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Hey! Thanks for viewing my profile!

So, obviously since you're viewing this, you must want to know more about me.

So here's some random facts:

I'm Sara, and I'm eighteen. I'm originally from Michigan, but I've lived in Tennessee most of my life- so obviously my accent is a little screwy- lol. I've been writing on my own ever since I could probably spell, and I dunno, I've always just had this quirky sort of creative mind. I get a lot of ideas, and much of them stay in my head- I suppose someday I'll write them because my imagination can be quite vivid and it's difficult to transfer that perfect picture onto paper for me at times because I'm too much of a perfectionist. I usually stick to RPGing where I can excel-- I don't have to create the world. It's much easier that way. LOL, I'm not good with beginnings.

I like fashion and makeup and that sort of thing. I love New York. I work as a Dance Teacher and I've danced for over ten years, training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap styles. I recently auditioned and received a scholarship to go to a summer dance intensive for five weeks at the Governor's School of the arts...It was more difficult at times than I imagined it would be- I had tests, hard dance classes every day, and all sorts of after activities at night. But it was fun, and definitely worth it- I got to meet a lot of talented young artists who were either dancers, actors, singers, artists, or classical musicians.

I was in a country music video when I was seven, and I've done countless beauty pageants(ugh). I would like to become a film editor, as it's something I really enjoy doing in my spare time.

Name: Sara

DOB: 3/31/90

Hobbies/Interests: Ballet, Video Editing, Writing, Drawing, Music, Art, Film, Movies, Singing, Technology, Computers, HTML, Psychology, Social Studies, Animal Training, Reading, Modeling, Acting.

Favorite Actors:

I love Michael Emerson. He's a brilliant actor, and he seems like such a sweetie in all of his interviews. Very intelligent and funny- I admire that very much. I love his character on LOST, It's by far the best (in my opinion) character that's ever been on the show. I don't usually warm up to people very quickly, even television characters, so when I like them off the bat, it's a good sign.

I don't know if he's a considered a favorite actor or not, but Adrian Brody is in a lot of movies that I absolutely love... Maybe he just picks awesome movies to be in? I don't know. It's hard to say.

John Karlen. Fantastic actor. Love him. I know him too! He's hilarious and very meticulous with his thoughts and decisions. He's got a helluva view point and he's never afraid to speak his mind. He pointed to his tv screen when a sports commentator came on and said, "Now that guy, he will NEVER be an actor." He's definitely has a pessimistic viewpoint of life, and he has claimed that he has punched many directors in the face for getting too pushy with him. "I've never lost a job in my life either!" LOL, He always comes to mind weeks and months later just because of something he's said.

Favorite Television Shows:

TV Drama:

LOST (-My love, My life, my preciousssss!

Dark Shadows (-I love the classic episodes with the old Collins gang, Jason McGuire and Willie Loomis hanging around. A good character drama that became, unfortunately in some ways, a monster mash. :(

Eli Stone (-Good for a laugh during the week. Couldn't watch it after Lost, but I've grown quite fond of it.

Heroes (-Okay, but better when there aren't better shows on at the same time to compare it to.

The Black Donnellys (canceled-blah. I LOVED this show. It still makes me mad that it got canceled after a year! Everything about it was pretty top-notch. I guess no one else saw it though. I knew it was my kind of show when I stumbled upon it one day and two shirtless guys were trying to stuff a dead guy in a barrel.

The Dresden Files (canceled too- but it was another one I grew quite fond of. It wasn't fantastic, but it was fairly entertaining. It was on SCI-FI so they didn't have the best special effects for all the magic in it... but I still enjoyed it while it was on.


I love Lucy, Dark Shadows and The Three Stooges! (-Classics!)

Reality TV:

American Idol (-Eh, Watch it because everyone else does. lol

Kid Nation (--It really intrigues me, I guess because it's like SOCIAL STUDIES!

America's Next Top Model (-A sometimes thing, then it just gets boring to me.

America's Next best dance crew (-Pretty good...especially when nothing else is on.


I've just finished reading "Twilight"

I've read and enjoyed: The Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, Catcher in the Rye, Wheel of time Series, A Wrinkle in Time, The Karamazov Brothers, Sisterhood of the traveling pants, and many more that I really can't recall at the moment (--I've got a sad memory, lol)


I have to be the most indecisive person ever about music. I hate a lot of it. I just like what I like. I don't even like bands. Just certain songs that they do. Does that make any sense whatsoever?

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