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The next chapter of Genius is almost ready, I just gotta put a nice ending on it that'll lead into the next chapter. And of course I have to complain that the whole Itachi revelation thing that Kishi pulled has totally sunk my 'original' or so I thought take on Itachi's actions. I won't say anymore about how it completely ruins any secrecy about my Itachi in my story. Damn you Kishi, why couldn't I finish this thing before you got all revealy on us?

It's mostly thanks to all the people who kept reviewing it and saying they were still waiting for updates. Thanks guys. I also finally got off my butt and created a live journal, it's been a few weeks and I haven't gotten bored of it or let it drop, so I figure I'll put up the address here. Be warned it also contains alot of my stories for AFF, so if you're underage or don't like that sort of stuff, you might want to avoid it or just read the entries which say they have no smut, or not alot.


Place of Birth: New Zealand.

Current habitation: Green box in the South of France(sarcastic description of my house.) Yes the sun shines here ALOT.

Languages: English (of course) and a good grip of French. Still not perfect but getting a little closer everyday.


I work on the old three part story model. There is a beginning where everything is set up, a middle where everything gets messed up, and an end where everything gets resolved or left hanging in prepartion of a sequel.

A Reason to Stay
The first story I posted here, it's well into the middle now, things are getting messy. Chapters are taking longer to write because everything has to fit and characters have to stay true. Still my favourite.

Genuis' at everything except love
The high school knock off story, basically it's just a bit of fun for me, it vaguely follows the manga except for a few glaring differences. It's biggest challenge for me is keeping everyone in character while changing the setting and their various upbringings completely. Don't know what to say about it's status, I'm still writing it, but as to when it ends, I haven't the faintest clue. It's become a monster.

Long Distance Love
Ah Neji and Tenten. I've had to put it to the side for now, I've written myself into a corner and now I'm gonna need something good to get me out. I have by no means thrown in the towel, Neji will fall! Trust this fangirl.

It's a Girl Thing
Another bit of fun for me using two of my favourite side characters, Tenten and Ino. The story has reached half way and as promised it's neither great literature nor a hugely complicated plot. Think of it as Naruto popcorn. Naruto candy would have the fine Naruto males semi naked and avaliable.


Decided I needed more recreational things to prod the old creativity when it's feeling low and is turning out crap for my main stories. So one shots! Update, more one shots, am currently hunting down the multiple plot bunnies and shooting them. Need to get back to main stories. Am I missing any major holidays? Oooo I just thought of some, damn a plot bunny or two was just born. "Get the gun mother."

For Christmas
Seasonal ficlet need I say more?

Team seven love! A quiet moment between the team. Sakura gets warmed up, non smutty sorry.

Ribbon Friends
The ever strange friendship between Sakura and Ino, what was the reason Sakura gave Ino's ribbon back? On a side note, how many other people wish Masashi Kishimoto would keep a bit more rivalry in their friendship? Let's see some cat fights! Non smutty, sorry.

Had to write a Valentine's Day one shot didn't I? It's like a law or something. So Sakura gets a chance to express some feelings for her team by giving them some gifts, some in boxes, some which you couldn't wrap if you wanted to.

White Day
There is no Valentine's Day without White Day to follow! Except the boys are a little late in giving presents, them being male and all. Again Sakura ends up with some presents which are wrapped, and some which need nothing to make them the nicest things you've ever received.

At the moment a one shot but I'm still thinking on the subject of Itachi, and Itachi-Sasuke, so I'll be trying to drag another more indepth piece out of it. Have a second episode, or rather a prelude from Itachi's childhood ready and waiting to see if it will turn into the promised Weights and Anchors from future projects or not. Have a second chapter up, but I want more from the plot bunny before I'll give it status as an actual multi-part story.

Growing Pains
Hanabi keeps making appearences in my stories so I wrote something about her, especially after I saw a picture or her and Hinata indicating that their curvey shape is due to the Hyuuga blood limit.


Lovely Lee
I have a plan for a Lee story, but it's proving a bitch to write.

A piece on Sandaime and of course regrets. Because there isn't enough out there on the old pervert.

Weights and anchors
Tentative title for a longer 'No' piece on Itachi, because he seems to pop up in alot of my stories these days.

Otherwise I will be looking for a proof reader, not sure where though. Sigh.


Naruto (Please remember I'm reading all these in French so I'm translating their french titles for you lot.)

Ugly little duckling (finished)

Kare first love (ah la honte also finished now.)

Inu Yasha (now that they've restarted to print the damn thing.)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. (A big, expensive, hard cover, full colour series by Andy Seto, the man!)

Triplets (Korean Manga)

Air Gear (Yeah! They're finally going to restart printing the thing in France, so I guess I'll have to rebuy the episodes I already have.)

Fruits Basket (Of course.)

Hana Yori Dango (My feel good book, go girl power!)

Ura Peach Girl (Faster Sae! Kill, kill! Why hasn't there been a new issue yet?)

Kekkaishi (It's so cute how they want to out do each other!)

Host Club (Or Ouran High I think they call it in English. Too funny for words.)

Him and Her (So many different forms of love.)

Princes of Tea (I can't resist a tea shop.)

And other more Shojo titles that I will not admit to reading in public.



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