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I'm baaaaaaaack!

I imagine a few people are wondering where the hell I got off to. Well, truth be told, the last year or so of my life has, bad, for lack of a nicer way to say it. But things have settled and I'm back into a routine, so I'm slowly but surely starting to get back to work on my old fics. I have every intention of at least finishing Mind Tricks...unfortunately, the other two stories may go on hiatus for a while, but I'm hoping I can get back to my vibes and work on them as well.

Plus, I've picked up some new fandoms! I've gotten into some new games and things, Brutal Legend, Half-Life, Portal, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, and a few other things. What does this mean? ...well, aside from the new Brutal Legend fic I've introduced, not much. Wrestling is still and probably shall always be my first fandom, and the others probably won't ever really get much attention unless the urge just really hits me.

So yeah, hopefully I can get back in the groove and finish things. I hate that I left it all hanging for so long, but eh, life is what life is, unfortunately.

Okay, that's done! Now back to the s'mores!

Please feel free to contact me! Seriously, I love to chat about wrestling, fics, and musies as well as other stuff, and I'm told that, eccentricities aside (see below), I'm very easy to get along with. You can PM me on here, no worries!

For any of my readers who are TV Tropers, the Mind Tricks series has it's own entry. Feel free to enhance the page however you like, I love to see people's takes on my stuff...and any of you who aren't Tropers, unless you hate your free time, you may not want to click. Don't say I didn't warn you!

I'm big into various sciences and love to do research. If my stories have big update gaps (and unfortunately, they do sometimes), it's most likely because I got off on a research tangent and haven't finished my analysis right down to the perfect friggin' comma yet. Or seeing as I live somewhere in the middle of Tornado Alley and Hurricane Avenue, that's a possibility too.

I'm mostly friendly if you like to talk and/or ask questions, don't be afraid to send me a message or the like through here. That being said, I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form (maybe) of autism, so if I'm a little antisocial and/or rude the first time, I sincerely apologize in advance and will be on my best behavior thereafter!


Mysty's Fic Journal: Where she muses on various thoughts, ideas, plans, research results, and plot points. Spoilers potential but not necessarily likely.

Fic Journal Entry 093 : See above!

Fic Journal Entry 092 : I'm not dead, I promise! Culinary school has been one hell of a year and it's ripped my free time apart. However, as of this writing I have a little under a month to go, and hopefully then, things will settle down. I can promise you though, my Wordpad stays open pretty frequently on my laptop, and even if I can only get a paragraph once in a while, I AM STILL WRITING. Just keep your eyes out, an update is forthcoming!

Fic Journal Entry 091 : I'm on the home stretch for culinary school, but that just means I'm working more hours than ever now! :( However, I'm using what time I can spare to work on stories, and I'm pleased to annouce that When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager has been completely repaired and returned to an active status! I'll be continuing with all three stories now although I will probably try to finish Out Of Hell faster than the other two since it's closer to it's end, but we'll see!

Fic Journal Entry 090 : Chapter 20 of Out Of Hell is up with a couple of surprises...let the games begin. :)

Fic Journal Entry 089 : New chapter of Same Old Different is up, yay.

Fic Journal Entry 088 : I will try to rewrite the lost chapters for When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager, but it's an admittedly low priority at the moment. My tenative plan for the moment is to continue swapping writing chapters of Out Of Hell and Same Old Different, and when I finish Out Of Hell in the next couple of chapters, then start on the rewrites and finish those before shuffling in the third edition of the Mind Tricks story and continuing my three-way rotation of updates. So When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager won't be scrapped, but it will be a while before it's back up and running as per usual. Sorry for the issues!

Fic Journal Entry 087 : I am really and truly frustrated beyond measurable levels of belief with right now. When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager is all screwed up now, and I don't know if I have a backup of it handy, as I was in the process of transferring it to the extra save points, so unless someone out there saved it, there may be chapters of it that are gone for good, and at the moment I'm frankly not too inclined to try and rewrite them from scratch. I might end up scrapping the whole story at this point, which I don't want to do, but I don't know what else to do at this point. I'll try to find out if it's recoverable, but if it's not, I don't know that I have it in me to redo the entire thing over.

Fic Journal Entry 086 : Everytime I think I have something fixed, it goes to hell again. Starting to debate putting the rest of the story up elsewhere. Working on repairing damage to Amiss now...okay, now it's all better, hopefully!

Fic Journal Entry 085 : Out Of Hell should be completely repaired now. This is why you not only keep a backup, you keep MANY backups in several different ways. If not for those, I'd have lost quite a few chapters trying to fix what messed up!

Fic Journal Entry 084 : Out Of Hell's chapters went major haywire on me somewhere...fixing it now, sorry for any confusion!

Fic Journal Entry 083 : I think I've finished repairing my chapters, but if anyone sees anything still weird, please let me know! Working on Same Old Different now!

Fic Journal Entry 082 : Update to Out Of Hell is up! Just finished my first quarter of culinary school, have a few days off to try and get some more writings done, whoot. First things first though, is going through my stories and repairing the missing dividers, thank you very much for losing them all, Ah well. So if you notice weirdness in a chapter, don't worry, it's just me working on fixing things.

Fic Journal Entry 081 : Is it only in my live previews, or have the segment dividers vanished from my chapters? The five line dividers I use? Because if they have, that's freaking annoying because I'll have to go back through and fix all that.

Fic Journal Entry 080 : Since people are asking me for some reason, the answer is yes, I will be detailing a timeline to show the differences between the Mind Tricks universe and our's. It's a lot more than you would expect, trust me! I haven't decided how exactly but there will be a map of sorts to follow after.

Fic Journal Entry 079 : New chapter of Teenager! I'm cruising right along now. Getting close to the end of Out Of Hell has me writing more...speaking of which, that'll be the next chapter I upload (not the end chapter but the next one anyway), with any luck it'll be by the end of the weekend but we'll see. I can't promise anything with this familia o' mine...

Fic Journal Entry 078 : New chapter of Out Of Hell up. Have I mentioned I've been making study of the Tropes "Mood Whiplash" page? :D

Fic Journal Entry 077 : New chapter of Same Old Different is up. Working on the next chapter of Out Of Hell now. Finally found a rhythm!

Fic Journal Entry 076 : New chapter of Out Of Hell is finally up, thank God! Apparently in parent-world, "spring break" = "must make massive repairs around house ALL DAY EVERYDAY." YARGH. I'll try to be better from here on out!

Fic Journal Entry 075 : Posted a new story, "First Date Night." It's just a little one-shot fuzzball about Mind Tricks' universe's Jeff and Morrison and how they got together. Not required reading for the series, but I had to write it or they wouldn't shut up and since I did, might as well share it, right? Now back to work on the serious stuff! Yay weekend!

Fic Journal Entry 074 : So very sorry that my updating has gone to shit. Culinary school is considerably more complicated than originally anticipated...I actually have to STUDY things, not just come in, cut up some veggies, and go home...and by the time I get home and make an effort to study chefs and pots and pans and knife cuts, I'm too worn out to do anything else. But I'm starting to get into the roll of things, re-develop a schedule. ...if all else fails, I have spring break in two weeks. LOL I AM still at the very least plotting out points, making outlines, so there is progress. Just very...very...slow...

Fic Journal Entry 073 : Was involved in something you could call a car accident. I'm fine, just really, really sore, so no worries, but it definitely gives me a new perspective on how the Out Of Hell gang must be feeling after getting sideswiped in their van. As in FUCKING OUCH! I guess I'll have to keep that in mind as I start writing the new chapter tomorrow...

Fic Journal Entry 072 : Newest chapter of When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager. Slightly more difficult readjusting to school than I thought, it turns out there's a lot more to culinary things than setting the oven to 350 degrees for twenty minutes, HA. But I'm getting back in the groove, slowly but surely. I have a little side project that'll pop up real soon, I know when you get an idea in your head that just won't go away till you write it? I've got a plot of Mind Tricks Jeff and Morrison's first date, and since I can't really figure out a way to fit it into the actual trilogy anywhere, it'll just be a sort of little side-quel story on it's own. It's going to be cute, I hope. I just gotta get it outta my head!

Fic Journal Entry 071 : Just finished my first day of class, wasn't too bad. But then again, being back in college around the other humans reminds me of why I dropped out the first time, ugh. Anyway, that means that I have the rest of the afternoon to try and write some. Working on the new Teenager chapter as we speak!

Fic Journal Entry 070 : Chapter 16 of Out Of Hell. Enjoy this breather chapter, it's probably the last one, heh. Also, since I've realized there's no way in hell I'm gonna get done before Monday, I'm going to re-enter Teenager and Same Old Different into rotation and get back to work on both of those. Ah well, I love the sounds deadlines make as they go whizzing by.

Fic Journal Entry 069 : Chapter 15 of Out Of Hell is up. Put a little note at the top to try and protect my own inbox, heh. Keep in mind, so far as I'm concerned, this story is taking place in a parallel universe where who knows what kind of shit can happen. That doesn't have any bearing on this universe we live in. :D

Fic Journal Entry 068 : Chapter 14 of Out Of Hell. We're getting close to the home stretch, folks. ;)

Fic Journal Entry 067 : I hate Windows 7 with a fiery blue-hot passion, and I fervently wish I had something faster than dial-up. Other than that, the transition is going much more smoothly, I have my new laptop as well so I have more time to write (what with not having to share a computer much anymore), and hopefully I'll be completely back on track by Monday. Real Life has chosen to interfere with the weekend. Blargh.

Fic Journal Entry 066 : Chapter 13 of Out Of Hell. Little more character development. Also, there's more coming. Chapter 14 will sort of be Chapter 13-B, but yeah. You'll see it when it comes through. Keep your fingers crossed that computer things happen tomorrow. Worried!

Fic Journal Entry 065 : I just put this here to see how badly I fail myself, but...I start college on February 22. I have a goal of finishing Out Of Hell before then. Meaning I'll have to be writing up a massive STORM. It might not happen. But I want to try and see if I can do so. Let's see what happens!

Fic Journal Entry 064 : Chapter 6 of Savior Becomes A Teenager, finally! Computer transistion uh, currently nonexistant. I'm back on the old one for now. Wednesday, hopefully, we'll get to try again. If anyone has some spare fingercrossing they can send my way, please do so!

Fic Journal Entry 063 : Chapter 12 of Out Of Hell. Holy shit, I don't know who Alexander is but fuck. transistion not going well. Considering it's Teenager's turn to be updated and I do not have it to do. Yeah. Sucks. Working on it still. We'll see what happens.

Fic Journal Entry 062 : New chapter of Out Of Hell. This chapter is jarring and busy...but, in a real life situation like this, sometimes things are jarring and busy! :) Also...guess who's back! MWAHAHAHA. Sidenote again...may be going dark for just a little while, as I'm in the process of procuring a new computer and there'll probably be hiccups until I get the hang of all the new stuff...jumping from Windows 98 to Windows 7 after all...seriously! Old computer is old! Wish me luck that I'll have myself back together soon.

Fic Journal Entry 061 : New chapter of Same Old Different...thankfully this is the last or next-to-last chapter that's "setting" the place up so we're gonna start getting into more fun soon. Also, expanding on my last journal entry. When I say it depends on my mood for Kane's pyro powers or anything else paranormal like that, it's like this. If Kane shows up in Same Old Different or Savior Becomes A Teenager, he will probably have his fire powers, as those are more fantasy-style stories where impossible stuff, not just improbable stuff, happens. The Mind Tricks series is more of a science fiction sort of story and not so much magic or mystic, so he doesn't have his powers there unless he's rigged up some sort of mechanical crutch...hmm. Heh heh. Anyway. So correction, it's not so much what mood I'm in as the mood of the story. Thanks for asking!

Fic Journal Entry 060 : A little bit of a sidenote, here, since it came up :) When I write wrestlefic that's not otherworldly (the way Same Old Different is), I prefer to write in the sense that the characters, the in-ring action, and everything like that is legitimate. I don't like the concept of real person fic and writing anything that reveals the made-up-edness of wrestling feels like that to me. If that's your thing, 'tis awesome, but it's not for me. So when stuff happens, when someone's getting in the ring and/or getting mauled, it's for real. Edge and Christian are really brothers, Kane is possibly really a pyrokinetic, depending on what mood I'm in, etc. So yeah!

Fic Journal Entry 059 : Chapter 10 of Out Of Hell is up. A little exposition, a little humor. Consider this a Breather Episode. ;)

Fic Journal Entry 058 : Still not well. Working on writing where I can but mostly spending time laying on the couch staring at TV. Hate it and I'm sorry for the delay! :(

Fic Journal Entry 057 : Updated Teenager. Not 100 yet but getting there. Coughing sucks. Don't forget to vote on the story's poll, the results will be in use very soon.

Fic Journal Entry 056 : Taking a few days off, I think, recovering from a flu bug. Wish me health!

Fic Journal Entry 055 : Newest chapter of Out Of Hell. Apologies if it's not up to my usual quality, this one was written while heavily under the influence. CM Punk would be so disappointed in me. I'm kidding. It's just cold medicine. Still. Heh.

Fic Journal Entry 054 : Just like I said last night, I sat here and wrote until 3 a.m. Nothing will be published tonight, and may not be tomorrow night since I have an autism support group meeting, but I have written about 1/3 of the new Out Of Hell chapter. It's getting a little dark in here... Also, for my Savior Becomes A Teenager readers, don't forget to vote on the new characters. The results so far are...interesting.

Fic Journal Entry 053 : Updated Same Old Different, I plan to take the day off tomorrow before starting on the new chapter of Out of Hell. Of course, I say that now and I'll probably be sitting at this computer writing same as usual tomorrow night, LOL

Fic Journal Entry 052 : Teenager has two new characters appearing...but I don't know who yet. So if you wanna help me out by voting, see the poll up above and vote for your faves!

Fic Journal Entry 051 : New Chapter of Teenager is up. And it's 4:30 in the morning. I'm gonna go to bed now. LOL

Fic Journal Entry 050 : Chapter 8 of Out Of Hell! ...I'm beginning to get this feeling that I enjoy beating up John Cena...

Fic Journal Entry 049 : Think I'm going to be pushing through the next Out Of Hell chapter as soon as possible. I don't usually like to do two chapters of the same story in a row, but I think my name change has played merry hell with my readership so I'm trying to keep it in the spotlight a bit. Massive drop-off of reviewers makes Mysty a sad panda. :( LOL ...Plus I'm still working on plot points for both of the other stories anyway.

Fic Journal Entry 048 : New Out Of Hell chapter is up. not going how I planned. o.O

Fic Journal Entry 047 : New chapter of Teenager is up!

Fic Journal Entry 046 : Chapter 6 of Out Of Hell is up. Merry Christmas and whatever else ya'll celebrate!

Fic Journal Entry 045 : You can tell when I'm stressed because I suddenly start beating the hell out of characters. /cryptic

Fic Journal Entry 044 : Teenager is updated. Three updates in three days is like a record for me or something. Annnnd rest.

Fic Journal Entry 043 : Well that was quick. I guess Teenager is next. Ha.

Fic Journal Entry 042 : Working on Same Old Different next. We'll see what's after that.

Fic Journal Entry 041 : Chapter 5 of Out of Hell is up. Slowing things down a bit now.

Fic Journal Entry 040 : Everyone please have the family and friends of Eddie Fatu, AKA Umaga, in your thoughts and prayers.

Fic Journal Entry 039 : New story started, called "When Your Savior Becomes A Teenager." More comedic than most of my work.

Fic Journal Entry 038 : WWE Heroes? I DEMAND PAID.

Fic Journal Entry 037 : Starting on the Jericho/Taker story while I debate how to do Out Of Hell Chapter 5. May have it up by Tuesday.

Fic Journal Entry 036 : Jericho/Taker thoughts are...interesting. Jericho was a cute teenager, btw...

Fic Journal Entry 035 : Out of Hell Chapter 4 is up. Flashbacks ftw.

Fic Journal Entry 034 : Still working on Out Of Hell's new chapter...but have a new story potentially in the works. Any Jericho/Taker thoughts? Not necessarily slash, mind you, just...definitely with those two.

Fic Journal Entry 033 : Out Of Hell Chapter 4 is already heavily in production. Exposition ahoy!

Fic Journal Entry 032 : Chapter is up. Fair's VERY graphic.

Fic Journal Entry 031 : Hmm, judging by the way it's going right now, I might not get to the stuff I wanted to in this chapter, but...halfway done, aiming for a release either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow night, Thursday morning at the latest. fingers crossed Will post here the instant it's up.

Fic Journal Entry 030 : Cross your fingers, I may be able to get a new computer sooner than February. Still writing when I have the chance to...not often. ARGH.

Fic Journal Entry 029 : Need to start moving some of these entries somewhere else. This is getting long. Also, hoping to have some time to write tonight and tomorrow, cross fingers. I already have the whole chapter mentally mapped so maybe it'll be easy to write. Also, if you see me playing Lufia 2 instead of writing, HIT ME. SNES emulators are the biggest timesink since TVTropes. On the plus side, I should have ownership of a brand-new laptop in...uh...February or so. Unless someone wants to loan me 500 bucks before then, LOL.

Fic Journal Entry 028 : sigh T.O.D. 5 a.m. Oct. 24, 2009. He was a great computer. Expect delays again.

Fic Journal Entry 027 : Guess who's got a fixed computer (for now, we'll see how it goes)? :D With that comes the new chapter of Same Old Different, if anyone but Catherine is reading that. Next will be the next piece of Out of Hell! I'm actually looking quite forward to writing this chapter, mostly just for my plans for the ending part of it, heh heh heh.

Fic Journal Entry 026 : Bad computer is busted and the timetable for repair is...uncertain. I'll still be writing where and when I can, but yeah, things gonna be delayed. Hate it. I'll post a new update here as soon as I have better news or if I can finish something up before then.

Fic Journal Entry 025 : Almost done with the new chapter of Same Old Different. After that, Chapter 3 of Out of Hell is coming.

Fic Journal Entry 024 : Chapter 2 of Out Of Hell is up. The shit hath hitteth the fan!

Fic Journal Entry 023 : BTW, if you're going to prove my earlier point by sending insults to me, at least show the care to spell them correctly and use some grammar. "Ho" is not used with an "e" unless you are implying I am a gardening instrument, "crack" in fact has a vowel in it, and "weegey" I can't even begin to comprehend other than that you seem to be using it as an adverb of some sort.

Fic Journal Entry 022 : Well, for better or worse, Jeff features prominently in all my upcoming stories. Take it or leave it. He ain't perfect and neither are we.

Fic Journal Entry 021 : Whilst I understand the vitriol, the best thing anyone can do for stories making fun of Jeff's IRL issues is to ignore them. Let them get their laughs at other people's expense and know that karma shall bite them in the ass when they least expect it. Frankly, even if you don't like a person, even if you're a little pleased at what they're going through for whatever reason...actively reveling in their misfortune, regardless of how it came to be, is just classless and tacky and makes you look ignorant and, believe it or not, will make people not want to be around you. I sincerely hope it never happens to you...and that if it does, you're lucky enough to have loved ones to lean on the way Jeff does.

Fic Journal Entry 020 : Look, truth be told, I'm sick as a dog anyway, so...I'm gonna be taking a little break till the head and lungs are all back to optimum. Apologies so much.

Fic Journal Entry 019 : Ummmmm. I'm seriously batting a thousand with guys I write about screwing up massive IRL, aren't I?

Fic Journal Entry 018 : Magus has blue hair, Jeff has blue hair. Humor is so the way to go here.

Fic Journal Entry 017 : Hmm. Finish Out Of Hell chapter 2, write Same Old Different chapter 3, or start new story? Actually, first do work...oops.

Fic Journal Entry 016 : Out Of Hell has been published! Start looking out for it!

Fic Journal Entry 015 : Out Of Hell's first chapter is completely written and ready to go...but won't accept any files. BULLLLLLLLLSHEEEEEEET.

Fic Journal Entry 014 : Working hard...or hardly working? ;)

Fic Journal Entry 013 : Out Of Hell will be writ and soon as I can think about it without getting pissed off. Yeah.

Fic Journal Entry 012 : It's hard to write about someone not dying when in real life you just kinda want to CHOKE THEM TO DEATH FOR BEING STUPID. >:(

Fic Journal Entry 011 : Creator breakdown in effect. That would be the problem with writing about other folks' folks, I guess...

Fic Journal Entry 010 : Do not read anything EVER about the SCP Foundation if you want to sleep at night...especially not entry 439...

Fic Journal Entry 009 : Jeff Hardy is the little black dress of professional wrestling. He goes with everything.

Fic Journal Entry 008 : Coming later than I wanted but soon...

Fic Journal Entry 007 : It's a lot harder than you'd think to stretch out a battle scene. Not even Morrison's slow-mo can do it.

Fic Journal Entry 006 : How does one sleep 12 hours and still feel tired? From being up all night the night before working. Oops.

Fic Journal Entry 005 : Goddamn werewolves.

Fic Journal Entry 004 : Crossover done as a dramedy has potential. Jeff as Magus is too funny not to play with.

Fic Journal Entry 003 : Research suggests Jeff might be a better shot than previously indicated.

Fic Journal Entry 002 : Funnier Crono...Matt Hardy, or Dave Batista? Suppose it depends on who Marle is...

Fic Journal Entry 001 : Thinking about dabbling in Chrono Trigger. Maybe a crossover. Difficult to make it work. Bears thought though.

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