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OK, I'll start like this... I re-did... uh... redid... um... alright, I erased my whole profile and did it all over again except as an uber-version! w00t! 57r33k1n9!

Anyway, I'll start with my looks... wait, why should you know, that's none of your business.

What I dislike... you, for reading my stupid biography.

What I like... anything that doesn't relate to you.

Age? (Beep) with great grammar. U63r-9r4mm3r!

What I do for a living? Nothing for you to know... you know... 'cause I'm so special.

Sex... you know, I don't like pedos...

...I think that's it...


...YOU ACTUALLY READ MY POINTLESS BIO! OMG, you're so nice. Thank you for being so patient. But I have to say that you've just wasted a few minutes of your life on this! Man, you're pathetic. But at least your mama cares for you. And I'll give you some cool links that I didn't ask to put up!

T.F.: Isn't that illegal?


T.F.: But- (natural combustion) (dies) ... (rots)

www.vgcats.com , that place is funny but it's for Teens and up. I'm at the beginning of teen-hood (word?) and I've been reading VGCats since I was a preteen.

www.allthetests.com , it's pretty cool... I mean, if you like taking personal tests during your free time... which you probably always have.

www.applegeeks.com , it's funny and the art is neat.

www.homestarrunner.com , the best site you'll ever visit.

Now that T.F. is gone, I can finally do more illegal things, like pee on the street!

... (cough) (cough)

...Nnnnever mind...

No more peeking into the future. I've already given you my new story so whatever...

Only three reviews but I'm getting there! The thrill of writing is what counts the most!

... I change my mind. I want my reviews! I want to be praised! (Whine, whine, whine, etc.)

But I do plan on continuing one of my oldest stories, 'A Citizen or A Hero'. The thing is, I'm having a violent writer's block... it sucks... that's right... just like Britney Spears on K. Fed...

Screw my fear meter, I couldn't scare myself shitless with some crazy movie about mass murderers killing people. I'm too civilized and sensitive for that kind of thing... and adult diapers? Really, I'd rather not piss myself in my pants at all.

So, I'll just read some suspense novels. That way, you don't see the person's head getting chopped off. See? I just wrote down something that would probably make me crap twice and I only feel slightly woozy. SLIGHTLY. Reading scary things is a lot more fun than seeing disgusting stuff on a movie screen.

Besides, it'll help me with my U63r-9r4mm4r.

So now we talk about my new scheme- I mean, rule- for reviewers! If you read and REVIEW my worthless crap, I'll read and REVIEW yours. If you SCRATCH my back then I shall CLAW at yours:O (Please notice the fact that I emphasize REVIEW in different ways)

Have you read this far? If you have, then click this link as a token of my great gratitude.


Hope you enjoy.

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