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What can I say about myself? I'm a father of two girls, and a graduate with a BA in Information Technology. I used to watch Anime heavily back in the early to late 90's, but have fallen out of the genre. I at times will watch a series that interests me. Attack on Titan is one. My daughter and I enjoy watching all the Marvel movies and I've turned her into a total fangirl. I'm so proud. She is currently exploring the different genre of fandom out there and I support her in discovery of what makes her happy. Of course, I know the type of sewage that is out in the Internet and still monitor what she watches. I love watching her grow before my eyes and her excitement has given me some excitement back into fandom.

Fanfiction History: I started reading fanfiction back in the day of the late 90's. Back then you read your fanfiction from fansites or the RAAC. I preferred Ranma 1/2 stories back then. FF . net came about and I joined during those early days. It was the first site you could come to and get any genre you wanted. I was writing back in the day, but I stopped for whatever reason and stopped reading fanfiction. For some reason back in 2007-2008, I started reading stories again, and have been reading on this site since then. During my time I've written Two stories dealing with Ranma 1/2. The Road Less Traveled and Angel of Death. I also had a few chapter of a couple of other stories Ranma/DBZ, Ranma/MGS, and Ranma/Tomb Raider. There were only a few chapters written for these stories. I come to find that I come up with some great ideas. I figure out the beginning and usually my endings are epic.

Currently: My interests now are purely on HP and HP/Crossovers. I read as many stories as I can in the genre. I have few problems with the genre.

  1. If your writing an HP story and it's starts before the first year. You really need to add time skips. Reading 15 chapters before he goes to school is taxing and if you plan to have your story follow through all seven years you may end up with a 100 chapter story. This story is going to be very hard to write and will most likely be abandoned, Unless it's Harry Crow. If you going to have a seven year story 10 chapters or less per year is good and will give you a template to not over write
  2. I love a good bashing story like any other person, but their a few things that get on my nerves. Dumbledore bashing, constantly calling him Dumbles, fumbledore...ect. Isn't funny and it takes away from the story. A great bashing story that didn't fall in this trope was Driftwoods The Champion's Champion. It had Ron bashing and Dumbledore bashing, without falling into the normal pitfalls. Coven of the Rose by CRose was also another great cracfic revenge fic.
  3. This kinda goes with number 2#, the super uber Harry's. I can't stand the super powerful Harry's characters that walk around telling everyone what to do and expect them to listen. So many stories get hung up that Harry is super powerful and is omniscient. Adults who are three, four times as old as he is, agree with him because he is Harry Potter, super powerful and must know what he is talking about.
  4. Angst, for the love of god. Don't put angst in the story just to make drama. I can understand some drama, but when a ship is trying to get together and a writer throws some angst in to create drama. It's rather frustrating. The biggest one is that Harry pushes everyone away to keep them safe. He pushes his love for (Hermione/Luna/Fleur/??? whatever ship your into) away so he can protect them. It's super frustrating and really I don't think it's realistic. If there is drama make sure it's realistic, and is part of the stories plot.
  5. Fluff, okay I like a good ship pairing, but constantly reading about the ship making doeing eyes and each. Saying love to each other, it's gets a little sickening. Most of these stories evolve around the soul bond fics. It's find to have the two people in love, but not to the point where every sentence is about how much they love each other. Okay I get it, now onto the plot.
  6. I feel this is to bloat the word count, but the stories that has harry explaining the same damn thing to twenty groups of people get a little tiring. Explaining how he was abused or how Dumbledore wronged him. Really you should explanation more than once in your story.

Don't get me wrong I love HP fanfiction, but I've chosen my stories more carefully now. I like to read a good thought out plot and storyline, rather than a story that just depicts the day to day happenings of HP life, I want a plot not an author just writing stories not having a direction your going to take it. If an author writes a poll or request readers to post where they think the story should go, that is a bad sign that the story is going nowhere. Have a direction for your story. You wrote it for a reason.

Stories: I'm currently writing a story, that I'm totally keeping under wraps until I post. I have 3.5 chapters done, and I want to write a few more chapters before I post it. Beta for the story is LittleDrummerGirl2010. She has been awesome so far. Thanks!!

Reading: These stories I'm loving so far, and look forward to the updates.

  1. West of Here - MK-ONE
  2. Whiskey Accident - LordFira
  3. Harry Potter and the Colours of Magic - Tamalito
  4. The Desert Prince - HP/GoT Crossover - jamnaz79
  5. Nymphadora's Beau - erbkaiser
  6. Too Many Dates - fantasy1290
  7. The Second Time Around - ZilchNil

There are other stories, but these I will read first if I get an alert. There are other stories I wished they would update. Prince who was Promised, and Passageways. These two stories are very good, but don't get updated very often.

Ships: When I read a story I read based off of ships. All of them involve Harry. I'm not into Yaoi, or Futa, I just don't enjoy reading slash stories. Currently I love a good Luna story. She is becoming one of my favorite characters and I could totally see her and Harry making a great couple. I do read my fair share of Harmony, but I've branched off to all. I refuse to read any Hinny's though.

So there you have it my profile page. many of you will not read this, but I hope that you have come to understand my logic. I will start updating this more when I post my story. I'm thinking the prologue will come out at the end of next month.

Thanks for Reading


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