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I have a lot of fanfic ideas. I am also absolutely horrible at finishing stories that I start. I don't think I'll get around to writing most of my own ideas, so I'll just put the summaries for those I won't write here. If anyone happens to chance by them and wants to use that idea, feel free, no need to ask as I won't respond.

Humane Studies: I have now officially ABANDONED this story because I, sadly, lost interest in it. I apologize to everyone who was interested and will be disappointed; I honestly meant to complete this story. I posted an outline of the story in place of chapter six for anyone who's still interested.

On a side note, the author TsknRaider requested the use of some of my scientific explanations. I allowed it, so don't freak out about plagiarism if you see the story and it sounds similar to mine. ;)

Fanfics that I really want to write:

I've been working on and off on this Harry Potter time-travel story. Lately it's kind of fallen by the wayside. We'll see what happens.

I meddled with a Death Note fic a while ago, wrote the first chapter and all, but the rest of the story (the actual plot) is sketchy at best. I doubt I'll be able to pull any good ideas into it before posting it, so it might wind up as another story like A Rushing Sound, which is rather an incomplete story. If I can't think of a good plot to go with the first chapter, I may just post it as a one-shot and let people imagine what ensues. The summary for this Death Note fic is this: It was a suicidal move that she couldn't avoid because she wanted to do it, but Rem would be damned if she didn't have a back-up plan. Alternate Continuation from chapter 58.

Lastly there's this Danny Phantom story I've been playing around with, though I haven't touched it in years. I dunno if I'll actually get around to finishing and posting this; it's kind of just a fun way for me to explore the future of Danny Phantom. It was ruined by Phantom Planet, though. That would have to be ignored for the story to work.

I'm working on a Star Trek/Doom crossover fic, of an unusual kind: Kirk POV, discovering the man behind Bones. I actually think I might be able to finish this one. About 20,000 words right now.

[Yeah, didn't finish any of those.]

So, my fic ideas (that I don't think I'll get to writing) I've arranged by fandoms:


1. Story based off the idea of Tarzan. Inuyasha is part of a pack of African Wild Dogs and Kagome is a college researcher there with her team. Naraku is also there, but his plans aren't research oriented. I wrote the first...two chapters and part of chapter three on this, I think. I haven't touched it in years.

2. Summary: There was a reason Kagome's soul was so much stronger, larger, than Kikyou's after only 500 years. She had a purpose. It wasn't worth it. (could be a one-shot)

3. Summary: One-shot, drabble. Sango didn't wear pink eyeshadow because she thought it was pretty. She was a warrior.


1. Summary: Nine demons, nine containers. Watch as they band together to protect themselves from Akatsuki and other malevolent forces. Slight AU. (Taken by DurielZamoran and titled 45 Tails rolled into Nine.)

2. Summary: The top ROOTS experiment gets his first taste of emotion, and he wants more. (Not Sai) AU

3. Summary: Iruka was the reason Gaara never had. What would have happened to Naruto if that reason was taken away? AU

4. Summary: I did it for you. So that you would know never to follow in my footsteps, as you were so prone to do. So that you could see firsthand how power destroys. (most likely Oneshot, Itachi-centric)

5. Summary: There was only one reason why the Kyuubi allowed Naruto to chase his lost teammate, and he had far more control than ANYONE thought. Possible combo with idea 8.

6. Summary: What-if story. Sakura's young life was quite different, and it changed everything.

7. Summary: The village was never told about the Kyuubi's imprisonment because it was impractical to think a whole village could keep quiet.

8. Summary: I never want another to see my eyes again. They don't belong to me anymore. Kyuubi-influence fic, Naruto-centric, possible sequel/companion-fic to Simple Concept and combo with idea 5.

9. Summary: By night he is Kyuubi, the greatest thief the world has ever known. By day he's just Naruto. But guess what? HE doesn't know that. AU, modern time. (I'm really attached to this idea simply because I love thief stories.)

Vision of Escaflowne:

1. Somewhat AU story. Van is half draconian, half vampire. Hitomi comes to this world where "vampires" are just people who live off blood, and mingle quite nicely with humans and animal-people...for the most part. Very vague idea.

2. Oneshot song-fic based off My Last Breath, by Evanescence. VH.

Harry Potter:

1. Summary: Hatred rose in Harry such as he had never known before. He flung himself out from behind the fountain and bellowed a curse. Bellatrix did not scream; she collapsed, falling like a puppet with its strings cut, in a flash of brilliant green light. Harry's descent into Darkness; horcrux influence.

2. Summary: Reign of the Dark Lord Voldemort, 2/16/2445: There is an old legend whispered in corners, the legend of a Hero strong enough to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. It is the legend of The Boy Who Lives, because they say he's still alive, somewhere, locked away by the Dark Lord many centuries ago in fear of his power. If only we could find this mysterious savior, and finally break free from our imprisonment...

3. Summary: Bellatrix Lestrange had always been the most loyal, the most fanatical. So it was natural that when her great Lord mysteriously fell to a mere infant, she sought out that boy for revenge. When she finds a four-year-old Harry hissing quietly to a snake in his backyard, Bellatrix believes she knows what actually happened to her Lord.

4. Summary: Harry Potter has a completely average, but satisfying, life. He and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are in their last year of secondary school and preparing to attend University. But when Harry begins noticing unusual things about himself and having flashes of memory from a life that doesn't exist, yet is strangely familiar, he must slowly accept that the life he currently leads and loves might not be reality. Probably a oneshot.

5. Entitled: Sirius's Hate. Summary: Sirius still dies, but it isn't in the same way. Dumbledore never told Harry, but there is a thin line between love and hate, and hate can be equally as strong. It may be Harry's undoing.

6. Harry, after narrowly escaping Death so many times, now has a strange and unique relationship with Death. He can feel when it is near, and it wants nothing more than to be near him. What's a hero-at-heart to do? (One-shot called A Rushing Sound, posted by me 11/21/08)

7. What if Harry had picked up that squalling, ugly baby under the chair in King's Cross Station? Alternate Ending to Deathly Hallows.

8. There was another reason besides longing for a connection with his parents that Neville kept the wrappers given him by his mother. When Harry finds out, he's willing to help piece the puzzle together.

9. Dumbledore has a plan to prevent Voldemort from ever existing, and he's going to use his favorite fix-all answer: love. Time-travel, Harry sent back before entering Hogwarts, probable Harry/Tom pairing.

10. A what if story. Petunia and Vernon Dursley had been trying to have a child, but hadn't achieved it yet when a tiny, green-eyed baby was left on their doorstep. "Vernon, look...we have a baby." Life for Harry Potter will be radically different without Dudley Dursley's existence.


1. Renee died when Bella was young, and she grew up with her father. Now she's a cop in the small town of Forks, bitterly resigned to her lot in life. That all changes when a renowned doctor and his family move to town...Bella/Edward.

Merlin (the BBC TV series):

1. A magical accident reverts Merlin back to toddler-hood. Arthur takes care of him, but realizes very quickly that Merlin is no ordinary child...magic-reveal fic. Probably one-shot.

2. Arthur is sent to an alternate universe wherein everything is backwards: those found withOUT magic are executed as useless. But Arthur never had magic, and still doesn't. And why does it seem like his servant, Merlin, also doesn't have magic...?

3. A man is courting Merlin's mother, and Merlin doesn't like him on principle. But perhaps there is more to dislike about him than Merlin first thought...

4. Igraine wasn't the one who died to appease the balance of magic: Uther was. Balinor married Hunith, but she died when Merlin was young. Arthur was raised by his mother, and Merlin by his father. It changes a lot of things.

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