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Author has written 22 stories for Wicked, Harry Potter, Death Note, Code Geass, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hello there!

Well, since you came to my profile, maybe you'd like to know a little about me. I'm not really comfortable going into the specifics here on the 'Net, but here we go: I live in the United States, own two pairs of fishnets, have a dog, enjoy alone time and eating Chinese food, sing, attempt to dance, draw, organize the clothes in my closet by color, and obsess a bit too much. Oh, and my friends and I slash everything. No kidding. Everything, from characters in actual books to History textbooks. That's me in a nutshell. Sometimes I think I'm the craziest person on Earth, but shh, don't tell.

The problem with me is that I go through obsessive phases. They generally last from December to May and then June to November. It's been this way ever since I hit puberty, which was awhile ago. Consequently, if I start a story and it takes too long to finish, I (embarrassingly) may never get back to it again. I try the best I can, and have managed to finish a few multichap fics (see the Death Note ones), but, honestly, it's a gamble. I'm being more careful now, and will attempt to not put something up unless I can finish it.

Phases of interest:

Harry Potter: Got me back into fanfiction again, and, specifically, got me into slash fanfiction (RLSB original OTP). This particular obsession generated a bunch of humor oneshots, a couple of serious ones, and some multichap fics. I charted out an entire plot for Reminiscent, and intended to finish it, but it regretfully seems that that is not to be.

Death Note: Ate my soul sometime at the beginning of last year. I had a blast with this one, and managed to finish a bunch of stories for it, including the oneshots No Regrets and Observations, the creepy creepy threeshot Haunted, and my pride and joy, a crazy AU nine-part humorfic, A Grievous MissUnderstanding, which contains not only slash, but crossdressing as well. I wrote it in a week; it was a blast. Friendly Fire was an attempt at something more serious, started, unfortunately, at the end of the Death Note phase, but I may yet come back to that as well. I really liked some of the plot ideas. Fave characters in this fandom include Light, L, B, and Mello.

Code Geass: Which I recently got really into after a recommendation from a friend. I was writing a serious AU story for that, called Casualties of War, and another Reminiscent-type story called Mosaic, which essentially traces behind the episodes to expose a romantic backstory. -sigh- So many intriguing characters, so little time. Unlike just about everyone else I talk to, Suzaku is my favorite character. THESE STORIES ARE BOTH ON HIATUS.

Kingdom Hearts: Is my most recent obsession. I became fixated without even playing the games when I saw a picture of Roxas. Of course, I have played them now, and am currently writing another crossdressing humorfic, this time a riff on Cinderella, called Those with Glass Slippers. I love this one as well. Its almost finished, so I've started posting a few other stories. The main humor story which will replace Slippers is Five Acts and a Damn Good Kisser, which involves Romeo and Juliet.Fave characters? Axel and Roxas, of course. Also Riku and most of the Org. And Sora. I wasn't so fond of him at first, but now I have to give the kid some love. Cheap Motel's experimentation (unconventional pairings, Roxas being too young, and Sora getting married for the win?), and ASK ME ABOUT MY OT3. Actually, don't. I'm totally embarrassed about liking...well, an OT3.

ART: My beta and I drew an illustration for Five Acts. Here it is! http:///art/Five-Acts-Molesting-Roxas-121123475

More art by me for Five Acts and Motel: http:///gallery/#Story-Illustrations

And an adorable drawing of Roxas from Glass Slippers by terra hotaru! http:///art/Roxas-with-Glass-Slippers-122529997

Thanks for reading all of that, and I hope you enjoy my stories,


P.S. The Wicked phase is not of note. :)

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When Axel found Roxas, he was a blank slate, with no memories, no thoughts, and no identity. The chaos he caused in Organization XIII anyway was unpredictable. Was he making them...feel? Pre-358/2, explores those six days Roxas can't remember. AkuRoku.
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