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Hello there.

Name: Ti.

Age: 20 whoop

Living?: Nope im dead. anyway. I live in a small beach town on the coast of Florida called Port Charlotte/Englewood.

Anyway. Im done with that. Im Ti. Im 20 and I love to write. It sucks because all my friends think its lame, so I write in the middle of the night after i get home or early in the morning before work. I like to do alot of things. Traveling is my favorite thing in the world and if i ever stop posting on a story for a long time its prolly cuz im off somewhere in the world having an adventure. My friends and my boyfriend are my life. Along with music. My friends are the greatest thing in the world. We love to party and hang out all night playing random games and just having fun. You could put us in a room with a piece of string and a paperclip and we would have a blast. My boyfriend is the greatest person in the world. He has saved me in more ways then one. Most of my stories have something to do with cutting or self harm in some way shape or form. I used to be a cutter for 6 years and so I know a little about the subject. Anyway. Music is my passion. Its was drives me to do something. Most of my fics come from a random dream I had or a song that forces a plot into my head. I LOVE country music. Love it Love it Love it. But i listen to absolutly everything. In my car I have Kenny Chesney, Jesse McCartney, Linkin Park, and T. Pain. Just to name a few.

I love fan fics. I mostly only write to Harry Potter. But recently after a new found love with Life With Derek ive started a few fics for that show. I used to never write about the actual characters in the books or TV shows because its so much more fun throwing my character in there. My LWD fic Make Me Smile was actually my first one with out my character in it. But its an amazing story. At least my reviewers say so. The more reviews i get the more I want to write. I hate reading stories that arent about the main characters though. Odd i know.


Well...for Harry Potter its easy.

Hermione and Draco are BY FAR my favorite pairing. Im all about opposites attract.
Ginny and Blaise are frickin awesome too.

As for Harry...well he kind of annoys me i think. But i dont mind reading about him and Ginny once and a while.

Life with Derek:

Im a complete DASEY shipper. Again opposites attract. I think its because im compleatly like Derek and i fell for someone whos more like Casey. lol...but im a girl and hes a guy. and Michael Seater is HOT.


Emmett/Alice is always a fun pairing and I read it all the time.

Jacob/Nessie I love this pairing too but its always hard to find a good story about these two.

I wrote a one shot for Edward and Bella and thats probably the only one I will write for them because I just dont think I could get into Edward and Bella to much on here when I could just read the books lol. But sometimes I'll come across one thats good.

A little more about me:

Im basicly a normal teenage girl. I love to write and read. But i LOVE to party, maybe a little to much. I want to be a marine biologist. I guess you would classify me as a surfer girl/prep/burnout. I hate titles though. I hate girls...really i do. I have only a few friends that are girls and the rest are guys. Girls fight to much and bicker over stupid things. I think guys are the best friends a girl can have. Someone to say 'shut up your retarded'. MY guy friends keep me going through out the day and are there whenever wherever i need them. I dont like drama. I live a drama stress free life and im proud of it. If drama does come my way other people bring it. I also dont care what others think of me. Im a very strong willed stubborn person. I love the ocean and everything to do with it. Surfing i think is the greatest sport. I have deep auburn hair (dyed) but it changes alot. I have my tongue, nose, and lip pierced. I have a tattoo of tinkerbell on my left shoulder blade because i never want to grow up. Also i think Peter Pan is the GREATEST story on the face of this earth. To go along with the never growing up theme I also have a Kanji symbol tattooed next to the tinkerbell that means Eternity. I also have a ROXY heart with a hibiscus flower tattooed on my ankle. And the last tattoo I just got is a kick ass looking shooting star with a few little stars around it at the base of my neck, I am eventually going to get 'Without the darkness we would never see the stars' tattooed under it. My favorite books are Harry Potter and Twilight series. Thats mostly why my id name is Eternity in Twilight. I love twilight its my FAVORITE time of the day. When everything slows down and the world is peaceful. I want every minute of my life to be like twilight. I live with out regrets. At one time I wanted it. And what you go through in life makes you who you are today.

Well thats me. Dont like it? Dont care!

Want to talk? Send me a message!!

Live Laugh Love

Ti 3

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