Yuki mean and cold. So he runs away leaving everything behind. Then he returns. He has changed. How will Yuki react? Will they be together again? Complete for now.
Gravitation - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 39 - Words: 52,057 - Reviews: 228 - Favs: 99 - Follows: 93 - Updated: 4/18/2008 - Published: 6/26/2005 - Eiri Y., Shuichi S.
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