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"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

This is our profile for the Melody of Shadow, co-owned by Christine and Chessa, two high school students trying to survive life. No we will not give out any more information than our names. As much as you would probably like to stalk us, we wouldn't enjoy it (or at least Christine wouldn't). Most of the time, you'll know which one of us is reviewing a story based on our tone. Chessa tends to be a little...hyper-er.

The anime and manga that we like are Death Note; The Tarot Cafe; X/1999 (Christine's Favorite); Full Metal Alchemist (Christine's Favorite); Rockman.EXE; Digimon (Chessa's Favorite - she would like to ask you to quit staring at her in disbelief) dot.hack (series); Fruits Basket; Suki; Wolf's Rain; Wish; Imadoki; Alice 19th; Weiss Kreuz; DNAngel; and Mär.

The video games we have obsessed our lives over by playing are Kingdom Hearts; Fire Emblem (series); Baten Kaitos; Tales of Symphonia; the dot.hack series (again) and Final Fantasy VII-X.

The movies we are currently loving/obsessing/liking are The Shining; Donnie Darko; Dogma; Ocean's Eleven; The Bourne Identity; Airplane; and the Lord of the Rings (series).

We are open to pretty much any fanfiction. For instance, neither of us have a problem with most pairings, be they straight or shounen-ai (although shoujo-ai is pushing it a little). There are, however, some subjects we just don't read, want to read or probably ever will read. That includes incest. Incest, is really, not our cup of tea at all (read: what is the evil incarnate of all things unholy). Other fanfictions we don't read are ones including the following pairings: Kamui/Subaru and Kratos/Raine. In Chessa's words "If I ever catch you doing a Kraine fanfic, I shall flame you until a fire seems cold."

01-I-09- I feel as though there is no better time than the morning of a new year to finally, officially, declare this account's demise.

Much has changed since my friend and I created this account three years ago. Our writing styles have indeed progressed, but unfortunately, so have our lives; besides our friendship remaining securely intact, there is little in common with the people Christine and myself are today, and ourselves from all those years ago.

I, for one, am no longer either a video game nor an anime fan. As such, despite your countless, loving reviews (and believe me when I say that I have read and felt just that much more guilt for every single one,) I regret to inform our readers that no more fanfiction will be published to this account, nor will the sole existing story be updated.

In respect to those reviewers, I will leave Stray Child up on this website. Thank you for your support, especially to a story which I myself now look back upon and cringe at.

If, for some reason, you wish to contact us, the email account of this penname remains intact.

Signing off forever,


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