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ok...yeah...right. So, Im Noble Silver Dagger, i did not choose that for obvious reasons, i chose it because a band of swords-for-hire in a book i like are called silver daggers, and i have a sense of honor (snort). With that out of the way, i will give you some warnings about me. One, i am either really hyper or really serious. Two, i am pretty bad at leaving coherent reveiws. Three, my spelling is awful because i hate typing. Four, Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! (WTH! 0o) oookayyy, i just scared myself... so four, when i get hyper i become the Thing That Dosent Shut Up.Five, i get grounded alot, so updates may take a while.Six, i like to use really big words, like coherent... and last but not least, id like to introduce oddity # seven, Silvaris Sa' Ala. (wassup?) He kinda appeared in my head one day for no apparent reason... okay, so i was bored gimme a break!so, i did a bit of tweaking, threw out the chibi politicians, and made him the charecter he is today. he'll be popping up my fics, and insulting me in the A/ns (this is me) -_-#... did i mention my computer hates me?

most of my stuff is in the Vampire Hunter D section, with bits and peices elswhere. I will probably never be in Kenshinland or LoZville, because A, there are too many fics there kenshinland or b (she got in trouble in the Zelda area... couldnt post any new fics for a week...hehehe...) I can delete you, you baka dhampir! (yeah, right.) excuse me while i kill him. /loud crashes, yelps and yelling in the background/ okay. so, im gonna try and shut up now, last thing im gonna say is that low traffic fandoms are good because more people will see your fics.


October 9, 2009

I'm in college now. heheh... yeah. And i have a couple fanfics in the work. Oddly this busy-ness is helping my writing...

Anything i do in twilight will be pure spoof and fluff. Since Breaking Dawn and that god-awful movie, i sadly cannot take Twilight seriously anymore. My apologies.

New for the first time from this authour: I am, as we speak, writing a huge spoiler for my Earthmaid story as a one-shot, simply because i have an urge to write something M for the first time in my life. I promise elegance, but caution that it WILL be for grown-ups. If sex in a story bothers you, don't read it.

Also thank you to all the people i have left stranded and have read and reviewed my stuff.

One more thing: i'm working on a lot more original idea type stuff. if i want to be a serious writer i need to branch away from fanfics. (traitor) no, dont get me wrong, i love writing VHD fics and all the others (coughbackstabbercough) Silvaris, shut up. the fanfics are important because they are a kind of shortcut. kind of like tabletop RPG's (aka storytelling games). So if updates take a while, well, some random story is probly eating up my writing time.

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