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Hey, I'm Sunflower Seeds...

Real Name: >. (not telling)
Birthday: The day I was born...
Star sign: The bull dude
School: The big building with really steep stairs...tired..pant...pant...Oh wait! I think I got kicked out of school...something about my IQ being -5.1 (I never thought that was possible lol)
Grade: Once I find out...I'll tell you
Gender: The girly sex...Yes I am female...though tomboyish...
Hobbies: Fanfiction, Music, Pranks (haven't done any...yet), Researching about weird yesterday I was searching up about Black Holes, MSN (I have no friends though), Screaming About My Really Bad English Teacher (everyone agrees she hates should hear some of the stuff she, Playing Piano (actually that's forced...My mom forces me..I might be quitting though! Good luck to MOI!), Bullying People, Volunteering (I'm aiming for 2000 hours) and writing long and boring sentences...such as this one Period
Country: A place in a far off planet called Earth
Friends: Do I have friends? Why of course, yes. Well if you call those people that always follow me (or I follow them) friends, then you have to be mistaken. They are my victims...I am the bully. Ask any one of them, and they will say I am a total loser...I feel so loved...Oh yeah...I feel warm and fuzzy...I should go eat an apple~
Best Friend: Read the above! I have no friends, let alone a best friend! I'm a loner in disguise...
Martial Status: Guess? Well at where I live, me marrying, right now, is against the law.
Fav Book: Prep by Jack Coburn
Current Time: 11:59pm (I am not joking) It really is that time. No wait...Now it's 12:00am...Wow...Writing this line actually brought me to another day...
Death Date: Not today (Cuz today just ended...), but maybe today...(Since another day just started...right...NOW) (I am suiciding when I'm 60...cuz when I get to that age I will probably (PROBABLY) think that life is not worth jk jk...(think what you want))
What am I doing right now? Well...I should be sleeping...cuz I got to volunteer soon...but yeah...writing...typing...reading Prep over and over again.
Things That Make Me Special: I wave backwards (actually my hand is flipped over), I love angst, I am too tomboyish, I scavenge for Death, My love for Pepsi & Cows & Apples and the fact that I don't have a life.
Personality: I am totally...blank...Actually some friends say how I act is a bit gothy...and some say how I dress is a bit So I got no idea...But I think I'm just a loser whose a loner in a broken world...
Family: I got family members...I think...
Most Hated People: You...
Future Stories: For fanfiction? None...I'm not done my first story...Too
Future Stories: For my own personal stories? Well I'm going to create about 4...
I started Behind Sadness Falls
I finished Two Days Till Sunrise
Thought up the plan for Far From Perfect
And I'm thinking about Misery Loves Company
Thats all!
My Problem Right Now:
Got too much homework..
Can't finish my fanfic because I realized...I am WAY too tomboyish...
Very Very VERY pissed off at my english teacher...(She gave me 25 off my Summative Project...(That I sorta worked on...) because I printed the pictures...BUT...The whole class did the same thing...And they got better then me...My looked better then most (Yeah, I'm being a bitch))
Really tired...And I got an annoying friend bothering me...Sighs...
Got two powerpoint slideshows due...(one tomorrow and one...very soon after that)
My brother is being TOO nice (There is something wrong with that...believe me)
My Favourite Songs:
Well I am those types of people that like changing...every couple of months...
Right now my top two favs are...Drum roll please..
Taking Back Sunday's There's No "I" in Team
And...Brand New's Seventy Times 7...
Those two bands wrote the songs for each other...It's awesome...
I 52 Lyrics!

Here's a list of the things I like:

1. Sunflower Seeds
2. Cows
3. Songs about Apples
ex. There once was an apple, who sat on a tree...
(so far, that's all that I made up)
(It's in the tune with the song about the farmer McDonald dude..and his many dot...)
4. Fanfics...(Thats why we are all here right? Our love of fanfiction...)
5. Handball, a streetz sport...
6. Money, Money and surprisingly More Money
7. Death...
8. Gundam Seed!

Here's a list of things I hate:

1. Humans
2. Humans with a life
3. Humans with a brain (I sold mine on ebay...very cheap too!)
4. Oh, and humans that think that their my friends...(I find them annoying...)


Sunflower Seeds...Signing Off!

One last fact about me

I'm a freak! An unfriendly egotistical nerd-wannabe freak. Yup yup

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6. Failing to establish a professional boundaries with a phychologist and client is met with punishments. What happens when two meet and fall in love but some words in a huge book says they can't? AxC
Gundam Seed - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8,226 - Reviews: 56 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 11/7/2006 - Published: 2/12/2006 - Athrun Z., Cagalli Y. A.