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Author has written 9 stories for Digimon, Sailor Moon X-overs, and Anime X-overs.

Name: Dera (in Japanese)

Darkside: Lais

Age: 20

BD: December 27

Website: A.F.T.E.R. (Still looking for submissions)

Favorite anime series, Manga, and movies:

Angelic Layer, Bubble Gum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Chance Pop Session, Digimon 01-02-04, DN Angel, Escaflowne, Fruits Basket, Gatchaman, Gate Keepers, Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, Heroic Legends of Arislan, Inuyasha, Knight Hunters [Weiß Kreuz] , Magic Knights Rayearth, Princess Mononoke, Rayearth [OVA, Record of Lodoss War, Ronin Warriors [Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, Rouroni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Slayers, Street Fighter II: Victory, Yu Yu Hakusho, Wish, Zeriam the Animation ... and some more

My current life:

I am currently a fourth semester college student studying for a Graphics Design associates degree. With this degree I will move onto a school that offers a bachlor degree in Animation. This semester (Spring 2003) I am taking 17 credit hours of school, not accounting for 2 credit hours worth of Bible classes at my church's seminary. I don't write all that much any more, but since I've been getting some requests, I'll try to finish up what I have here. O_o;; Gomen nas, minna. I had never realized people would still want to read my stories.


At this time, I still prefer to write Makoto/Lita crossover stories (for those that don't know. Makoto is from the anime, Sailor Moon). I personally believe Makoto is the most underrated and abused character of Sailor Moon crossover fanfiction. Normally characterized as somewhat of a fighting machine focused only on fighting, Makoto rarely has her more famine and inner strengths shown. There are so many angles available to an author writing about this lone rose!

Now, I am not bashing Makoto crossovers which have been written. I've enjoyed reading a few of the ones I've found when I have free time (LOL, in the computer lab during my Visual Arts Foundations class >:) ). However, I do promote the self assured, but caring Makoto. The mentor like figure who listens and counsels her friends.

Another pet peeve I have when I read/write is seeing the Usagi/Serena situations where she either abandons, is abandoned, betrayed, or is betrayed by her friends! This is a close nit group of girls and such scenarios are very unlikely and draw away from their admirable characters. Secondly, Usagi would not instigate such a scenario because Usagi from a kind hearted, happy girl, to a calloused individual who would rather bite off someone's head for a small comment. I realize I am starting to rant and will add no more to this thought line. ~_^ ..

Another reason why Makoto would be a good crossover character? Next to Mina, most of the inner senshi/scouts have someone to keep them in their current universe. Usagi has Mamoru/Darien to protect her and love her - Rei/Raye has her grandfather and Chad for her to love and vice-versa (I think Chad and Rei belong together. ^_^!) - Ami has her mother (a person many authors seem to have forgotten) to love and stay with. Mina has Artemis, but I'm not so sure he counts. ~_^;;

Makoto (to me) just seems to be the ideal character to used in a crossover. She's energetic, courageous, able to be on her own (she's been doing it since her parent's death after all), and reliable. If Makoto was to placed in a different environment, I'm positive she would be the one to adapt to fastest and most efficiently out of all the inner scouts. I can see he interacting well with the most callous of anime guys to even the goofiest.


If you're still reading this, you probably (1) really enjoy my stories or (2) you are at least interested in them. If either is the case then I want to warn you -- I am a college student and don't get much time to write my stories. Meaning: It's not my priority. When you have a 3.78 GPA you make school work your priority. This aside, when I have time I work on the following:

~1~ Call of Heroes

~2~ Lunaluz

~3~ TWA: Sailors Call

~4~ 10th Warrior, the rewrite

Series I have written and are finished:

The Digimon Series [Finished]

Rivals For Love

Birthday Surprises

The 10th Warrior Universe [Ongoing]

[01] The 10th Warrior

[02] TWA - Mission: Date

[03] TWA - Sailors Call

[04] *Gaiden* - Being planned

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