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Hello my name is Blazing Sky Dragon King (Formerly known as Blazing Sky Dragon Legends, but you can call me Blazing Sky...XD)

I have recently discovered fanfiction and have grown to love it, so I have taken an interest in writing.

I have seen many anime and manga, but if I had to rate my favorites it would go from this list below.

First list

Fairy Tail, my absolute favorite anime/manga, but man the ending was something else... Hiro trolled us for the last time not that I'm upset. Infact I like the way he ended it because it showed some of my favorite pairings becoming canon basically ElfGreen and GaLe.

Sorry to all Nalu fans that thought Nalu was gonna be a thing but I had a feeling that it wasn't gonna be a thing due to multiple things I noticed in the recent chapters. But hey it ended and I'm really excited to see Hiro's new work.

But always remember that Fairy tail was an adventure unlike any other and it will always be in our hearts...XD)

·Naruto, Is so awesome but the ending was whatever.

·Bleach, gotta love those soul reapers, the ending felt rushed and didn't make sense

·Akame ga kill, that show was intense but awesome, wish the anime aired after the manga finished.

·Pokémon, grew up with it

.Yu-Gi-Oh, same thing with Pokémon

·Others but to lazy to name.

My favorite pairings.

For Fairy tail.

1. NaWen: OTP (Top favorite don't judge its my own opinion that they should be together, also Wendy is just as old as Natsu since they are both from 400 years in the past. So that makes this ship more reasonable, not to mention that they have so much good chemistry together. Plus I can't see Wendy with anyone else other then Natsu. For me this ship makes more sense because I would rather pair those from the same time period. That's just my own opinion so don't judge or hate. (PS the only times I'll ever ship Natsu and Wendy is only when they are either the same age or she ages through any time skips.)

2. GruVia (Finally gray cares enough to love Juvia about time. (It became sorta Canon but Gray should have just stayed with her.)

3. GaLe (Gajeel and Levy are just cute. At least they are together now. I always knew they would be canon so I'm glad. (Hiro you made me really happy and I thank you for that.)

4. NaLi (I feel that Nali should've gotten more love. I hate how Mashima treated Lisanna's character and basically made Natsu and Lisanna not interact anymore.)

5. RoChe (Crack pairing should be interesting.)

6. ElfGreen (it's to funny to say otherwise. I knew that they would end up together I so called it.)

7. LoLu (its funny how Loke flirts with Lucy, plus I think he really loves her.)

8. Natsu x harem

9. NaZa (Natsu and Erza is just interesting to say anything.)

10. NaMi (Mira and natsu would make things interesting hehe.)

11. LaxAna ( Laxus and Cana. I like it for unknown reasons.)

Fairy tail pairings that don't make sense or are overused:

1.NaLu (look I'm just gonna be blunt. There is just so much damn Nalu on here that it's not even funny.) Plus every story for Nalu that I have read has Lisanna being a total bitch, and it just makes me wonder why do u have to bash on her so much. Seriously Lisanna has done nothing wrong to piss you off. If you don't like Lisanna then don't add her in your story. (Well looking at the last chapter all I can say is that Hiro Mashima killed any chance of Nalu ever happening and I feel bad for all you Nalu shippers who had all your hopes up but never forget that Hiro is coming back with a new story so lets prepare for a blast. Well at least we have Fanfiction right?)

2. BixLana (That pairing just gives me the creeps no doubt.)

3. RoWen (Age similarity doesn't count plus no character development between the characters, not bashing or anything. Plus I can only see them having a brother and sister relationship. Plus Wendy is like 7 years older than him so yeah for me it's weird. (Sorry to all of you RoWen shippers but I knew that Romeo and Wendy would never happen because If Hiro wanted those two together, he would have made them either make a team for themselves or he would have made them interact more.)

4. LaMi (It doesn't make sense to me. Though I'm glad that they are just friends because Hiro didn't bother with their development.)

5. Dorandy ( This pairing makes no sense whatsoever, plus I always get a pedo vibe from him. Not to mention that he acts like her guardian. (I knew Wendy would end up just being single and that's good enough for me.)

6. Jerza ( After that crap Jellal pulled at the tower, He doesn't deserve Erza. I would rather he die saving her life and confessing his love to her that way before he goes.) Well Jerza's dead. Thanks hiro for trolling the shit out of us you truly made some of your greatest fans hate your guts. But I'm happy that Jellal was at least pardoned for his crimes, and that is good enough for me.)

For pokemon:

My favourite ships.

1. Ash x Dawn: OTP (this pairing is one of the best ones out there. I really like how much both Ash and Dawn developed as partners in the series. Plus out of every girl introduced in the series, no one went as far as wearing a cheerleaders outfit for him. But I still have hope that one day they will get together. To my pearlshipping brothers and sisters out there, let's spread the love.)

2. Ash x May: (all I can say is they have some good chemistry and they are similar in many ways.)

Naruto pairings:

Naruto x Hinata (I'm happy that they ended up together but wished that they interacted more. The pairing itself was good but it could have been better with proper development. Nevertheless I liked it.)

Naruto x Sakura (the route near the ending of Naruto appeared as it was going for Sakura but it looked like I was wrong. Well whatever, the show ended and there is nothing we can do to change it. Oh well since its Kishimoto's manga he decides what happens.)

Sword art online pairings:

Kirito x Sinon (I like how things between them developed over the season. Thanks to him, she managed to overcome her fear of guns and learned to face that trauma.)

Kirito x Lizbeth (the way these two interacted was more than enough to show me that they would look good together.)

Also don't expect any Nalu in any of my main stories because Lucy became overrated in my eyes with all the recycled ideas people have. I will admit that some ideas people have are just wow... in other words amazing because some people have that wheel that spins from within them and ideas are born each minute, And I highly respect that because it shows that people can work with that created mindset.

However some times that spark just begins to fizzle for me and some people because most of the time, when I read certain stories and they feel like if someone stole another's persons ideas or its like another version of that story with a different setting and plot.

(that's just my opinion so others don't need to hate just stating how I view things).

I don't have any problems with Lucy, she is a unique Character that I love in the series but with the constant formulas being used over and over again in fanfiction, it scares me because if I make a certain situation where Lucy is treated with hate and contempt, people will just begin to bash and begin hating because they feel as if they themselves are being threatened.

The only reason I don't and probably wont make any Nalu stories unless anyone wants me to, is cause since Nalu is already a popular and pretty much canon ship at this point I don't want to degrade the ship.

If you guys know the wiErDos association or wiErD, then I suggest you go over there and check out his view on the series and his opinion on other ships.

Short Status: Somewhat Active/Inactive

Status in real life: Slightly busy

Main focus: Draco Fang: Rise of the Five.

Other Focuses or ideas: The Wandering Dragon and Draconic Legacy

Current progress on stories:

Fairy Tail: Draconic Legacy (chapter 3-in progress)

The Rainbow Mage and the Sky Goddess (chapter 2-in progress)

The Wandering Dragon (chapter 4-in progress)

Draco Fang: Rise of the five (Chapter 4-in progress)

Fairy Tail Next-Generation: Fiore saga (chapter 2- in progress)

If my heart could fly (chapter 2-In progress)

Gender: male

Age: 21 (I feel so old now lol.)

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Writing Fanfics, Playing games like WoW, Listening to music, Going out to other places, Reading and watching Lots of anime and Manga..

Favorite Characters:

Natsu Dragneel Wendy Marvel Naruto Uzamaki Hinata Hyuga Tatsume Akame Mine Issei Hyoudou Kuroneko Goku Vegeta Monkey d. Luffy Nami Ichigo Kurosaki Byakuya Kuchiki Eren Jaeger Mikasa Shiro (No game No life) Sora (No game No life) And many more.

This is a trilogy if I get more ideas then I'll make it into a series if I can.

  1. Fairy Tail Chronicles: The Dragon Wars
  2. A Legend Awakens
  3. Return Of The Dragon kings

This is a list of stories I will/probably publish later on:

The Spirit and the Summoner (Lucy x Loke)

A High School Adventure (Natsu x Harem)

The Second Sky Dragon (Natsu x Wendy x OC)

The Dragon Duelist (crossover Yu-Gi-Oh GX x Fairy tail)

Draco Fang: Shadows Descending (Natsu x Wendy)

Draco Fang: Ascension (Natsu x Wendy)

Dragon's and Devils (Fairy Tail x High School DXD)

Fairy Tail: Legends (OCs , Team Natsu)

Passion (Natsu x Wendy One-Shot)

Promises (Natsu x Jenny)

Choices (Natsu x Wendy)

A Forgotten Love (Natsu x Lisanna)

Salamander Of Ishgar

Fairy Tail part 1: Reign of the Fairies

Fairy Tail part 2: Return of the Salamander

Fairy Tail part 3: Wrath of the Dragon King

Dragon Slayer Origins: The Dark Avenger (Ocs)

Dragon Slayer Origins: The Raging Wyvern (Ocs)

Dragon Slayer Origins: The Sadistic Hunter (Ocs)

A Crimson Fairy's Destiny (Natsu x Erza)

The White Demon's Desire (Natsu x Mira)

Daily life of the Dragneels (Natsu x Wendy One-Shot)

A Maidens Wish (Natsu x Wendy One-Shot)

The Dragon Slayers Of Ishtar (Fairy Tail x Pokémon Crossover)

Draco Fang Special: The Joining of Dragons (Natsu x Wendy)

The Dragon and the Sky Sisters (Natsu x Wendy X Chelia)

A Dragon's Dilemma (Natsu x Wendy x Lisanna)

The Sky Flame Assassins (Natsu x Wendy)

The Slayers of Night Raid (Fairy Tail x Akame Ga Kill)

Blade Dance of Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail x Tsukai no Blade Dance)

The Slayers of Azeroth (Fairy Tail x World of Warcraft)

The Dragneels and The Marvells (Natsu x Wendy ,OCS)

The New Team 7 (Naruto x Hinata)

For main characters here is my list of characters.

Natsu Dragneel Profile:

Age: 15

Eye color: Onyx/Red when furious

Hair color: Salmon, (pink)

Skin color: White

Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Draconic Awakening,

Skills: Fire Consumpti, Fire Drive

Aliases: Salamander, Crimson Eyed Dragon,

Appearance: Natsu wears a black sleeveless shirt with a Fire Dragon design on the right, black cargo leather pants. His honor student school uniform consists of Red-Yellow vest with long sleeves, a scaly white scarf and a crimson pendant that he keeps with him at all time.

Abilities: being the fire dragon slayer, Natsu is able to absorb almost any flame present to him therefore restoring his strength and magic, He also possesses heightened human senses, and an uncanny ability to analyze and adapt to his opponents moves after seeing them a couple of times. Like other Dragon Slayers, he has the ability to use Dragon force, but he has yet to master it.

His interest/hobbies: Training to protect those that he cares deeply for, exploring new areas that no one knows about, fighting against other people such as Gray and Elfman, making new friends whenever he has the time, helping his friends when necessary.

Love interest: Wendy Marvell the sky dragon slayer

Affiliations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Academy, Igneel the fire dragon king.

Personality: His personality is similar to the canon but is a bit oc as he has some common sense and is not that reckless.

He is smart as an average person and when troubled he always goes to others for help. He always accepts advice from anybody like Gildarts even if the advice is good or bad.

He improves himself every time by learning new spells or learning other skills. When he meets his 'brothers' his world changes. His catchphrase is "I'm flaring up!"

Bio: He is one of Drag's alter ego's that was created in order to resurrect him. He was found by Igneel the Fire Dragon King as a new born baby that was seemingly abandoned in the forest. Natsu was abandoned by Igneel on July 7, Yearx777.

Due to this event Natsu had begun his journey to find Igneel stating that he'll travel the whole world to find him. He later encounters Mystogan who was traveling with Wendy who just like Natsu was trying to find her dragon parent.

After he helped defeat bandits together with Mystogan, Natsu and Wendy ended up traveling together in order to find clues to where both dragons went.

They later on go to an inn to rest up and were given supplies to reach Magnolia by the nice inn keeper named Jane. They later on reach magnolia and enter Fairy Tail becoming mages and academy students.

Wendy Marvell:

Age: 15

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Blue/Pink when in dragon force

Skin color: White

Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force,

Skills: Air Consumption , Sky Drive.

Aliases: Maiden of the Sky, The Blue Princess,

Appearance: Her uniform will be consisted of a Red-Yellow vest a blue shirt that she wears underneath and a blue skirt, knee socks, she will occasionally wear a flower in her hair. She will occasionally switch hair styles from her swaying long hair to twin tails.

Abilities: Being the sky dragon slayer Wendy has the ability to absorb the air around her restoring her stamina and magic.

Also similar to other dragon slayers she has heightened human senses, and the ability to trick her opponents and anticipate what moves they might use. She has the most potential and skill to be one of the strongest dragon slayers.

Also she has the ability to use Dragon Force When there are high qualities of ethernano in the air, though she has yet to master it

Interest/Hobbies: Reading books with mystery and suspense, making new friends, exercising, helping her friends.

Love Interest: Natsu Dragneel the fire dragon slayer

Affiliations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Academy, Grandine the sky dragon queen

Personality: Her personality is the same as in the canon seeing as she is very shy and timid and tends to be a scared when ever she faces another person. She learns from Natsu to be less hesitant and to stand up for herself.

Though at times when other girls are getting too friendly with Natsu, Wendy sometimes shows signs of jealousy and annoyance. When her friends are in trouble she will not hesitate to fight.

Meeting her "sisters" gives her a life changing experience. Her catchphrase is "I'll give it my all."

Bio: She is one of the personalities that was created by Zeref little sister Hamura in order to keep Drag from resurrecting. She was found by the Sky Dragon Queen Grandine as a new born baby that was seemingly abandoned in the dense forest.

She was abandoned by Grandine on the same day as the other slayers. A while after being abandoned by Grandine she encounters Mystogan and is accompanied by him in order to find her mother. When they were found by Bandits Mystogan told her to run saying that He would hold them back. While she ran and hid away, Natsu who at the time saw that Mystogan was in trouble decided to give him a helping hand and defeated the bandits.

After they met up, Mystogan told Wendy that she should go with Natsu in order to find clues to where Grandine went. Although they separated Mystogan told the duo they would meet again one day.

After going with Natsu they find an inn in the middle of the mountains and are given shelter and a nice warm meal for the night by the nice inn keeper named Jane. After resting up Jane gives them supplies telling them that they should head to Magnolia and join the guild stationed there called Fairy Tail. After Making there way to Magnolia they enter Fairy tail where they become Fairy Tail wizards and academy students.

Erza Scarlet:

Age: 16

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Scarlet/Red

Skin color: White

Magic: Requip

Skills: Dual Wielding, Weapon Mastery

Aliases: Titania Queen Of The Fairies , Scarlett Demon,

Appearance: Erza wears a special uniform that teacher assistants are given. Her battle outfit is a skintight battle outfit.

Abilities: Being a swordsman she excels at close range fighting, her ability to overcome any obstacle comes from her strong unbreakable will. When Erza fights she becomes a different person, as she has no hesitation and will deliver the final blow depending on the circumstance.

Her five senses are sharp due to how much she trained, being able to sense others who try to hide their presence and being able to sense bloodlust from miles away. However Erza will try to surpass her limits each time a new opponent shows themselves especially if it's for her friends. She encounters the land of the Fairies by accident and meets the fairy queen Titania herself and undergoes certain trials in order to awaken new powers.

Interest/Hobbies: Erza tends to go overboard when it comes to shopping, reading books more specifically smut novels but will hide her fetish, eating sweets more specifically Strawberry cakes, picking fights with Mirajane her long time rival, and exploring new areas with rich and interesting history.

Love Interest: (Jellal Past love interest) Natsu

Affiliations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail academy.

Personality: Her personality is the same as in the canon. She tends to be a strong stoic person who shows authority and tends to be a little bossy. Though deep down inside she is somewhat of a girly girl who gets excited when there is talk about certain subjects. After Natsu saves her from the tower of Heaven Erza starts to break from her shell and reveals her true self.

Bio: Erza is a young girl who was left by her mother Irene Belserion in Rosemary village as a new born. She was captured by slavers and spent around four years in the tower of heaven along others such as Shou, Simon, Milliana, Wally, and Jellal. During a revolt Erza and the others tried to fight but unfortunately witnessed Rob sacrifice himself in order to give them time to escape, due to this Erza awakens her magic and leads the charge therefore overthrowing the slavers and gaining her freedom. However she is betrayed by Jellal and is considered a traitor for supposedly leaving them all behind while she escapes. Later on she enters Fairy Tail and becomes a wizard and student at the academy.

Gray Fullbuster:

Age: 15

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Skin color: White

Magic: Ice-Make Magic, Ice Devil Slayer Magic, Devil Force,

Skills: Demonic High Speed Regeneration, Enhanced senses

Aliases: Demon hunter, Ice Reaper,

Appearance: The uniform that Gray will have is similar to natsu but slightly different.

Abilities: Being a maker mage he has the ability to create many structures using his imagination and molding skills. Later on during a mission he will obtain his devil slayer magic from a demon that was hidden in a cavern. His time with this demon will be similar to his time with Ur. The Ice Devil King Zero teaches Gray the difference between Demons and Devils as well as the setbacks to using Devil slayer magic.

Becoming a Devil slayer makes Gray more prone to falling to darkness and becoming a demon himself, therefore He has to constantly keep himself in check. However the benefits to this form of magic are more physical enhancements and sharper senses, as well as having the ability to use high speed regeneration. He will have the ability to use the devil slaying arts to their fullest extent.

Interest/Hobbies: He trains hard to beat other fighters and rivals such Natsu and Lyon, Exploring new areas with interesting backgrounds, Picking fights and brawling. He tends to strip without ever realizing most of the time.

Love interest: Juvia Lockster.

Affiliations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail academy.

Personality: His personality will be the same as in the canon. Though he sometimes acts cold towards others and tends to brush them off as annoyances, he is a kind hearted person deep down inside. When he becomes a Devil slayer he starts to develop a dark side as his devil master points out.

Bio: He was trained by ur after losing his parents and hometown to the demon known as Deliora. Due to him being impatient and reckless he quickly went to find Deliora and get his revenge, However due to his recklessness Ur had no choice but to use Iced Shell therefore sacrificing herself in the process. Gray after witnessing this act begins to blame himself believing that if he wasn't so careless and reckless Ur would still be alive. Wanting to become stronger and finding his true purpose, He goes to Magnolia and becomes a wizard and student.

Lucy Heartfilia:

Age: 15

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Blond

Skin color: White

Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic, StarDress,

Skills: Martial Arts, Energy convergence, Celestial Fighting Styles

Aliases: Celestial Maiden, Princess Of Stars,

Appearance: Lucy wears the same kind of honor uniform like the others. She wears a white skirt, a blue and yellow tank top, and she wears brown shoes.

Abilities: Being a celestial spirit wizard, Lucy has the ability to summon spirits from the Twelve Zodiac from the Celestial Spirit World. Her form of fighting was born due to the desire to protect herself in close combat. As such she trained in many fighting styles taught to her by her spirits. Her relationship with her spirits is like that of a teacher and student, that being her closes partners are Aquarius and Leo/Loke. Her Journey to get even stronger pushes her limits in order to learn how to summon Mystics Spirits.

Interest/Hobbies: She has a passionate love for shopping, she loves to be hanging out with her friends, she has in interest in books so she starts by writing a Novel, she loves sweets to an extent though her favorite sweets are Lollipops,

Love interest: It's currently unknown.

Affiliations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Academy, Heartfilia Manor

Personality: Her personality will be the same as in the canon but is slightly oc due to events regarding her past. She is not as girly as in the canon and tends to try to appear as a strong female with no vulnerabilities. Though by joining Fairy Tail and becoming friends with the others she slowly as times passes starts to become more like her formal girly self.

Bio: She is stronger than in the canon and due to a certain incident that happened to her when she was little she decided to pursue martial arts in order to defend herself. Her skills are like Edo-Lucy's as in she delights in practicing her moves on others, well more specifically Natsu. When Lucy was little she went to a prestige's school day she was being bullied and abused by her classmates just because she was a "Heartfelia." Due to this problem Lucy runs away from home and meets up with Natsu and Wendy at Hargeon where she joins them and becomes a wizard and student at Fairy Tail.

here is my list of OCs for the story:

Jayden/Judai Darkheart:

Age: 15

Eye color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Skin color: White

Magic: Dark Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force

Skills: Dark Drive, Darkness Consumption

Aliases: Dark Avenger, Midnight hunter(Alias given to him by Lamia Scale)

Appearance: His appearance is consisted of a black and blue shirt with short sleeves, black pants, a cape with a dark dragon on the back, black shoes. His physical appearance is similar to Natsu but different. His academy honor uniform consists of blackish-red sleeves, cargo leather pants.

Abilities: Being the dark dragon slayer Jayden has the ability to absorb any dark based magic that's around him restoring his magic and stamina. Like other Dragon slayers he has enhanced senses and is able to hold is own in a fight, though the only thing is that when he fights he tends to overdue things. When he enters Dragon Force, Dark Scale like markings will appear on his body and face. Jaden is at his strongest when he fights in areas that are covered in Darkness.

Interest/Hobbies: Training hard to challenge others who are stronger than him, competing in tournaments to just have fun he loves to be around his friends and guild mates.

Love interest: Kari Neptunia the water dragon slayer

Affiliations: Spectral City, Solar Shine, Institution of Magic, Shadestar the Dark Dragon King, Lamia Scale

Personality: Jaden's personality is that of a serious person. Whenever something urgent comes up he tends to always take the matter seriously believing that it should be dealt with at a quick time. Though sometimes when he is with his guild he's a completely different person as he is more relaxed and easy going. His main catchphrase is "I'll drown you in darkness."

Bio: He is one of Natsu's counterparts. He comes from one of the four worlds that were created when earthland split. During his childhood he was raised by the Dark Dragon Shadestar who is the older brother of Skiadrum, Rouge's mother. He was abandoned by Shadestar in the on the same day as the other slayers. When he left looking for his father, He unknowingly encountered Kari who at the time was looking for her mother as well. Due to them finding eachother they would soon become partners seeing that neither one of them had any leads to where their parents were. They joined a guild called Solar Shine after making their way to Spectral City.

However one day his city was destroyed when Alvares came and Launched a sneak attack without any of them knowing. Losing many of his friends and comrades, Jayden and the remainder of the guild members that survived the assault banded together and created the Liberation force.

Ace Stormrazer:

Age: 15

Eye color: Yellow

Hair Color: Crimson

Skin color: White

Magic: Tempest Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force

Skills: Tempest Drive, Wind Magic Consumption

Aliases: The Raging Wyvern, The Piercing Storm(Alias given to him by Quatro Cerberus)

Appearance: his appearance is similar to Natsu but his outfit looks similar to Ichigo's Bankai outfit but more dragon based. Also his hair color is similar to Rias Gremory. His honor academy uniform consists of Long blueish-white sleeves and pants, with silver shoes.

Abilities: Being the tempest dragon slayer Ace has ability to consume any wind based magic restoring his stamina and magic. Like the other slayers he possess enhanced senses and is considered the fastest of the 4 boys due to his ability to control the wind and his way with using both support and enchantments that he learned. He is similar to Wendy as they both have the similar magic with Wendy's being more of a healer and Ace being more of a fighter. When he enters Dragon Force he has gray scales on his body and face similar to Natsu when he goes Dragon Force.

Interest/Hobbies: Helping the poor survive by giving them food and other necessities, Working at the orphanage when it's possible, competing in tournaments to earn money, Hanging with Rinne and just relaxing

Love interest: Rinne Winterfreeze the Ice dragon slayer.

Affiliations: Neo Snowfall City, Snowfall Magic Academy, Hopes Rest, Urias the Tempest Dragon King, Quatro Cerberus

Personality: His personality will be similar to Natsu in the canon as he is reckless and doesn't think before he acts, He sometimes mistaken as a pervert due to him accidently barging in on girls when they are changing, well it happening a majority of the time to Rinne. He tends to try to help the kids at the orphanage by teaching them though he tends to get carried away. He is very energetic and hates to be sitting or waiting in one place for too long.

He hates it when the rich look down on the poor as if they are garbage. Aside from finding Urias he wants others to end the discrimination between the rich and the poor. His catchphrase is "I'll blow you away!"

Bio: He is another one of Natsu's counterparts. He comes from one of the 4 worlds that came into being when the world split. He was raised by the Tempest Dragon Urias who happens to be a close friend and acquaintance to Grandine, Wendy's mother. Urias taught Ace to always be brave and to never falter when it comes to fighting or anything in general. Ace was abandoned by Urias on the same day as the other dragon slayers, due to this Ace searched for long time for any clues to why Urias left.

During an encounter with ravenous vulcans he encountered Rinne as she tried to run due to accidently taking their food without knowing it was theirs. After helping her fight them off, the two became close friends and decided that sticking together would be a better way of survival. After making it to Neo Snowfall City they are found by a nice woman named Eleanor and are taken to an orphanage called Hopes Rest.

Steven Gaiarage:

Age: 15

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: Green

Skin color: White

Magic: Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force

Skills: Green Drive, Earth Element Consumption

Aliases: The Sadistic Hunter, Gaia's Wrath(Alias given to him by Sabertooth)

Appearance: Steven's outfit looks similar to Zeref's but looks different as his robe is wrapped around his neck looking like a scarf. His outfit is Green. His honor academy uniform consists of a long grayish-golden sleeves, purple leather pants and green shoes.

Abilities: Being the Earth dragon slayer Steven has the Ability to Consume earth Based Magic restoring his magic and stamina. Just like the other slayers he has enhanced senses and is considered the strongest of the 4 dragons due to how ruthless and cunning he is. His magic is somewhat similar as Gajeel seeing as they both use an earth based Magic. When he enters Dragon Force He gains green scale like markings on his body and face.

When it comes to fighting Steven has a habit of letting his opponents strike first so he can analyze their strength and power, He tends to also play around with his opponents seeing them as pests not worthy of his time. He will torture or even kill his opponents if they manage to stay conscious, or annoy him long enough.

Interest/Hobbies: Whenever Steven is challenged, to a fight he loves to play with his prey and has a habit of torturing his opponents if they stay conscious long enough. He tends to train alone but sometimes he trains with other students but if he's lucky enough, he trains hard with any members of the Spriggan.

Love interest: None currently

Affiliations: Alvares Academy, The Kingdom of Alvarez, Spriggan 12, Genesis the Earth dragon, Sabertooth

Personality: His personality is dark and twisted like Irene, as he will feel no remorse and will feel delight from the suffering of others. He is considered a ruthless hunter who likes to make his enemies feel dread and helpless. He is usually alone as many students tend to stay away from him knowing that getting involved with Steven can be dangerous. His main catchphrase being "I will break you."

Bio: He is the last of Natsu's counterparts. Steven comes from a world based on Earthland's medieval age. Steven is also responsible for having a part in the destruction of Jayden's city. He was raised by the Earth Dragon Genesis who is the oldest of the earth dragons and is a close friend to Metallicana, Gajeel's Father. He was abandoned By Genesis on the same day as the other dragons.

Due to this event Steven tried to find his father but after sometime had passed thinking that he was tossed aside, Steven decided that if Genesis were to ever return, he would not hesitate to cut him down. He later on is found by Zeref and is taken to Alvares where he would continue to grow stronger. Due to him beating the other students and being to powerful to fight, Zeref decided that he would make a valuable asset and member of the Spriggan 12.

Kari Neptunia:

Age: 15

Eye color: Pink

Hair Color: Violet/Blue when in Dragon force

Skin color: White

Magic: Water Dragon Slayer, Dragon Force,

Skills: Shape Manipulation, Water Consumption, Water Drive,

Aliases: Maiden of the Sea, The Princess of the deep, The Abyssal Enchantress

Appearance: She wears clothing similar to what Wendy wore at the Grand magic games but with different colors. She wears twin tails most of the time and will wear a pony tail on occasion. She wears water drop earrings. She wears her academy honor outfit but leaves the uniform opened.

Abilities: Being the water dragon slayers she has the ability to absorb water, restoring her magic and stamina. Like other dragon slayers she has enhanced senses, she has a habit of pranking her friends on occasion which can get annoying. Kari also can tell the difference if someone is lying or not depending on how the person she is analyzing is acting or reacting. She has the ability similar to Juvia of making her body invulnerable to attacks.

Also her ability to manipulate water into any shape and form makes her one of the most deadliest yet underestimated mages by far. When she enter Dragon Force she gets blue markings on her body and just like how Wendy gets feathers when she's in Dragon force, her appearance looks similar to her dragon parent as she grows fins on her body. She is as strong as Wendy and her other counterparts.

Interest/Hobbies: Playing pranks with others when she's bored out of her mind. She loves hanging with her friends especially Jayden due to them always having activities to do, she makes it her daily routine to exercise in order to stay in shape so that way she can remain healthy, she loves reading books especially books with action and adventure in them.

Love interest: Jayden Darkheart the dark dragon slayer.

Affiliations: Spectral City, Solar Shine, Institution of Magic, Serenade the Water Dragon Queen.

Personality: Her personality is similar to Edo Wendy as she is straightforward and confident though she tends to also be mischievous. She tends to stay in area's that are filled with water seeing that since she was trained to use water magic it keeps her refreshed and cool. She is a nice person who helps out other people when ever she is not busy. She hates having to do any unnecessary work feeling that it would be a waste of time and tends to leave when any person dumps work on her. Her catchphrase is "Get set to get drenched!"

Bio: She is one of Wendy's counterparts that was created to keep Drag from resurrecting. She was found by the Water Dragon Serenade near the deserted part of the land near the ocean as a newborn. She was raised by the Water Dragon Serenade. Kari was taught by Serenade how to always be polite to others and to have confidence in herself, also she was taught to read the atmosphere of any situation if anything were to happen to her in the future.

She was abandoned by Serenade on the same day as the other dragon slayers. She travels all over in order to find her mother, in doing so encountering Jayden who at the same was looking for his father. The two stay together believing that if the two travel together they could find clues to where their parents went.

Afterwards they enter Spectral City in hopes of finding leads in which they enter the Solar Shine guild and become wizards. She is also Jayden's childhood friend, seeing as she grew up in the same city as him. However one day... when everyone was minding their own business and doing their everyday routines, Armies from Alvares just appeared all over causing havoc and destruction. She had no choice but to flee to Ishgar, escaping the destruction of her home and world.

Rinne Winterfreeze:

Age: 15

Eye Color: Azure

Hair Color: Silver/Gray when in Dragon force

Skin Color: Pale White

Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force

Skills: Shape Manipulation, Ice Consumption, Frost Drive,

Aliases: Maiden of the Frozen Tundra, Princess of Ice, The White Enchantress

Appearance: Rinne's appearance looks like Wendy's but her hair is like Sinon' from(Sword art online 2)with a few changes her hair is silver white with a hair pin on her right side. She wears snowflake earrings that were left by her mother. She wears a Snowfall magic honor uniform

Abilities: Being the Ice dragon slayer, Rinne has the ability to absorb any form of Ice restoring her magic and stamina. Like other slayers she has enhanced senses, she is also considered one of the toughest and trickiest slayers to deal with due to her ability to manipulate ice into any shape and form. She constantly analyzes her opponents finding their weaknesses and trying to exploit them. Also when she enters Dragon Force, just like the other girls, her body has white ice like markings covering her body. Just like how the other girls Ice begins to form on her body

Interest/Hobbies: Working at the orphanage to lessen Eleanor's burden, Reading books that are Drama and Romance based, She loves to eat cold food such Ice cream or slushies. She exercises for the sole purpose of keeping herself in shape but tends to be somewhat passive, Like Gray Fullbuster, she tends to accidently strip without knowing but unlike Gray she broke her habit somewhat but it returns from time to time.

Love interest: Ace Stormrazer the tempest dragon slayer

Affiliations: Neo Snowfall City, Snowfall Magic Academy, Hopes Rest, Sindralogia the Ice Dragon Queen

Personality: Her personality is somewhat cheerful but will turn icy when annoyed or pissed, she is also somewhat of an airhead from what Ace sees. She is sometimes passive when it comes to activities. She practices her magic on a daily basis to further improve her skills. She is considered a rare beauty among females due to how elegant she appears and the way her skin glitters in the night. She hates it when other people hurt others just for their own amusement or laughter. When someone is acting cocky or arrogant she loves to show them up. Her motto is "Actions speak louder than words." Her catchphrase is "I'll freeze you stone cold!"

Bio: Rinne is one of Wendy's counterparts that was created to keep Drag from resurrecting. Rinne is Ace's friend coming from the same world and city as him. She was found and raised by the Ice dragon queen Sindralogia (My personal favorite reference to Sindragosa from Wotlk but without the dragon being undead).

As a newborn found near the snowy mountains. Rinne was taught about the culture of dragons and was raised similar to how Ur taught Gray his maker magic. She was abandoned by Sindralogia on the same day as the other slayers. She looked for Sindralogia for many days... and got hungry where she ended up taking some food that was laying on a wooden slab.

She was chased by ravenous vulcans who were pissed at the fact that she was taking their food. Due to this Rinne runs into Ace and together they manage to outrun the vulcans, afterwards the duo became fast friends and ended traveling together for awhile, Later on they are found by a woman named Eleanor are taken in to the orphanage called Hope's Rest where they ended making the place their home.

She enters Ishgar barely escaping from Steven after he started to play "Cat and Mouse with her" with a sadistic smile on his face. She is as strong as Wendy and Kari but is slightly stronger when she enters Dragon Force. When she gets serious about a fight she tends to strip her clothes the same way as Gray.

Celeste Lunaris:

Age: 15

Eye Color: Violet

Hair Color: Brown/White when in dragon Force

Skin Color: White

Magic: Moon Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force,

Skills: Shape Manipulation, Quick Thinker, Light Element Consumption, Lunar Drive,

Aliases: Maiden of the Moon, Lunar princess, The Lunar Enchantress

Appearance: Her appearance looks like Wendy but she has Leafa's hair style from (SAO Fairy Dance Arc) but more younger, plus her hair is brown. Her outfit is different than Esdeath as she wears a blackish red skirt that reaches her knees, a white and red shirt with a red vest. She normally wears her Alvares Academy honor uniform.

Abilities: Being the moon dragon slayer, Celeste has the ability to absorb any light based magic restoring her magic and stamina. She is the strongest out of Wendy's counterparts as she is considered an "Abnormal slayer" due to the element that she happens to wield, and her abnormally fast learning ability.

Just like the other slayers, she has enhanced senses, not to mention that she has this habit of trying to hold herself back as much as possible. Her way of intimidating is similar to Erza as people who happen to catch her eye are frightened. She tends to analyze her enemies and always manages to beat them into a pulp. When she enters Dragon Force, She get these strange white lunar markings all over her body.

Interest/Hobbies: Training hard in order to defeat her enemies, Trying to make friends if possible, Eating sweets especially vanilla crepes, Reading books that have horror and tragedy.

Love interest: it is hinted that she will develop an interest in Natsu later on.

Affiliations: Alvares Academy, Spriggan 12, Lunaria the Moon Dragon Monarch

Personality: She is very adamant about things and is stubborn seeing as she hates it when others give up without even trying and tends to look down on them. Though she does not have much of a girly side, she tends to try to make friends even if it tends to back fire most of the time. Celeste has no friends whatsoever but will attempt to get people to acknowledge her. She is misunderstood as an unapproachable person due to how blunt she is. Her view on the world is basically that people whom are weak are nothing but nourishment for the strong. Her ideals change when she meets Natsu in his world. Her catchphrase is "I'll illuminate you."

Bio: Celeste is the last counterpart created to keep Drag from resurrecting. She was found by the Moon Dragon Lunaria as a newborn child in a cave away from civilization. She was raised and taught about the culture of dragons and ancient rune magic. Celeste was abandoned by Lunaria on the same year and day as the other slayers. Celeste tried looking for Lunaria for days but to no Avail, during that time she is found by Zeref when he was walking through the woods. When they traveled together for awhile, Zeref decided to give Celeste a home at Alvares academy where she would become a candidate to become a Spriggan 12 due to her abnormal abilities. While the attack on Sunrise City continued, Celeste traveled to earthland through Interdimensional travel and made it her goal to hunt down the remaining remnants of the liberation force to get Zeref respect and approval.

Hamura Dragneel:

Age: 18

Eye Color: Light brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: White

Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Water Dragon Slayer Magic, Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, Moon Dragon Slayer Magic.

Skills: Shape Manipulation, Uncanny Intellect, Dual Element Wielding, Elemental Torrent, Elemental Consumption, Sealing Techniques, Sky Drive, Frost Drive, Water Drive, Lunar Drive.

Aliases: Maiden of 4 elements, Elemental Princess.

Appearance: She looks like the adult version of Wendy but her hair is jet black. Her outfit is consistent of a blackish white skirt and shirt, her battle outfit is that of a kimono similar to(Akeno from high school dxd).

Abilities: Being a dragon slayer with four elements Hamura has the ability to absorb any 4 of Water, Sky, Ice, and Moon elements restoring her magic and stamina. Also she has enhanced senses and is considered a legendary enchantress ranking just below Irene Belserion, Erza's mother. She has the ability to use the four dragon slayer magic's, sky, ice, water, moon. Her way of fighting is similar to Irene as she can enchant multiple areas or items to use for her aid. Hamura always outthinks her opponents and can always counter them whenever they are left wide open. Her dragon force is unique compared to the other slayers as she can swap elements at a moments notice.

Interest/Hobbies: Picking flowers as well as decorating and cooking, Playing with her brother Zeref, Helping Irene with errands regarding her work, Working as a medic to save lives.

Love interest: Currently Unknown.

Affiliations: Kingdom of Astaroth, Zeref Dragneel, Irene Belserion, Grandine the Sky Dragon Queen, Serenade The Water Dragon Queen, Sindralogia The Ice Dragon Queen, Lunaria The Moon dragon Monarch, Anna Heartfilia

Personality: Her personality is that a passionate and noble person of heart. When she was a child she loved to play games with her family especially with her big brother Zeref. She loves to cook, clean and do other things. She hates violents and tries to prevent it from happening.

Bio: Hamura was a powerful dragon slayer who managed to defeat Drag. She is Zeref's little sister who managed to survive the destruction of their village. While running to safety, they entered the kingdom of Astaroth in order to find refuge. Due to this event Zeref decided that he would put his heart and soul into learning as much about magic as possible in order to make a name for himself so he can help his sister survive. While studying magic Irene Belserion happened to come across Hamura and developed a certain interest in her. Hamura soon began studying under the enchantress Irene in order to fight dragons and prevent further loss of life.

Due to this Hamura developed a daughter-mother like relationship with Irene. Afterwards she was discovered to have this abnormal potential to learn even more magic, which pleased her to some extent. Afterwards she and Zeref sort of separated for a short time as she studied with Grandine and the other four dragons, while Zeref on the other hand studied at the Grand Institution of Magical Arts.

Sometime after a year or two of training and studying Hamura and Zeref finally reunited in which the latter was overjoyed at her brothers accomplishment of becoming a professor. Sadly all good things came to an end when Drag began terrorizing the entire world. She felt as it was her duty to stop him even if it were to cost Hamura her life and soul. She managed to defeat him while his guard was down by using a forbidden spell to split him and herself into 4 beings.

Villains, OC Villains.


Age: 18

Eye color: Red

Hair Color: Platinum

Skin color: White

Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Dark Dragon Slayer Magic, Tempest Dragon Slayer Magic, and Earth Dragon Slayer Magic. Dragon force, Dragon Manipulation Magic, and Draconic Possession.

Skills: Shape Manipulation, Elemental Consumption, Dual Magic Wielding, Magical Domination, Omni drive, Fire Drive, Tempest Drive, Dark Drive, Green Drive, Draconic transformation.

Aliases: The Supreme Dragon, Cataclysm's Reach, Dragon's Wrath, The Raging Dragon of Calamity

Appearance: He has two appearances. His human form looks distorted as he has become a halve dragon halve human hybrid with Horns coming out of his forehead and red slits replacing his normal eyes. His dragon form looks like a more feral version of Acnologia.

Abilities: Drag is considered one of the most strongest dragon slayers in history due to how he was able to slay hundreds if not thousands of dragons at his early time. He has godlike senses and is capable of taking massive amounts of damage without batting an eye. He has the ability to absorb the elements of fire, air, earth and darkness, restoring his magic and stamina but will rarely do so. He doesn't consider anyone a threat seeing as he can easily crush any opponents with a swipe of a finger.

Drag can tell how powerful an opponent is due to him being able to sense their aura, whether or not if they are worthy of his time. His Dragon force looks like a combination of all four elements that he is able to wield. Not to mention that he has the ability to enslave other Dragons that are beneath him and is able to bind them to his will.

Interest/Hobbies: Eradicating humans from existence, Flying around the globe, Slaying dragons when given missions, Causing great calamities when ever it is possible.

Love interest: Currently unknown.

Affiliations: The Dragon kings, Imperial city of Trinity, Igneel the Fire Dragon King, Urias the Tempest, Dragon King, Shadestar the Dark Dragon King, Genesis The Earth Dragon King, Acnologia the Black Dragon Of the Apocalypse

Bio: He is a powerful dragon slayer who was defeated long ago by Zeref's sister Hamura. His personality was similar to Natsu as he wanted to help people but gave in to the selfish desires of humans wanting more violence and blood in his fights. He comes from the Imperial City of Trinity, a large city that is the size of Crocus and is filled with many delights and joys. During a dragon attack he lost his entire family and became a survivor of his city. Wanting to stop the bloodshed, he wanted power. And to get power he needed prove his worth.

He first started by working as a mere factory worker, then as time progressed he showed interest in the Dragon Slayers who showed off incredible power and strength. By enrolling within the army, he slowly worked his way into the armies ranks until he was recognized as a potential weapon against the dragons. Being chosen to learn magic he was given the opportunity to master dragon slayer magic from an ancient dragon. Now infused with magic, he began to fight back and repel the draconic legions that overwhelmed the army.

After successfully stopping them at the source , he was putting all his time and effort into the recovery of the nations resources and cities. For helping them survive they held events in honor of those who fought bravely and to honor those who had fallen. During the tournament however he became arrogant as people wanted more blood in his matches as well with him getting drunk on his own power. He saw how much of a disease that humans were really. He soon gave into his unending bloodlust and began butchering hundreds of innocent people.

When the stars had aligned just right, he ended up becoming the Supreme Dragon,one of the strongest dragons in history. When Drag turned on his creators, he ripped their souls from their body greatly weakening and leaving them in a half dead state but not before Hamura, Zeref's little sister managed to catch him off guard and split him in 4 along with her.

Zeref Dragneel:

Age: 19

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Skin color: White

Magic: Death magic, Dimensional Warping Magic, Fairy Heart

Skills: Unequal Intellect, Magic Analysis, Magic disruption

Aliases: Emperor Spriggan, The Black Wizard, The Black Tyrant, The Dimensional Conqueror.

Appearance: He wears the same clothes as in the Anime.

Abilities: Due to him breaking several Taboos, He was cursed to be immortal till the end of time. However, he realized that having this power made him similar to god itself. Zeref having death magic gave him the ability to kill or drain life force from whichever individual happen to face him. Though his power depends on the curse of Contradiction. Meaning that by cherishing life, he destroys it and by disregarding life he controls it. He has the ability to use interdimensional means to travel through other realities. When he faces off against Natsu (this is later on in the story) he will obtain Fairy Heart from Mavis therefore having the power to control space and time itself.

Interest/hobbies: Bringing back his sister by any means necessary, Commanding his academy and kingdom, Training his Spriggan and students alike, and invading other dimensions/realities when necessary.

Love interest: Mavis Vermilion

Affiliations: Alvares Empire, Alvares Academy, Grand institution of Magical Arts, Irene Belserion, Magic King August, Spriggan 12

Bio: Being the emperor of Alvarez, Zeref constantly oversees the guilds and academy that he runs. Being born in a village within the dense forest of Ishgar, he lived a relatively normal life until a few years. 400 years ago on the day of his sister's fifth birthday, a dragon made its way to their village and burned it to the ground leaving only two survivors those being Zeref and Hamura. Afterwards both children left their ravaged home and made it to the kingdom of Astaroth where they would live out the next few years in an orphanage.

Afterwards Zeref had been given the opportunity to enter school during that time in which he started making a name for himself. Around the same time, Hamura had undergone studying the art of dragon slayer magic from Erza's mother Irene. He became a professor at the Grand Institution of Magical Arts a few years after enrolling. When his sister sacrificed herself to stop Drag it broke him from within. He then used that time to find ways to bring her back through any means necessary.

Fairy Tail Next Generation: Fiore saga

1. Igneel Dragneel: Bio

Igneel is Natsu and Wendy's son and is also the older brother of Grandine Dragneel, he was born in the autumn of the year X792 sometime after the war had ended. He cares for his friends deeply and will constantly train in order to get stronger to protect them. His best friends are Macy Heartfilia, Julia and Silver Fullbuster, Rosemary, Gavy and Feing Redfox and others.

His personality is similar to Wendy as he is somewhat reserved but tends to pick fights with others like for instance his rivals. He shares his mothers physical genes as unlike Natsu, he was born with blue hair which came from Wendy side and like his father has fire dragon slayer magic. His goals are plain and simple as he also strives to become a wizard that will one day reach and surpasses his father. His appearance is consisted of Natsu's old clothing he wore as a child along with the scaly white scarf Natsu always wears around his neck.

2. Grandine Dragneel: Bio

She is Natsu and Wendy's daughter and is the younger sister of Igneel Dragneel, She was born on the same day as Igneel but in the year X793 a year after his birth. Her best friends are Macy Heartfilia, Julia and Silver Fullbuster, Rosemary, Gavy and Feing Redfox and a few others.

Her personality is similar to Natsu's as she has a fiery nature. She shares her father's genes as unlike her mother Wendy, Grandine was born with pink/salmon hair and just like her mother possesses sky dragon slayer magic. Her goals are similar to Igneel's as she will try to better herself and wants to strive to be like her mother.

Her appearance is consisted of the same dress that Wendy wore when she and Natsu first met up, But will occasionally wear a blue skirt and shirt with a blue dragon design on it, along with a scarf.

Draco Fang Bios

Drew Hellblaze:

Age: 24

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Magic: Hellfire Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force.

Skills: Flame Manipulation, Energy compression.

Likes: Traveling to historical ruins, Training to surpass his limits, Protecting the innocent.

Dislikes: Dark guilds, People who abuse and mistreat others, Politics and paperwork.

Love Interest: Melanie Astra

Personality: Drew is a calm level-headed person who can handle crazy situations when the situation demands it.

Bio: Drew Hellblaze is the Hellfire dragon slayer and son to Atlas Flame, The Hellfire dragon who is a close friend to Igneel.

He doesn't like dealing with politics and tends to leave that to someone who is more open to paperwork and political practice. When it comes to handling bandits or doing escort mission he is willing to accept the work.

He was abandoned by his father Atlas Flame the Hellfire Dragon. Afterwards he spent the majority of his time hunting and doing odd jobs in order to survive. One day after returning to the guild he witnessed a horrendous sight. The townsfolk were all but slaughtered by a dark guild who he had a previous encounter with in a passed job.

After taking many members out with his magic, he arrested them and handed them to the magic council but deep in his heart, the rage of what transpired had remained. When he made it to Hearth City, he found the guild Draco Fang and was greeted with open arms from the other guild members.

Finally content with his journey, He decided to train and become stronger to fully repay the kindness of the guild master.

Melanie Astra:

Age: 24

Eye Color: Light Brown

Hair Color: Green

Magic: Wind Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force

Skills: Shape manipulation, Air body convergence

Likes: Hot springs, Festivals, and being around her friends.

Dislikes: Playboys, spicy food, obnoxious people

Love Interest: Drew Hellblaze

Personality: Melanie is a playful person at heart but when it comes to certain things or situations, Like Natsu and Gajeel trying to fight in the guild she enters what the guild calls her "Sadistic Mode."

When she ends up like that everyone tries to get away from her in order to avoid invoking her wrath.

Bio: Melanie Astra is the Wind dragon slayer and is the daughter of Fujin the Wind Dragon who happens to know about Grandine, Wendy's mother.

Melanie was raised within a small village within the mountains. One day while Melanie was playing in the Valley, she ended up getting lost and unknowingly entered Fujin's Territory. After an event passed which almost ended her life, she was saved by Fujin. During that time he got to know her and she began to learn about him and was given the opportunity to learn magic.

During the year X777, Fujin had vanished from his cave leaving Melanie to fend for herself. During that time she went back to her home only to see that her home had become nothing more than rubble. A feeling of sadness overcame her as she felt alone. Gathering her remaining possessions that Fujin had left her, She made her way out of the mountains and into the unknown land before her.

She struggled during that time seeing as since she had no money, She resorted to using her magic to steal from unsuspecting civilians. Though afterwards, She decided to head into the forest until she found Hearth City. When she entered Draco Fang she was surprised to see many other people just like her. Feeling overwhelming happiness she decided to embrace the new life of being in a guild and family.

Lindsey Emilia:

Age: 19

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: White

Magic: Silver Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force.

Likes: Tasty food, traveling to other places, making dresses, Draco Fang, Lustra.

Dislikes: Hates seeing her friends hurt or mocked, pervy men or massive flirts, terrible fashion.

Love interest: Sting

Personality: Lindsey is somewhat similar to Carla as basically she has similar mannerisms and tone as Carla but is more girly. When it comes to fashion, Lindsey is a diehard fan of it seeing as she could go on hours about how much she loves fashion. when it comes to doing job request with the others she makes it her role to make her friends look appealing.

Bio: Lindsey is a young dragon slayer and is one of Wendy's close friends aside from Raven. She is the Silver Dragon Slayer and is a member of the slayer guild Draco Fang. She is the daughter of the Silver Dragon Lustra. She joined Draco Fang shortly after being abandoned by her mother.

By joining Draco Fang she met various other slayers and met her partner Raven. But with the new additions of Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, Rouge, and Chelia her time at the guild changes for the better.

Raven Voidsong:

Age: 19

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Black

Magic: Void Dragon Slayer magic, Dragon Force.

Likes: Traveling to cool places, eating sour food, relaxing, Draco Fang, Yamestra.

Dislikes: Fancy clothing, her friends being hurt, arrogant people, massive brawls or fights.

Love interest: Rouge.

Personality: Raven is sort of a laid back yet perky person who loves to hang around with her friends. When she is bored out of her mind she tends to check out what others around her are doing, More specifically Wendy. She cares for Wendy like if she was her third sister that she never got to have. Out of all of the girls in their little group, She the most feminine of them.

Bio: Raven is the partner to Lindsey and is a close friend to Wendy. She is the Void Dragon Slayer and is the daughter to Yamestra who is a powerful void dragon. She is a member of the Slayer guild Draco Fang. She joined Draco Fang sometime after being left alone by her mother Yamestra.

Upon entering the guild, she was met with a family that would always look out for her no matter the circumstance. When the other five joined it made her life all the more interesting.

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Summery- Natsu is the new kid at Magnolia High watch as he tries to fit in, maintain his grades and make friends while trying to deal with all the attention he is getting from the opposite sex. Rate M (Huge Harem). I do not own Fairy Tail or the Cover Image. Chapter 26: Natsu x Multi
Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 207,560 - Reviews: 809 - Favs: 2,548 - Follows: 2,378 - Updated: 11/22/2019 - Published: 4/26/2015 - [Natsu D., Mirajane S., Erza S., Hisui E. F.]
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