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Author has written 3 stories for Animorphs, and X-Men: The Movie.

hello, and wecolme to my misspelled, unchecked,truely lame, but simicompleate, but modifided(yet again, and again) profile.

some stuff abut me: i am 22 years old. and going to college (about to graduate in the spring). i am a psych major. (please don't kick me, or tell me about your mother..lol) i got kicked out of the english major's club for my spelling. no but really, i desided to go a differant way.

some books i enjoy: harry potter, animorphs, ender's game, It, ender's shadow, Luke, hitchhikers guide to the galaxsy, Dante's Inferno, the oath, the stand. some movies i like are back to the future, x-men, star wars and blues brothers.

other stuff i do then read and write: i like to crochet, hang out with my turely awsome friends, have Veggie Tale sleep overs, homework, i work in the cafatera of my college, and i enjoy the rare oppertuneaty that i get to sleep. i also like to keep so busy that it makes my moms head spin, but thats only for fun. i am also a master of ploting and scheming.

well, my intodution to fanfiction started with "back to the future." i started a story, a movie script, a 4th. But it didn't really go anywhere. i just enjoyed reading the fic's.

later on, after my first year of college, i desided to check on a childhood series i read when i was in middle school, but never finshed. i was truely amiazed to find that the auther had finshed it. i resoved to finsh it also. that series? Animorphs. i reread all the books i had, (i had up to 33.) then went hunting at my libery. after many weeks of tracking down and checking out i finally finshed it. but in that time between books, i started to tell my friend a story, a fanfic of animorphs of what i read so far. and this is that story. the only thing of any length i have finshed. it is now going under the red pen of my friend turned betatester turned editer. (she is under my fav. authers "ImperialJedi" check her out! )i thank them for this.

some stuff about the history of my one story: ok, so i do pick on my own spelling alot, but this is how bad it is. this story finshed, is about 30 pages. (not doubled spaced) and i was going to check some of the spelling on a friends computer, because mine is lame and i don't have a program with a spell checker. so i brought it over with a disk. i loaded it up, and bam! it looked like Christmas, with all the red and green. and scolled though it seeing if i had the entire story. and about half way though an error comes up that reads "cannot show any more spelling errors, to many" it didn't say that exsatly, but that what it ment. so i desided to just check the fisrt chapter or so. i got to the 4 word or so, and i crahsed my friends computer. how many people do you know killed a computer with their spelling?

for all of you who actrually read this, i have another story in the bata terst of another friend, so keep a look out all those kurt nightcrawler fans!

the pic for micah 7:810, Nightcrawler's version http://wou.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30107455&id=51701865 may only work if you have an account. its a pic i found online that added to the inspieration of this story. i added the verse. yay!

anyway this is my profile. i may add more, as i add chapters, but this is it for now. enjoy the story!

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