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Author has written 6 stories for Smallville, Speed Racer, Gossip Girl, Star Trek: 2009, and Star Wars.

I wanted people to know that I am pretty exclusively writing original m/m now at my site: . You may have seen the pretty banners for it here.

Here are synopses of the stories in case you are interested in any of those:

DRAKON: A terrible car crash kills Sebastian Ford's father and sends his mother into a strange catatonic state. Before his father dies, he repeats one word over and over again: drakonim. Sebastian learns that this strange term means dragons. Does the ancient and aristocratic Gedeon family, its eldest son Fallon, and their dragon crest have anything to do with that whispered final word? M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE LIGHTLESS: The Changed, humans gifted with super-powers, are feared by society for their unique abilities. Damien and Jamie are the strongest of them. Isolated and enslaved by a powerful man, Asmodeus Cain, will they be allowed to find solace in each other or will Cain try to keep Damien for himself? MEMBERS ONLY! M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE DARKENING: In a post-apocalyptic world, rising rock star Dylan Sloan attracts powerful crime lord Karidon Raiken. But when Dylan discovers that both he and Karidon are more than they appear to be, Dylan strains to accept strange new truths about his and Karidon's world. M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE ERL-KING: Ethan struggles with his forbidden love for his father, Alric, only to discover that his father returns his taboo affection. But Ethan finds out that Alric is not the man Ethan thought he was; in fact, he's not human at all... nor are the loyal retainers Ethan has known since childhood. M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE DARK EARTH: Aidan Walsh is forced to move with his adoptive mother and sister back into his lecherous grandfather's home on Devil's Ridge due to money troubles. Aidan is nearly lured to his death by something terrible in an old well out back, but is saved by the mysterious and alluring Asher Vane. When his grandfather comes after Vane with a shotgun, calling him a "Demon Prince", Aidan realizes that the different life he wanted ... he may have found. M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE HUNT: Alric spins a familiar story to his son Ethan of how he saved his their servant Jordan from a violent animal attack, but the sanitized and edited tale that Ethan receives is far from the truth. For Alric is not the rich businessman he appears to be, but is instead the dread Erl-King. Alric's desire to adapt to the modern world ensnared Jordan in a terrible curse and ensured that the only family his servant will ever have will be the Erl-King's own. THIS NOVEL IS COMPLETE! M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE ABYSS: Planetary explorer Anarion has climbed from the slums to the military's elite ranks, but believes that his childhood protector, space vampire leader Lord Abaddon, has forgotten him. When Anarion starts serving on the Abyss, Abaddon's giant flagship, he discovers just how much the Kin Leader needs him... body, mind, and soul. M/M, YAOI, GAY

PRICE FOR PASSAGE: Private detective Seren Balthasar is hired by wealthy and handsome Jason Kane to find his younger brother Chase. The naive teenager disappeared after seeking passage to the fabled planet of Black Heart aboard a Kin space ship. Seren must delve into dark underbelly of Kin and human society where everything is for sale in exchange for blood and sex. Will Seren be in time to stop Chase from paying the ultimate price? THIS NOVEL IS COMPLETE! M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE ARTIFACT: Dane Gareis is the handsome and aloof scion of a wealthy Winter Haven family. He hires Sean Harding, a scarred yet brilliant, former police detective as his bodyguard after the murder of his father by a cult known only as the Ydrath. The Ydrath want an ancient sarcophagus returned to them, but the elder Gareis had refused and been killed for it. Dane is just as determined to keep it out of the their hands. Will his death be next? THIS NOVEL IS COMPLETE! M/M, YAOI, GAY

GHOST: Paul Campos is a high school coach and the object of his student's desires. His student, teenaged Sean Harding, eerily reminds Paul of his first lover who was murdered fifteen-years earlier. Paul strives to keep distance between him and his beautiful student. But then an eerily similar series of murders to the one that took his lover's life begins and Sean seems to be next in the crosshairs. M/M, YAOI, GAY

PROMISE OF POWER: Lt. Branish rushes to the Gareis Industry docks to supervise the theft of an ancient golden sarcophagus. With the sarcophagus in his possession, Branish believes he can obtain endless amounts of a drug known as the Powder that either grants its users supernatural powers ... or kills them. But he isn't the only one who is intent on possessing it. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE & MEMBERS ONLY! CROSS OVER! M/M, YAOI, GAY

THE DEEP WITHIN: Connor has always secretly loved his stepmother, Lily. When Connor's father dies in a freak accident, he finds his feelings returned. But their romance is shaken by a new discovery: Connor is the preordained non-human leader of the Cult of Cthulu, a mad group that controls a giant sea monster intent on destroying all humanity. Can Connor's love for Lily overcome the destiny that has been millennia in the making? A M/F NOVEL!

BURN: Social outcast, Cassie Alexander, has loved Xander King since she was five-years-old, but the popular teen boy seemed oblivious to her. But then Cassie discovers she is cursed with the Burn, which grants her power over fire, but at a terrible price. The power will eventually take her sanity and then her life. She is not the only one to have the Burn. Xander does, too. A M/F NOVEL!

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AU. As a child, Luke was told the true identity of his father; the knowledge changed his life. When out-of-control 15-yo Luke and his father meet, neither is what the other expected; they have a long journey to understanding, especially when Vader hides his son in the Rebel Alliance. (As of Chapter 60 Luke is 17) Also on Ao3, author is Seasider
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Forbidden reviews
LukexVader: Forbidden lust. Forbidden love. Perhaps the only thing to save the universe is if father and son come together. Or will their taboo desire destroy everything?
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