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I hate when people don't read the author's notes.

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My Characters from Enemies Confusion


Name: Taiku (Tye- Koo)

Age: Second Story: 5- 6

Third Story: 13

Element: Water, is also a waterbender

Facts: Is like a little brother to Zuko, and Zhao gave him a scar that passes from his right eye, over his nose and to his left cheek. Brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin

Name: Hani (Han- ee)

Age: 12

Element: Earth, is not a bender

Facts: Lives in the city of Baj- Sen- Sai. Is not a bender but makes money by working in the royal stables, he tends to the Bongi's (giant bird things) and the horses. His father is a earthbending captian and happens to be the same captain that took Iroh prisoner in The Winter Solstice- Part One. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Name: Red Spirit (Red- Spirit, that's a toughy)

Age: Second Story: 100

Third Story: 107

Element: Fire, is sort of a Firebender

Facts: She is a 100-7 year old, demon horse and used to belong to Fire Lord Sozan. She is basically like a Fresian horse from our times, if you don't know what kind of horse that is than... too bad. She is coal black from the tip of her nose to her hooves, and because she is a demon she has the ability to 'bend' fire. She has amber eyes.


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DONE BY MY SISTER- See the flowers? Red, blue, green and orange... get it

Names: Kamahi and Tainlu (Ka- ma- he: Tain- loo)

Ages: I dunno middle 20's

Element: Water, Kamahi is a Waterbender Tainlu is not

Facts: Husband and wife, Kamahi is the cheif of the North Pole water tribe and father of Taiku, Tainlu is mother. Kamahi does not like firebenders and is afraid for his son's lifes because before Taiku was born his oldest son was killed in a fire nation raid like Katara's and Sokka's mother was. Now he has two sons left, Taiku the oldest at the age of 6 (13)and the baby at the age of a few months. Tainlu is a sweet woman and beleives that everyone is deserved a second chance, even firebenderswho killed her oldest son. She also beleives that the day when Zuko becomes Fire Lord will be a glorious day and cannot await it.


Name: Prince Zakku (Prince Za- koo)

Age: 5

Element: Fire, is a Firebender

Facts: Is the son of Fire Lord Zuko and the dancer Keda. Has a twin sister named Itoe who was named after Iroh. Loves mischeif and showing off, has major temper flares (Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree) and doesn't like the cold, his hair being messed up nor being bored. Dosn't like Taiku to much because he takes all of the attention from his father but they're connection grows. Has a rival with Suku, Sokka's son, which began on the first day they met. Can be a real Prince Charming, even for his age, when it comes to grabbing the attention of a certain young waterbender... Has coal black hair, amber/ gold eyes looks like his father.

Name: Princess Itoe (Princess I- toe)

Age: 5, is a minute younger than Zakku

Element: Fire, is a Firebender as well

Facts: Is greatly annoyed by her brother because he never lets her live down that fact that she is a minute younger.Although she likes the quiet, and is not the one to enough boy things such as getting dirty, Princess Itoe can throw a mean flaming right hooker (Learned this from her Aunt Zula). Dances with her mother and practices bending and fighting with her brother and father (and sometimes Zula who shows her the hard stuff...shhh...) Black/ Brown hair, light amber/ gold eyes with hints of brown

Name: Miharu (Mee- har- roo)

Age: 4-5

Element: Water, is a Waterbender

Facts: Daughter of Katara and a powerful waterbender named Jin Hu. Is a bender and proud of it. Constantly plays with her cousin Suku. Katara gave her, her grandmothers (Katara's mother) necklace to always wear. She is the one to lead not follow, and because of this she grabs the attention from a certain young firebending Prince. Has dark brown hair, blue eyes, tan skin.

Name: Suku (Soo- koo)

Age: 5

Element: Water, is not a bender (how ironic)and is happy

Facts: Because of the influence from his father, who is Sokka cheif of the Southern Water- Tribe, Suku has a strong appetite and prefers hand to hand combat over bending. Sokka has given him his granfathers boomerang and sometimes makes his own father jealous because of his skills with it. Always plays with his cousin Miharu. Gives Zakku advice with girl attention grabbing stunts, which most of the time happen to be dangerous,and other things (learned from his father) but it always seems that they never work... Has a rival with the Prince that began on the first day they met. His mother passed away in childbirth and Sokka has never, and never plans to re-marry even at his young age.Dark brown hair almost black, blue eyes, tan skin.

Name: Nioto (Knee- o- toe)

Age: 10

Element: Air, is definetly a bender

Facts: One of the first of the re- populartion of airbenders Nioto was born at the Western Air temple and immediatly was recognized for his rarebending skills. Trained at a young age by his master who happens to be Avatar Aang, Nioto is growing to be a powerful bender. Travels everywhere with his young master and has been given blue arrow tatoos because of the fact that his master is Avatar Aang, and because he is a excellent bender, almost a master (Aang couldn't resist giving the kid arrows). Sometimes he has to keep Aang in check and focused instead of playing around although there is a 9 year difference of the master and the pupil but he still plays around with Aang, Appa and Momo alot. Bald, brown eye- brows, large ears although not as large as Aang's, grey eyes. Shy around others except his master and animal friends!

Name: Prince Akio (A- key- o) Name may be changed

Age: newborn baby

Element: Fire, cannot tell if is or isn't a bender yet but I really know the answer HAHA

Facts: I can't tell you yet or I'd give away the ending to Part Three: Future and that wouldn't be to fun now would it?

Take a Look Through MY Eyes

... there are no characters that you don't know so... here's some pictures!

(Note: 'Zuko's' hands (Aangs body) are behind his back NOT tied up... or anything)

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Summeries for stories... (In depth... sort of... not really)

Enemies Confusion Book One: Past:

(Takes place after episode 13)

When a storm leaves Aang, Katara, Sokka and a certain Prince stuck on an island, forcing to rely on each other for survival will a troubled and confusing past reveal a new frienship? Takes place after Blue Spirit

Enemies Confusion Book Two: Present:

After mastering waterbending at the North Pole, it is now up to Aang to find an earthbending teacher for he has already found his fire. The group of newly found 4 now becomes 5, when a young waterbending child develops a brotherly relationship with the teenage Prince, but will this child ruin everything, including the gangs friendship with the Prince? Where do loyalties lie? Will Aang be able to defeat Fire Lord Ozai in time?

Enemies Confusion Book Three: Future

7 years have passed since Avatar Aang defeated the Fire Lord Ozai. The Fire Nation is under the properous rule of Fire Lord Zuko, both the Northern and Southern Ice cities have been rebuilt and are still growing, and could the airbending population be re- populating? Everything seems at its best and a promised reunion is held but will multiple attempts on the royal families lives ruin the peaceful world. Will minors be the ones to keep the world at peace once more, or will havoc break loose and another war begin?

Take A look through MY eyes

(Takes Place between Episodes 16 and 17)

When two golden rings of odd power fall into the hands of Aang and Zuko... things go haywire. No longer physically themselves, the two mustact like one another as Iroh trys and solve the mystery of the the two's switch. However, if things weren't bad enough Zhao is right on they're tail and becoming suspicious of the 'Avatar's' inability to airbend...

FUTURE STORIES- may or may not be written


This story will be related to the Enemies Confusion Trilogy. It will take place 11 years after PART THREE: FUTURE, and it shall revolve around the youngest child of Fire Lord Zuko, Prince Akio and the eldest, Prince Zakku.For reasons that I cannot say, for then the end of PART THREE: FUTURE will be revealed, the young Prince Akio leaves his nation. Feeling usless to his father, (Again I can't say why) the 16 year- old Prince Zakku leaves in search for his brother, accompanined by his uncle. While on his search, Prince Zakku later discovers that the Avatar (still Aang) has gone missing yet again and he takes it into his responsibility to find him.

Love Thy Enemy by RedNovember reviews
[ZK AU] The mighty Fire Empire rules the entire world, after they conquered it a century ago. Now, almost a hundred years later, a tiny tribe of rebels have sent Katara, an undercover assassin, to kill the Fire Emperor Zuko.
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