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Into the mind of an eccentric and introverted authoress...

An introduction was long overdue, so I somehow found the willpower to sit down on a comfy chair and type something in my bio page to kill some time. Alright, where do I begin...First of all, I would like to point out that I am slightly weird. Okay, more than a little weird. But I'm perfectly harmless as long as I have my daily dose of caffeine. Compared to most rabid anime fangirls like my best friend Amy-chan, I am considered quite recently launched into the fantastic world known as anime. Being a newbie and stranded in a realm where people have never even HEARD of anime, it is sad for me to admit that I have seen very, VERY few of these Japanese animation...(See how deprived I am? -_-) The only ones I've watched so far are: Gundam SEED, Card Captor Sakura, Ouran High School, Gakuen Alice, and...err, Gundam SEED?

Self-pity for lack of anime aside, I have a deep passion for reading. No, forget passion. Think 'fanatical obssession'. Hence, the super-thick spectacles I'm forced to wear. Writing is a close second hobby, but I write only for the fun of it. I usually keep to myself but I'm pretty friendly (an oxymoron there...) and I'm very quiet (unless provoked into a ten-hour babblethon), sarcastic and cynical at times (be extremely wary of me when I am), and a regular bull in a china shop. Psychotic? Oh, the title was just to snag your attention. I'm perfectly mentally well-balance...most of the time. I hear voices in my head, but that's where I get my muse from, so that doesn't mean I'm nuts. No, really.

My taste in Fanfiction? Oh, I enjoy reading all kinds. From humorous to angst, from action/adventure to the supernatural. But I don't really have the time to explore FF.net since I've been buried under all this school stress. In addition, I'm into playing MMORPGs and Playstation 2, so updating my own ficlets is a constant struggle. (Ah, excuses, excuses...)

English isn't my native language; plus, I don't have a beta-reader to help hunt down those mistakes and slam my head for it. So please forgive minor errors on my part and point out inaccuracies when neccessary. Criticism I can take. Stupid flames, however, will be ignored.

Last but not least, a sincere thank you to the people who enjoyed my work. You're the reason why I still continue typing in front of the computer in the dead of night while risking an even more horrible eyesight and my mother's naggings about inconsiderate people and electrical wastage (cringe).


Some of you may have noticed the sudden disappearance of Black Coffees, Mocha Lattes and Love. Well, the sad news is, FF.net has deleted it due to its nature as an 'interactive fic.' -_-;;. However, because some of you wanted to read it again, I decided to repost it--but do expect some scene changes as I didn't save all the chapters in my floppy disk (being the somewhat disorganized person I am...). BCMLAL will be my side-project while I sumowrestle with UFWD updates.

Ah, and many thanks to Amy-chan for putting up with my weird mood swings lately. I suspect I'm suffering from homework overload and examination stress. Yoga class might be needed to save my sanity...

Wishing you all great reading pleasure,


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