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Name: CC or Morgue, whichever ya prefer

Age: Now why would I want to tell you that, but if you must know, i am unsure at the moment, me friends seem to think me over my normal age, yet i find myself far under it. That is what ima givin ya.

Gender: well, if i told you where would the fun be in that?

Likes: cats, dogs, anime, and the color purple

Dislikes: bugs, preps, and the color pink

Favorite Pairing for:

Yugioh-YamiXAtem, SetoXSeth, BakuraXRyou, BakuraXAtem, MarikXMalik...bascially anything without Tai...yeah...she can die in a gutter and get peeed upon by hobos!

InuYasha-InuyashaXSesshomaru, MirokuXSango, NirakuXMiroku, InuyashaXMiroku...basically anything that has nothing to do with InuXNiraku, or anything with Kagome, who can do what Tai can do...Kikyo is okay...although nothing with her either.


Vampire Game-DUZELLxSEILIEZ ALL THE WAY!...DuzellXIshtar is okay too, there is also...IshtarXDarres...really all, and of course DuzellXPhelios

Favorite Quotes

"Take your right arm and stick it out to to your right. Bend at the elbow toward your mouth. Put your index finger between your lips and do this. Sayer going ababababababa" Mr. Maredt. The worst social studies teacher ever.

"Whyfore you poke me?" SCC, my good friend I will heart you forever!

"DON'T POKE ME!" K.C, yeah I know I shouldn't but it is just too much fun!

"An' in th' mornin' I'M MAKIN' WAFFLES!" Donkey...yeah he is just that cool!

"That boy with long hair just accused me of being a hippie!" SCC...yeah, the best just have to come from you, dude.

"I'm gonna go buys you guys a life!" Jessi when SCC and I had a staring contest during eigth period.

SCC: Hannah why do you have to be right all the time?
Hannah: I do not!
SCC: Do too!
Hannah: Do not!
SCC: You're doing it right now!
Hannah: Damn!
Hannah and SCC arguing about why Hannah has to be right all the time.

Hannah: Morgen's butt is laughing!
CC: Leave my butt outta this women!
Me and Hannah at SCC's house.

SCC: Scouts honor...but wait we aren't scouts...
CC: Anita Blake honor
SCC: No...we'll call it Vampire Honor!
Me and SCC coming up with something to swear on...yeah I know we have no lives refer to previous quotes.

"Side conversation," What SCC whenever she gets bored with the conversation.

"I'm afraid of you like a fat kid is afraid of candy!" What I said to Brian, when he tried to threaten me (in the friend way!)

"I laugh in the face of danger! Then I hide until it goes away..." Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

WIP (Works in Progress):

Criminal Minds-FAKE/Yugioh crossover


Due to my extreme laziness and unhappiness with the direction and story lines of Love at First Sight and Sibling Rivalry I have removed them from the site and I am going to revise and edit, as well as completely finish the story before I repost them. Hopefully this will increase the number of people who read them as well as improve my horrible updating practices. To those of you who were reading them I apologize and will try my best to have at least one story done before the end of May, maybe June!

To all my friends...I LUV YOU! (No, Dylan, that never has and never will include UUU!)

Oh...and before you ask yourself whether or not I am sane...just look at the above...or the stories I write.

If that doesn't answer your question...then yes I am very sane!

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