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I have seen every episode of Dragonball, DragonballZ, and DragonballGT! Hehe! And so have billions of other people, so that makes me...'sniff' not special. T_T

Anime shows: DragonballZ, Inuyasha, and Naruto are what I mainly watch... I haven't tried many others. XD

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I'm ...S...L...O...W...L...Y... working on my new story that I'm probably going to call 'Life Beyond Walls' which is taking me FOREVER to do, but I'd rather finish it before I post it, that way, I won't keep you guys waiting to think what will happen in the next chapter, I can just give you all the chapters in a short period of time like I did with my last story. Right now I'm on page 41...unless you guys want to chat with me about it and give me some ideas, big writers block -_-...sorry.

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Gahhhhh, i feel terrible at my so called writing abilities! I've got no detication what so ever when it comes to my crappy fics! Q.Q I mean, I know motivation is a big deal when comming up with plots (if you want to call them that XD), but devotion to me is more important... it shouldn't matter whether i have motivation or not, if i said i was going to do something, then by golly i should have done it! I've pretty much dumped the story i was making, seeing as i was going slower then the speed of an inch worm just to get a page done. . Plus, its on my other computer that's pretty much died with the rest of the crap i love on it...(shakes fist at sky) curse you merciful posiden!! (blinks...blinks some more) (shakes fist towards the general direction of the sea) Curse you merciful posiden!! (clears throat) Anyways...i've decided that if i am to continue writting, my only hope is to write fics based mainly on humor, for i seem to update ALOT better with humor and judge less harshly upon myself on said topic... probably because my sense of humor doesn't make sense in the first place, so why bother, eh? XD Gahh, true be told, i probably will continue my lazyness, i mean come on, what am i going to do? "Oh i'll totally make this my new year's revolution! 'cause, like, (pops gum) that'll totally make me do it!!" -_- No... not gonna happen. XD I have started a few other fics...but they were for my friend nicknamed Chibi who loves Yaoi, especially the Yu-gi-oh pairing of Seto and Joey. I personally don't care mush for it...i'm not saying "Death to all Yaoi!! Grrr! its not natural and therefor is a sin!! bla bla bla! i'm better then you!!" Just never interested me... Except one that the same friend got me to read. A pairing between Death Note characters Light and L. So far, its actually GOOD!! Well, the kinda good i like, but yes, it actually has a plot! No offense, but most Yaoi is either fluff or hardcore XD, no plot what so ever. But then again, i haven't explored much of it, so i guess i have no right to state said comment, so...weeeeee!! XD It's called "Once is Once" on AdultFanFiction, but i think its on this site too...and if it is, i think there's only seven chapters instead of the fourteen on the AFF one... but only venture there if you've read the entire DeathNote series and/or actually read fics for the plots and not just "Anal anal anal! Gotta have my anal:D" So, yes, I started making two fics, both humor and Yaoi, nothing hardcore as per usual, just very unusual situations. Both dedicated to Chibi who has a FanFiction account. She doesn't write, just wants a place to save her favorites. XD So, yes, one is for Seto and Joey, which will be less random and more fluff, and Light and L, which will basically and/or probably be just plain random XD Because i like random...and random is easier to write and less frustrating. How else do you think i came out with "Where Simpletons Dare Not Tred"? Geeze, those were pretty stupid fics! XD But i enjoyed them nonetheless. And that's pretty much the only Yaoi i'll write...unless Chibi wants somemore or something. Well, i'm not sure if i'll finish those, if i ever post, it'll probably be something from scratch... but yeah... Sorry for anybody who actually likes my crappy fics! ;p Didn't mean to be such an er...buttox, or whatever. Gah, dang it, why do I always get carried away when writting! Look at all this crap i just wrote! Grrr... so much for 'just a quick comment' ...heh, can never do this for a story, but only to leave darn stupid comments. XD I'll be shutting up now...have a grand life my children who may be older then me! Bwuahaha!!...ha!

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