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Hello! My name is ArmaduraStar7, welcome to my profile! I am currently working on A New Selection, so check that out if you like The Selection Trilogy! I'm also working on OUABM, a fantasy SYOC that's still open! I love to talk to people (at least online), so feel free to send me a PM!

Meant For You

Nicholas Schreave (19): Nicholas is a very driven person. He's a workaholic, and often loses track of time when he's doing paperwork. He can be selfish, and a bit focused on himself, but he does care about others. He's ambitious, and can pretty charming when he want to be. He loves to talk to people, and loves talking about politics. Nico is friendly, and loves social events. He gets frustrated easily, and tries his best not to jump to conclusions. He's very brave, but smart enough to know what's bravery and what's stupidity. Nico's awful at reading people, and can't really tell if someone is happy or sad. He's honest, and very loyal to those closest to him. He works hard at everything, and feels that he needs to do well at everything.

Faceclaim: Joe Keery

Adam Schreave (19): Adam isn't like his twin. He hates social events, and would rather be in his room with a good book then talking to people. He's socially awkward, shy, anxious, and a bit jumpy. He's not the easiest person to talk to, but once you get to know him he's very easy to talk to. Adam has a heart of gold, and is very empathetic. He cares about everyone, and thinks everyone deserves a second chance. He'd die for anyone, and is very loyal to those closest to him. He tries to be as positive as he can. Unlike his brother, Adam's very good at reading people. He's also a good listener, and will do anything to make someone happier. He's surprisingly wise, and a bit insecure. He likes fiction better then reality.

Faceclaim: Alexander Calvert




Age (16-20):






Appearance (the faceclaim is good, but if there is anything else you want me to know):


Personality (Deeeetaaaail!! Please include everything you can think of):






Languages Spoken:


Family (Name, age, personality, relationship w/ your character):

Friends (same as family):

Reason for entering:

Reaction to being chosen (optional):

Elimination Ideas (optional):

Date Ideas (optional):

Reaction to getting eliminated (at the beginning, and when she knows the princes better):

Thoughts/treatment of Nicholas Schreave:

Thoughts/treatment of Adam Schreave:

Thoughts/Treatment of the other Selected:

What would they bring with them:

How do they act around their crush:


Favorite song (optional):

Favorite book/movie genre (optional):

Favorite color (optional):

Favorite food/drink/dessert (optional):

Anything else:


1. Diversity! Illea is where North America is today, and North America is filled with different races and sexualities. Also, please don't make your character your typical kind and sweet heroine. Nice characters are great, but other traits are great too!

2. No Mary Sues! Everyone has their flaws, and your characters should too.

3. Detail! Please make your character detailed, so I can write them correctly.

4. I am taking reservations, but please get them in quickly.

5. You can submit up to two characters.

6. You can submit children of the former Selected. However, you'd have to ask me if you could first, because there can only be one. Also, it would be preferred if the child could be the child of your own character.

If you have a Pinterest account, please make a board for them and share it with me. My account name is the same as my fanfiction name (ArmaduraStar7). Please label it; Character Name:Meant For You. Also, labeling the Pm thread with the name, age, and caste of your character would be helpful, but not required.

Accepted Characters:

1. Cecelia Rhode, Dakota, Caste Five, Age 19: Submitted by musicaldreams89. FC: Olivia Holt

2. Alia Grayson, Columbia, Caste Three, Age 19: Submitted by mnbvcxz-xx. FC: Gigi Hadid

3. Izara Ebba Karlsson, Sumner, Caste Three, Age 17: Submitted by nevershout. FC: Isabella Peschart

4. Joy Johnson, Whites, Caste Two, Age 18: Submitted by rysaspirit. FC: Sabrina Carpenter

5. Genevieve Lark, Kent, Caste Six, Age 18: Submitted by Lillian Jade. FC: Bella Thorne

6. Rosanna Symmes, Midston, Caste Two, Age 20: Submitted by Smiley. FC: Emma Watson

7. Lilia Hannah Smith, Carolina, Caste Four, Age 18: Submitted by xxholo. FC: Kylie Jenner

8. Olympia Archer, Clermont, Caste Two, Age 16: Submitted by Booklovin’03. FC: Alissa Violet

9. Yixin Li, Ottaro, Caste Two, Age 16: Submitted by Berrybush123. FC: Im Nayoung

10. Carolina Ember Antoinette Quinton, Sonage, Caste Four, Age 18: Submitted by Lady Crystal Beach. FC: Helen George

11. Natalia Ignacia, Labrador, Caste Two, Age 19: Submitted by tobi-is-an-artist-too. FC: Madison Pettis

12. Mackenzie Stone, Waverly, Caste Seven, Age 19: Submitted by tobi-is-an-artist-too. FC: Madison Pettis

13. Alexis Jacqueline Sexton, Yukon, Caste Four, Age 17: Submitted by Magick From Your Heart. FC: Elsa Martinelli

14. Selene Azura Lucia, Dominica, Caste Two, Age 19: Submitted by BellaRosa17. FC: Zendaya

15. Riley Clark, Likely, Caste Three, Age 20: Submitted by HippieSunshine. FC: Camila Mendes

16. Giselle Deland, Atlin, Caste Two, Age 18: Submmited by Hofund. FC: Kristin Kreuk

17. Camilla Sinclair, Allens, Caste Three, Age 17: Submitted by Booklovin'03. FC: Amanda Seyfried

18. Alexandrine Faye Quon, Zuni, Caste Four, Age 20: Submitted by Slytherwitch. FC: Jamie Chung

19. Aisling O'Byrne, Hansport, Caste Six, Age 19: Submitted by isorropa. FC: Jessica Keenan Wynn

20. Evadne Regine Leventhorpe, Hudson, Caste Two, Age 19: Submitted by thesparklingjewel. FC: Kendall Jenner

Once Upon A Blue Moon, A SYOC

King Soren Aurelian (46): King Soren just wants the best for his children, but what’s right isn’t always good. He is a good ruler, but firm and inflexible. When he is convinced of something, you can’t change his opinion. He is a smart and honest man, brutally honest. He used to be sweeter and charming, but after his wife Lucienne died he was never the same. He now is stronger, but not in a good way.
Faceclaim: Matt Damon
Crown Prince Salazar Aurelian (20): Salazar is naturally charming. He is lazy and irresponsible, so he wouldn’t be that good of a ruler. Salazar is carefree and compulsively flirts with women. He can be serious, but it is very rare to see him like that. He can be very smart, but just doesn’t use it. Like his sister, he can be stubborn and annoying sometimes, but can also be pretty friendly and social. He is a jokester, and very protective of Bianca. He often feels trapped as the Crown Prince, and thinks that Asena would make a better ruler then him (but he would never admit it).
Faceclaim: Orlando Bloom
Princess Asena Aurelian (20): Asena is very independent and headstrong. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and will speak out. She is kind and friendly to people her are kind to her, but if someone is mean to her or someone close to her, she won’t hold back. Asena has a strong sense of justice, and believes in rights for everyone. She is extremely smart and has good instinct. She is protective over her close ones, and is quite confident. Asena wants peace for the country, but won’t back down from a fight.
Faceclaim: Gal Gadot
Princess Bianca Aurelian (12): Bianca is very energetic and kind. She loves to have fun and longs for freedom. Bianca is bright and learns very quickly. Bianca is very honest, but doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is probably the friendliest one of the family, and the country loves her. She can be very childish. Bianca is loving and caring, and loves to read. She is fascinated with magic, and extremely good with animals.
Faceclaim: A younger Vanessa Marano
Cenara “Cisi” Nyfain (20): Cenara is Asena’s best friend and the daughter of Dianthe Nyfain, one of the most powerful mages in the world. She can control magma, but isn’t hot-headed at all. She is kind and sweet to everyone she meets. Cisi is a very good listener and great at focusing, her power requires it. She is pretty soft-spoken and shy, but is very open to Asena. She is quite powerful herself, but hates to fight others.
Faceclaim: AnnaSophia Robb
Cyprian Alaron (20): Cyprian is Salazar’s best friend. He is very cynical, and has low expectations of life. He is totally a pessimist. He says he will be, “pleasantly surprised.” Cyprian doesn’t usually talk to people, but when he does he’s very blunt. He is very nice when you get to know him, but other then that he just seems cynical and blunt.
Faceclaim: Eddie Redmayne

General Info:
Age (16-20):
How are they doing financially?:
Did they get an education?:
Detailed Appearance:
Faceclaim (optional, but highly recommended):
Hair (Thickness, length, texture, color, styles, etc):
Eyes (Lashes, brows, color, shape, etc):
Skin (Color, marks, scars, texture, etc):
Facial Features:
Overall Appearance:
Style Before Selection:
Style After Selection
What They Will Wear To The Ball (more will be explained later):
Personality (Tons and tons of detail! Give me everything you got!):
Family (name, age, personality, appearance, relation w/ character):
Friends (look above):
Romantic History:
Selection Info:
Thoughts/Treatment of King Soren:
Thoughts/Treatment of Prince Salazar:
Thoughts/Treatment of Princess Asena:
Thoughts/Treatment of Princess Bianca:
Thoughts/Treatment of Cenara (optional):
Thoughts/Treatment of Cyprian (optional):
Thoughts/Treatment of Staff:
Treatment of the other Selected (male and female):
Reaction to being Selected:
Date Ideas:
Elimination Idea (optional):
Reaction to Elimination:
Maids (optional, same as family):
Thoughts on Magic:
Do they have magic? If so, what kind?:
What is their skill level (if they have magic):
Have they had a magical education?:
Other (optional, but highly recommended):
What would they bring to the palace?:
What is their favorite book genre?:
What is their favorite food/drink/dessert?:
How do they act around their crush?:
What is their type?:
Favorite Color:
Anything Else:


The kingdom of Rionnag was formed by the farmers that lived there for it’s fertile soil. They made a village, which people flocked to like ants to sugar. It eventually became a kingdom, although rather small at the time. The Aurellian family was strong, and conquered small kingdoms and tribes in the area.
King Soren’s father, King Ferris, was especially loved. He was kind to his people, and was strong. He was also quite good at military strategies, so Ferris conquered many small villages. He died from poisoning. Soren became king. He was 24, married to Lucienne and father of Salazar and Asena, who were two.
Elite mages were able to trace the poisoning to the kingdom of Gealach, a large and powerful kingdom. Soren, still angry about his father’s murder, declared war. The battles were long and bloody. During the war Lucienne was killed in an attack, which greatly affected the Aurelian family.
After 18 years the war ended. Rionnag was victorious. However, many were killed in the Great War. Soren decided to have a Selection to help heal the divided kingdom.

Magic and Culture

About 42 percent of the population of Rionnag have magic. There are many different kinds, so there are schools that teach you to be able to control your magic. These schools do cost money, especially the really good ones, so not everybody gets to go.
If you have magic but don’t have the money to afford an education you can still use it. It is more dangerous, and there have been accidents where someone wasn’t able to control their magic.
The most common magics are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. There are many more different kinds, like gravity, shadows, and magma, but they are rarer. You are more likely to have magic if a family member has magic, but there have been cases where someone was born with magic but were from regular families. A good website where you can find magic powers is Superpower wiki.
The main food in Rionaag is bread. They do eat meat and fruits, but bread is much more common. There are many magical animals (and regular animals), but the most common one is the Griffin. All the rich families have at least one. They can form meaningful bonds with humans.
Women in Rionnag can get an education and work, but the options are more limited than it is for men. They wear dresses (medieval), sometimes they wear pants (but it is extremely rare).
Droch-Silthe is an evil magic cult that was started about a decade ago. They hate the way the kingdom runs and think they could do better. They are like Rionnag’s rebels.


Saorsa (capital city): Saorsa is the biggest city in Rionnag. It is right in the middle of the kingdom. The royals live there. It is very diverse in people and magic. There are many magic schools.
Oir: Oir is a small mining town in the mountains. It is extremely hard to get to, and most of the residents are poor. Not many people have magic there, but if they did it would most likely to control metal. There are no magic schools.
Deihe: Deihe is a city in the snowy mountains to the north. It’s has a surprisingly big population for somewhere so north. Most of the magic users can control snow or water. There are a couple magic schools.
Iarron: Iarron is a town not that far from Saorsa. It is famous for it’s trading hub and market. You can find almost everything there. Not many people actually live there, and it’s magic school is small and poor.
Aorgid: Aoirgid is the second biggest and most populated city in Rionnag. It’s most famous for harvesting wheat and making the bread that most people eat. They also supply meat. There are a some magic schools.
Conlach: Conlach isn’t really famous for anything except that everyone there is really nice. Most of their magic user’s magic have to do with emotions. The population is small, and there is only one magic school.
Koille: Koille is a logging town. They live smack dab in the middle of a magical forest. Most people born there live there their whole lives, because it is very hard to leave. There is one magic school.
Juirme: Juime is a town known for growing fruits and veggies. There are no magic schools, and most people work all day without getting an education. It has a medium amount of people, who are overworked.
Uuisge: Uuisge is a town next to the beautiful Uuisge Falls. It is a waterfall that comes from the mountains nextdoor. There is also a lake. Because of the waterfall and lake, there is periodic flooding that is quick and deadly. There are no magic schools.
Faiate: Faiate is a pretty normal city. It is pretty big, and there are four magic schools. It is probably the most women empowering town in Rionnag besides Saorsa.


1. Dark Arts are strictly prohibited. If you use it you can be in jail for years or even get hanged/killed.

2. Murdering and stealing are against the law.

3. If you are new to the country, you must stay for one year without breaking a law to be able to stay.

4. If you have a child with magic they must get a education.

5. No littering.

6. You don't get extra food even if you work in the fields.

7. Drugs are not allowed (unless it's medicinal).

8. Alcohol is only allowed if you are over 25 years of age.

9. If someone is breaking any of these laws you must report them immedietly.

10. You must pay taxes.

Breaking any of these laws can result in a fine, jail for a number of years/months/days, or even death.


1. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! Everyone has flaws, your character should too! Also, please don't make them cliche.

2. You can reserve spots, but if you do I'd like to get them as quickly as possible.

3. DETAIL! I need A LOT of detail! I really want to portray your character well.

4. Please name the PM thread like this; Name, Age, Town, Occupation (if they have one). The list of towns will be on my profile.

5. I am sorry, but you cannot submit a character by review. I will need to ask questions about you character, and I can't really do that with reviews.

6. This is not first come first serve. As you already know, the date of which you need to get your characters in is July 6th. That is the date when I will put all the accepted characters on my profile.

7. You can only submit two characters.

I would also appreciate it if you made a board for your character if you have a Pinterest account.


1. Aella Celesta Niaris, Deihe, Aeromancy. Submitted by starryworlds. FC: Rosie Huntington-Whitely

2. Juliette Poppy Alcazan, Saorsa, Deoxygenation. Submited by xXNewZealandDancerXx. FC: Zoe Sugg

3. Evanna Lillian Karalee, Faiate. Submitted by WiltedMinds. FC: Scarlett Leithhold

4. Kaylin Evangeline Rei, Aorgid, Light Manipulation. Submitted by Stitches 2.5. FC: India Eisley

5. Theodosia Hyacinth Rosewell, Koille, Agrokinesis. Submitted by Azalea. FC: Lily Collins

6. Ardeth Ruth Waleys, Deihe, Healer. Submitted by Abizeau. FC: Anna Popplewell

7. Katherine Juliet Henderson, Saorsa, Power Manipulation. Submitted by floridoleslie. FC: Sara Sampio

8. Reserved (Conlach)


1. Silas Morgan, Oir, Pyrokinesis. Submitted by tobi-is-an-artist-too. FC: Colin Wayne

2. Clayton Alan O'Connell, Deihe, Cyrokinesis. Submitted by La Rosa. FC: Shawn Mendes

3. Dorian Leith Tommasini, Uuisge. Submitted by Abizeau. FC: Toby Regbo






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