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I have recieved a few nasty e-mails concerning my stories. If everyone would please note, they were written and posted BEFORE book 5 came out. I HAVE read the novels. Also, before book 5, we did not know that Arabella was a squib. I have and probably will not update, everytime I continue MY storyline I get a nasty e-mail from someone who expects me to have read J.K.'s mind. This is not an insult to my readers, I want to thank you all, you are my life line and I'll probably be back soon. I'm looking into college now and my life is a mess. Please remember that fanfiction, in many cases, was written before book 5. Thank you

Well I guess you want to know a bit about me. I'm a 17 year old girl from the U.S., has anyone ever heard of Long Island N.Y.? That's where I am! Among my favorite things are Harry Potter, Softball, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, DBZ, and anything MWPP/L. Also I have to add in Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne who have played a big role in my plot bunny hunting as well as B. Adams whose songs are bring out sirius (sorry for the pun) ideas.

Among the things that I do in my spare time (I don't have any spare time by the way)include writing Harry Potter Fanfictions, reading fanfiction, and I am tow professors/Head of Gryffindor House/Auror/Quidditch player/seeker/student at Sassy's Harry Potter Page. NOW IMPROVED! Sam added great message boards so come and join us.

In addition to Sassy's page you should also give a visit to www.sugarquill.com and www.hpsearch.com they are great sites!

Now I would like to say "Hi" to a few people who I want to thank and who most of my stories are for. Alyssa (she knows who she is) thank you for being the best friend I could ever have!

Thanks to Sassy (Samantha Riddle) for posting me on her web page and letting me help out there. Thanks also go to Joan Luong who says that I write well (you are a great writer!) and now to thank Erin Granger. Erin, you saved my life. Thank you for all the info and help in general. You are a great author. Oh, I don't want to forget her so I have to include Krista. I can't forget her! Krista is there all the time to help me when I need it. I used to go under the name Videl by the way.

Thanks for hearing me ramble on for, I don't know how long. Hope you like my work and please review.

~ Katie Black


STILL ON LOOK OUT FOR LOST WORK! ; if you have printed or saved anything I wrote could you please just send me a copy? I have searched the internet and found most of my stuff (being posted at about ten sites pay off!) but I still can't find a poem on dragons. Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok, here is what I'm up to.

"Seeing Through it All" : My Avril Lavigne songfic. Currently it is in my three story rotation and as soon as I finish the chapter of BoM expect this updated.

"Changing the Past or Meeting the Future" : Not working on and probably won't be. It was written for a contest and that was it. (placed 3rd I believe)

"Except the Past" : Done! Liz (iviolinist from the sugarquill) beta-read it for me and it is posted in full with improvements. I am told it is really touching so try to check it out. There are no cliffies either :)

"The Godbunny" : That was just a one time thing. It's very short and funny but it stands alone (like the cheese! sorry but that popped into my small head)

"Turn on a Knut" : Won't be worked on until Dec./Jan. because I have a few things I want to finish first. I'm not sure when I'll get to this.

"Let me be the One" : Everyone seems to like this one. At first it was going to be a one time thing but due to the response I have gotten I am considering a sequel. Not sure when and song ideas welcomed!

"Dreaming of You" : This is my favorite thing that I have written. I'm currently writing the same night from Harry's point of view and it should be posted within a month or so. (put on hold for BoM and GoYD)

"Book of Memories" : I have been writing the next chapter for three weeks! It's very long and it's ok. Some parts feel rushed I think but I haven't been able to write it in one sitting which I think is the reason for this texture problem. I am finishing it this weekend Merlin help me so stay tuned.

"Girl of Your Dreams" : Always working on this one. Plot bunnies are all over the place. Is in the "cycle" so expect an update shortly. NOW UPDATED!

"The Distance" : My Ron and Hermione songfic to complete the standard ship set. It's probably the best of my songfics or tied with Dreaming of You. Their is a plot and not just romance either. At some points it's dark but not for long, in other words there is a murder. If I get some feedback so I know that people like the set up I will continue it. This has been read by my beta (the great Liz) and fixed up. It will be posted with the corrections soon. Also note that I know Ron's speech to his mum is far fetched and out of character but it is fluff. I am thinking of changing it but that is when I have the time.

Be a responsible reader and please review!

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