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Hey! DarkRaven888 here. Well, I just wanted to tell you a little bit about me. So, here I go!

Gender: Female

Favorite TV shows: Pokemon, Digimon, and Teen Titans of course. (I think you already knew that last one).

Hobby: Well, this is kind of hard since I have alot. My first one is rock collecting, then I also like to draw, I like to read, I also like to collect, and trade Pokemon, Digimon, and Teen Titans cards, I also like to write books (Well, Duh!) and there's much more but, we're going to be here all day if I tell you everything.

Favorite Thing: I'd have to say animals. I mean I'm just crazy about them. I've even decided to become a vet when I grow up. I have 2 cats, 1 lizard, and 1 turtle. I always had animals since I was born. There wasn't a time in my life that I didn't have an animal in my house.

Astrology Sign: I'm a Sagittarius. ( SAGITTARIUS RULES! )

Favorite Animal: I'd have to say it's the Dingo. ( An Australian wild dog, kind off like a wolf but, stronger, and more vicious).

Favorite Animal Category: The Reptiles, and Felines definetely. I'm just crazy about snakes, lizards, anything that has to do with Reptiles. And I just love how majestic, and mysterious tigers, panthers, and... actually any Feline is.

Favorite Movie: At the moment it's, "Catwomen." ( It might change later ).

How I Look: Well, I have short black hair, my skin color is tan, and my eyes are golden brown with a shine. ( Everybody tells me they look like mysterioustiger eyes ).

Favorite Teen Titan: Raven! Raven! RAVEN! She's so, cool. I normally like dark, and mysterious things, and she's dark, and mysterious. That's why she's my favorite!

Favorite Teen Titans Pairings: I'd have to definetely say I'm a, "BBxRae" all the way.

Weight: Why should I tell you?

Height: I can't remember at the moment.

Motto: "Never give up, never surrender!"

Favorite Teen Titans Episode: "Nevermore" all the way.

Favorite Mystical Creature: The Dragon

Born: Portugal, Lisbon

Languages spoken: English, ( well duh ) Spanish, and Portuguese.

Well, I guess that's about everything that I can think of. And I will be putting up more stories later.

Coming Stories:

Title: Betrothed By A Beast ~ Summary: Beast Boy couldn't keep his curiosity, and read a letter. Now he thinks he must marry another shapeshifter in order to keep his powers. Will the Titans be able to snap him out of it before he says I do? BBxRae

Title: Ravborg 9.0 ~ Summary: Fix It has returned, and taken Raven captive. Will the Titans be able to find her before she turns into a cyborg? BBxRae

Note: When I finish a story I always write, "The End" in the last chapter of that story. And for the people who are interested in my stories just so, you know I never abandon a story so, don't worry about finishing reading it because, I will finish it even if it sounds horrible. Which I don't think they ever do but, everyone has different tastes.

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