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Greetings my fellow writers! My name is Mike and I live in the hick state of Missouri in the hick town of Dixon. Call me a hick and I will have to send you an insulting e-mail. I would do more but I probably don't know who you are, or were you live, and couldn't find you to give you a punch in the face. Just kiddin'! Ha, I love you guys... huh?

My hobbies are playing basketball, soccer, andTexas Hold Em' Poker, which really isn't a sport, soI don't know why I mentioned it in this sentence. I love to read, write, play video games, watch REAL TV (not that reality crap) play my saxophone and bass guitar,and try desperatley to make people laugh. Some of my favorite things are the Cleaveland Cavaliers, The Monty Pythons, and rock music. But out of all of those things, the most important thing to me is God, as I am a faithful Christian and devout worshiper of Jesus Christ.

I love the H/Hr ship.If there are any R/Hr fans out there, I am going to have to ask you nicely to leave... because I do not like you.

So, know that you have wasted about60 seconds of your life reading about someone your never going to meet, spend some more of your no doubt precious time and read some of my work. Thanks!