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THere is nothing here except a Shadow the Hedgehog story. Which some coughweirdoscough people don't like because they Hated Shadow the Hedgehog

Reading this has just wasted 10 seconds of your valuable life.

Thank you.

Now, let's get on to the real bio.

Name: Calvin

Age: 13

Birthday: September 28th, 1993

Stuffs I like: Shadow the Hedgehog (game), Shadow the Hedgehog, computer, video games, Romans, chocolate (especially chocolate poptarts...mmmm...) And more stuffs that I am not bothering to list.

Oh look...a blog.


Punishment. Thy Name is Ruin

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog

Status: 2 chapters completed

Rated T; violence and mild language

Genres: Action/Adventure/Mystery

Characters: Shadow & Black Doom

People who have this on their Favorite Stories list: 1. Itanu 2. Pyro Hedgehog 3. queen of consoliea

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Full summary: A novelisation of the pure evil ending of Shadow the Hedgehog. Levels visited: Westopolis, Digital Circuit, Cryptic Castle, Egg Breaker (Boss), Central City, The ARK, G.U.N. Fortress, Sonic and Diablon (Final boss) Plus totally made up levels to add interest.

Updates: Few and far in between. Long story, and real life intrudes quite a bit. Now that school is going to start soon, it's going to be an even longer wait.

That's all I got right now. Come back later, maybe I will have more.

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Check them out, if they thought my stories were good, you're gonna LOVE theirs.

Sonic Wars specs.

-- G.U.N. --


Class: Light Starfighter

Squadron Size: 11

Weaponry: 2 Class-3 Laser Cannons

Shielding: N/A

Size: 4x1 1/2 Meters

Crew: 1

Description: Classified as the "Proto-type" Starfighter, the Kanine Fighters were the first of it's kind, able to travel and work perfectly in space. Now un-used by G.U.N., they used to be the hieght of their power, being the only fighter able to enter space combat. Some Kanines were issued with missile launchers instead of laser cannons to attack the larger ships without the need for dozens of the Kanine fighters. However, they are now mainly used as Pirate fighters, with an Energy Dissipator placed on it for extra protection.

Notable Kanine Squadrons: N/A


Class: Starfighter

Squadron Size: 7

Weaponry: 2 Twin-Linked Class-3 Laser Cannons

Shiedling: Energy (Laser, E-Energy, etc.) Dissipator

Size: 5x2 Meters

Crew: 1

Description: The Ryu-Jinn starfighters are the successors to the Kanine fighters, with an extra two laser cannons and an added Energy Dissipator, the Ryu-Jinn suceeds the Kanine fighter in almost every way. Manervurability and speed, however, has been slightly lessened, due to hte amount of equipment.

Notable Ryu-Jinn Squadrons:
Dark Squadron - Shadow's personal squadron
Judge Squadron - Sonic's personal squadron

Mainine Bombers

Class: Bomber

Squadron Size: 4

Weaponry: 1 Class-3 Laser Cannon; 2 Missile Tubes; 20 Standard Explosive Bombs; 1 Nuclear Warhead

Shielding: Energy Dissipator

Size: 3x7 Meters

Crew: 2

Description: Designed by the now deceased engineer William Main, The Mainines are equipped from bombing targets, as well as attacking large warships with a much smaller threat of being hit. However, due to their lack of anti-fighter weaponry, they reguire assistance from Ryu-Jinn squadrons to keep them alive. However, the second crew member has access to a laser cannon to keep other fighters busy while their own fighters come to aid. On a sidenote, they have never had to use the Nuclear Warhead before, a good sign in most people's eyes.

Horacine Gunship

Class: Gunship

Fleet Size: 3

Weaponry: 4 Class-1 Laser Cannons; 8 Class-3 Laser Cannons

Shielding: Energy Dissipator

Size: 20x6 Meters

Crew: 33 (Minimum)

Description: A small, but long ship, designed to be powerful without needing too many crew members. These things are small enough to fit in the hangars of most of the larger ships, and are deployed in the heat of battle to pound a single area. These things are small, fast, and deadly. The laser cannons are more focused than on other ships; they are more powerful, and more accurate. Because they are so thin, it is difficult for the large ships to attack them, and the gunships have the weaponry needed to defend itself against fighter attacks.


Class: Exploration Corvette

Fleet Size: 1

Weaponry: No actual weaponry, however, some fleet commanders have been able to use it's advanced sensors to mess around with the sensors of their opponents. Each one also holds a single Terra-Former

Shielding: Energy Dissipator, Point-Laser Defense System (Defense against missiles)

Size: 100x34 Meters

Crew: 15 (Minimum)

Description: The Finder-class corvettes have been in use for years to explore the gas planets personally. The Terra-Former aboard allows it to convert gas giants into solid, habitable planets.

Notable Finder-class Corvettes:
Viator - The first Finder-class. Notable for it's use in the Jupiter Incident (Case File 457x - CLASSIFIED.)


Class: Capital Ship

Fleet Size: 3

Weaponry: (Estimated) 1000 Turbolaser Cannons; 600 Class-2 Laser Cannons; 200 Missile Tubes

Shielding: Point-Laser Defense System

Hanger: 105 Ryu-Jinns; 32 Mainine Bombers; 6 Horacine Gunships

Size: 1000x200 Meters

Crew: 3,400 (Minimum)

Notable Emperuers:
Judgement, Shadow's personal ship. More weapons, heavier armor, Energy Dissipator around the bridge. Much slower, and sensors are not very advanced.

ARK Angel

Class: Super-Heavy Warship

Fleet Size: Unique

Weaponry: (Estimated) 3000 Turbolaser Cannons; 500 Missile Tubes; 100 Point-Lasers; Eclipse Cannon;

Hanger: 315 Ryu-Jinn Fighters, 60 Mainan Bombers, 24 Horacine Gunships

Shielding: Energy Dissipator; Point-Laser Defense System

Size: 1x1/4 Mile

Crew Size: 6,300 (Minimum)

Description: Designed by Gerald Robotnik himself, the ARK Angel was designed for the exploration of space, and as a second option to use against the Black Comet, incase the ARK was ever compromised. However, it was never put into production to its extremely high expenses, as well as the sheer amount of manpower needed to build and support it. The plans were found by G.U.N. engineers, and was put into production. It is, to this day, the most powerful ship ever built. Not even Eggman's Final Fortress is enough to defeat it.

-- EGG Empire --

EGG Eagle

Class: Heavy Fighter-Bomber

Squadron Size: 1-3

Weaponry: 4 Class-3 E-Energy, 2 Class-2 E-Energy

Shielding: N/A

Size: 5x7 Meters

Crew Size: 1 Artificial Intelligence

Description: The Eagle Fighter-Bomber is an amazing piece of equipment. The AI stationed in it is state of the art, comparable with Shadow's own AI. It is believed that Eggman found Gerald's specs for Shadow's AI, as the Eagle is a massive jump. Able to adapt to virtually any situation, A single squadron of Eagles have been able to completely take down an entire G.U.N. Fleet. The Eagles have a mass of weaponry, able to deal with any threat. The only flaws with the Eagle is it's lack of shiedling, and poor manuerverablity.

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