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I am writing a fic to let everyone know I'm back and I'll update my other stories after them. n_n

O.O MAN this place has changed! Freakin hell, dudes! o.o;

It is me! Star Kitten! Um.. I am 14, finally! And I am a grade A moron. Yeah, 'm a little different, but that ain't not a bad thing~ Yay for differentiality!!! ... is that... even... a word? o_O ANYWAY=3

I am back from the dead! And Rsk is here too! She's my Alt! She's a b@!(#, but she's back too!

Rsk: Oi!

Oh, and if you have summin like a story/art request, or you just feel like bugging me to death or tormenting me because my fics aren't up to standard (I really wanna know this, guys! I'm not trying to be funny!) ya'll can reach me at Or on MSN?

I've just gotten over depression, and trying to get back in the swing of writing fanfics. If you have any ideas for sommat you want written and can wait maybe a fortnight for it to actually get here, gimme a call. BARE WITH ME, PLEASE, PEOPLE!

I've taken down all my current fics due to a relapse of memory, and a sudden disinterest in finishing them. It's not my fault, I'm just having a hard time with parents and school and stuff. Selfish, I know, but... deal with it, yo. X3

And well, that's all I can think of right now...

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