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Hi everyone!

real name: Amy


sex: F

hair+eyes = brown and green, accordingly.

with turquise and clear striped glasses :)

I like art, music, adult swim, video games, runescape, warcraft (woot), harry potter, lord of the rings, shonen jump, south park, the daily show, the colbert report, and you! lol =)


Story Notes... updated on 7/15/06

Normally about this time--about 9 days after my last update,I would be releasing my next update--but alas! Its taking longer thanI thought it would. Its getting more and more complex--and while this can oftentimes be a good thing, its becoming rather unruly. I'll release it when its tame enough for the likes of you--it may take another week, or roundabouts.

Until then, dont forget about my fic, and take care =)


And chapter 5 is hot off the presses! I was intending to include more content, but then I noticed that it was getting a little long for its own good. so I decided to split the chapter into both 5 and 6.I gave you all stuff to think about, and now its time to let you all digest the possibilities for a little while =).

In a rare occurence, part of the next chapter is already done! But it will still be a week or so before you all get to see it--I need to paint a vivid picture, so it will need plenty of spit and polish. As to more of the Dinen next chapter, I may or may not do it--I'll just see what the character's want.

But I do swear that next time you will find out what drove Bardock out there. the suspense ends next chapter. For real...

At least that suspense will, anyway...

So like I said...prepare yourself...for whatever lies beyond and within...the Palace of Bones.

Coming soon.


Well chapter 4 is out!I hope you all like the result--it was going to be one of my shortest chapters, (I considered ending it right after the King goes back to sleep), but in the end I couldnt miss the opportunity to color the characters a little more, and play with the present tense writing style. It was a conveniant way to fill in a little more on background and culture--I'm considering a short fic about the way that King Vegeta and Queen Dynasty first met as a side effect of this chapter. But it needed to happen as a creative way to introduce the Queen, too.

I once heard that Vegeta's mother's name was Dynasty, but I made up everything about her character that you read in this fic.

In chapter 5, expect to learn a bit more about the palace of bones, a little more from the book of the Dinen, that may explain a little more about the People of the Mist. and Seraphim (my character through and through) will return too.

Will King Pellinore listen to Bardock? Or smash his skull in? Stay tuned for the next exiting update...

In the Hall of the Mountain King.


Well, chapter 4 is taking shape! And it looks like its gonna be a little different from chapters 1--3. In this coming chapter, we will focus on exploring the character of somone we havnt seen since chapter1. I think this is a good place to do this, and I'm hoping that everyone enjoys the result. It has a different air then the other chapters.

Afew of you might be surprised to find a little romance in this fic, but it shouldnt come as too big a shock, givin that this is supposed to be at the least a credible fic. An artist must use her tools, after all! and I'll be using other tools in the future...

It should be out in a couple of days--after I nail a few details and do some editing. It looks like I'm about halfway through the writing stage.

If youre reading this beforeI post number 4, (lol or afterI do, for that matter) enjoy the show!


Hooray! Chapter 3 is up! All hail "copy" and "paste"! The editors' friend =)


Hello everyone =)

I'm planning on making chapter 3 longer then chapters one or two. It will just help the story flow better then being diced up into such smaller bits and pieces at this particular stage. So its going to be a few more days until my update, but it will most definetly be worth the wait when I do! I'm almost half-way through it now.


finally chapter 2 is up!

I'll work the whole creation myth into the next chapter, but only if I can do it gracefully. if I go too long without being able to tell it in its entirety in the fic, I'll either post it as a one-shot, or post it on this page. thats what I'm thinking now anyway.

to make the saiyan creation myth, I borrowed from Native American, Nordic, and Greek cultures.

Behind the Chapter: the word Seraphim, is an old (latin?) word meaning "angel"

the name for the Farir Sea (which i like to pronounce Fah-reer, but whatever floats your boat) was inspired by a wolf in norse mythology that chases the sun (named Fenrir).

The name of the kingdom of Ganymede is actually one of the moons of jupiter, which was the sign and planet of the greek god zeus. lol however i didnt really mean it to turn out this way, i just like the names of those moons =)

Bolero is actually just a spanish music and dance, but it sounded cool so i used it lol.


"The Barrier and the Borealis" -- lol dont worry the name will eventually make sense in later chapters. Ill load the next update as soon as its ready--Its in progress right now. Im thinking that the next chapter will focus on the barbarian kingdom in the mountains, where many things will be revealed...

Also--the story will eventually focus on Vegeta, and SEVERAL key members of the DBZ outfit are certain to have a signifigant hand in this. I'm not going to cram guest stars in for the sake of having them, but its like I said before--this is gonna be a big fic--anything can happen!

But for right now in the prolouge, itll be more about Bardock, Vegeta's parents, and a few things about their culture, religion, and stuff like that.

(It may interest some of you out there to know that I applied lessons learned from my Anthropology course to these subjects--which was considerd fine enough to suffice as a midterm--and my professor wanted to keep it! My point is that I really, really tried to nail it--history and religion take an active role in the story just as they often does in real life--thats my goal anyways lol)


Take care! and remember--"Leaves of three, let it be!"

Homer Simpson: "'Leaves of four, eat some more', heh heh heh"

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