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Author has written 6 stories for Teen Titans, Zoey 101, and South of Nowhere.

About Me:

I'm a girl around seventeen and I'm a complete comic book nerd.. or maybe I'm a 47 year old man snorting paprika (paprika? really?) in a basement...maybe its not even my basement,

My Stories:

Elephants: I don't hate elephants, but they can cry so it seemed fitting.

Desperately Bored: This has to be my favorite of my stories, but it's no where near perfect. I'm more of a reader than a writer anyhow.

Pointless: The title speaks for itself, but the Idea of the story sounded better in my head.

Grass Stain: I'm pretty fond of it, and I know it has some errors in spelling, but it's not really worth attempting to fix all of it. Its my first fluffy fic and it might clue into one of the chapter stories I'm working on.

Coming Soon: (As in a few years)

Collision: A working title. I've been writing it for about a year now (1/27/07). It will take a lot more time but i really want to put it out there. Larry comes back to the Titans and brings some friends with him. Why do these guys look so familiar and yet so out of place? Meanwhile, Someone's planning something and it doesn't sound good... ADVENTURE/HUMOR

Its Not What It Looks Like: A series of mini stories (i would say one-shots, but it'll end up being two-three shots) that are more than meets the eye. Like Transformers, but a little more awkward humor. HUMOR

Tomfoolery: (Danny Phantom) Danny's being a jerk, Tucker getting desperate, and Sam just wants what she's been after for years. Dash can relate to all three and has a harebrained scheme to solve everyone's problems in one way or another. But like every harebrained scheme, it turns Sam's life upside down. ROMANCE

My Choice Pairings:

Teen Titans

Beast boy X Raven- probably because I was introduced to it first. But it won my heart.

Robin X Starfire-...really now?

Cyborg X pretty much anyone

Kid Flash X Jinx-

Herold X Bumble Bee- it is canon. Plus i heart Mal

But I can enjoy almost anything else, like RobRae or BBTerra as long as its good.

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman X Catwoman- if you've seen the series... you'll know

Robin X Batgirl- if you've seen the series... you'll know

Justice League & JLA Unlimited

Batman X Wonder Woman- Am I Blue? Ain't these tears in my eyes telling you?

Shayera Hol X Green Lantern- I like Hawkgirl better after Starcrossed which forces me to reconsider Terra. Why is Shayera better than Terra? I suppose its because she never tried to kill John (GL), she left on her own, and she came back on her own.

Flash X Fire- Because she's you know... Brazilian?

Zoey 101 (don't make fun)

Quinn X Logan- it wouldn't be as addicting if they weren't going out in secret

Danny Phantom

Danny X Sam- I'm pretty sure this is mandatory.

Dash X Sam- Okay, okay I know. But come on! It could totally happen. In like 5000 years, but a nice Dash gives me warm fuzzies inside. Maybe I just have a soft spot for jerks. Maybe Sam's the one to smack him upside the head. I never said it was a "love you forever" relationship, just probably a " lust for you for the next year or two while kind of appreciating you for you at the same time" relationship.

Batman is my Hero.

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