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Greetings, from Bob Stage

I know it's not my real name, but it really sounds cool, doesn't it? It's also my pen name for my account on IMDB, and who knows what else I'll use it for later on.

I'm from Southern Ontario, and happy to say it. I like novels, music, movies, history, and writing.

Favorite 2 authors:

1. Bernard Cornwell (the best author I know; his historical-based books are must-reads)

2. Ken Follett (Fantastic writer; a master of blending suspense, history, and action together to make interestiong novels)

My stories, so far, have had mixed success on this website. I'll describe them here and now in case you're wondering about them;

Dallas Winston in New York: My first fanfic novel, and my most successful. Nominated for the 2006 Greaser's Choice Awards, I was surprised at how much people liked it. Two in particular never failed to pledge their support of this novel. It looks to those years in New York that shaped Dallas Winston to who he is. From fighting back-to-back with Tim Shepard in a gang fight, to asking a girl out, Dallas is experiencing many changes in his life. Funny fact; originally, this was not going to be about Dallas; it was going to be about a guy named Bob Stage (ha ha ha). Later, I decided to use it for my pen name instead.

Test of Courage and Heart: Good old LOTR substories. This one was dedicated to Boromir, the brave, emotional warrior who dies with a sword in his hand, and his honour intact. This also talks about the Denethor-Faramir-Boromir triangle which fits in nicely with the battlefield of Osgiliath. Plus, this novel suggests that Boromir's attraction to the One Ring was planned by the Witch-King (Odd, I know, but what the heck). Frankly, I think it's my weakest story, and I would like to rewrite it some day.

Ætharr of Calador, Book 1; The Rise of Calador: These are the books I have the biggest hopes for. This is a revolution in Redwall stories. Instead of the cliché cowardly bullies, I made villains like the Calador weasels as fearless and brave as Martin the Warrior himself. This is expected to be a trilogy, almost like the Godfather or LOTR if you think about it. I truly hope that it will be given the attention that my first story got. It is about a young weasel who must seek to reclaim his rightful place as the Ealdor of Calador. There is also the story of a rebellious young otter who was raised in Redwall his whole life, the story of three badger brothers competing for their father's attention at Salamandastron, and the stories of others will be interwoven between these three main areas of study.

Ætharr of Calador, Book 2; Temptation of Power: The sequel to the first Ætharr book, this picks up exactly where the first story left off. Characters will interact new ones, and the most unlikely bands of brotherhood will be declared. There will be a lot more darker material too, in reference to the fact that Abbott Varrus is not all he seems, and Thornback plans something epic. By now, it's also evident of the subtle nods to different cultures. For example, the Falcarragh tribe is evidently Irish, Arly is Italian-American out of New York, and the mysterious Adisa is from the continent of Africa. Plus, the character of Ben is a personal homage to Brendan Gleeson's character in "Gangs of New York". The weapon, the kicking of the door, both are taken from my favourite character of that great movie. I always like to describe Ben as the American; an opportunistic raccoon that has a warlike zest in him. Last thing: has anyone noticed that the main characters are getting their best weapons from rats (Thornback, Ætharr)? I must express the fact that I don't own the song "Riders on the Storm", by the Doors, which Ben sings in one chapter. Indeed, Ben will have several lines that are taken right out of songs by the Doors, and he will have an increased importance simply on the basis that I love writing about the shillelagh-wielding raccoon.

Ætharr of Calador, Book 3; The Ealdor: This is the third installment in the adventures of Ætharr, Judos, Ben, Thornback, Varrus, and the rest. Ætharr will come into his own as the Ealdor of Calador, but not all is relief, for the weasel has high ambitions, and is tortured by suspicions and the memory of his father's death. Judos stays with his friend, but his doubt grows ever more as Ætharr slowly descends to a level that he'd never gone to before. The strength of Calador is threatened by outward forces, and from within as well. Also, Thornback and his friends must fight Taskill to reinstate the lineage of kings in Priam, who has sworn to return his brother Diomede to their father Orestes. Diomede is the wilder, more malicious brother, and he has turned to Taskill for a taste of power. Plus, there is going to be several references to Macbeth in the Redwall portion of my story. Varrus is driven to face his past, and he will try to conceal it from the Abbey, but Adisa will strive to reveal a dark secret about his and Varrus' past. Dark times will descend upon Redwall, and many will feel affected by what is to be revealed.

New Flowers on the Grave: One book I've loved for a while is called "Flowers for Algernon", which was turned into a dissatisfying film called "Charly". The book is about Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded man who is given the chance to have a ground-breaking operation on his brain so it can function properly. The operation at first is a smash success: he becomes above the expectations, and obtains more knowledge and skills than two people do in their whole lives. But this leads to growing isolation, and the relationship he has with Alice Kinnian is strained. Charlie clashes with arrogant leaders of the operation, and he uncovers a painful past he had buried in his subconscious. Eventually, the operation is proven to be only temporarily successful, and Charlie begins to return to the former state he was in. My story will take place eighteen years later, when it is realized that Alice was pregnant with Charlie's child before he committed himself to the Warren State Home. His son, William, is on an odyssey through the past that has haunted him and his mother for so long, and he will come face-to-face with many people who knew Charlie. He will eventually have to decide whether the past can be laid to rest, or if he will forever be tainted by it. Plus, there is a darker question: has he inherited a disability from his father?

Ætharr of Calador, Book 4; The Bane of Ætharr: The final book, the completion of the story I started three years ago. This is going to follow the ends of all the stories of the characters that I have been writing about in the last three books, and many will face their fates. Some will die, others will survive, and some I'm not yet sure about. This will be the book where Varrus' past is now revealed by the righteous Adisa, and the terrible truth will blight the history of Redwall. Roaveen and Korari are left alone with the death of their father Oakfur and Thornback stays in the Highlands. Meanwhile, Ætharr will, as promised, be revealed as the antagonist of the series, and Judos must decide where his loyalties lie. Enjoy reading it: I hope it makes a fitting end to my story of Calador.

Thank you,

Bob Stage

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