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Hello there, I just come with an idea for a Naruto' challenge that I would like to share.

Last week I just saw an anime named Seiken Tsukai no World Break where all the characters can remember their past lives and use the powers and skill that they have on those life either as warriors or magicians. The main character could remember his last two lives, one as a warrior and the last one as a magician, not only that but he also meet the girl was his wife on one of those lives. Just like Naruto also have two past lives, Asura the younger son of the Sage and Hashirama Senju.

The idea is to made use of all those elements to create a new history that mush follow these conditions.

1. Naruto family will be alive but ignored him in favor of his sister that has Kurama sealed inside her.

2. Naruto will start to remember both his past lives and get stronger in secret.

3. Hinata will be the pairing of Naruto. Also because they are soul mates that would made that Hinata is Mito Uzumaki reincarnation and an OC that would be Asuras wife. How she starts to also remember her past lives is up to you.

4. From this point the history can take two different ways. Naruto could remain on Konoha where his family will try to make up to him. Or Naruto and Hinata could abandoned Konoha and become legends on another country and even become their rulers.

5. No matter which plot lines you chose, at one point Naruto and Hinata will have their family with Bolt and Himawari, if you made that either Kushina and Naruto's sister could not have more babies, that would made Naruto believe that the Namikaze family only cares about continuing their clans lines. Whatever that is true or not is up to you.

This is the idea for the challenge in case that some is interested.

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