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Author has written 2 stories for StarCraft, and Teen Titans.

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Real Name: Donald

Located: Mid-West, America

Age: 23

Stories In Progess:

1) A Self insert involving the Summon Spirits of Tales of Symphonia crossing over with a little of teen titans and WoW.

2) A Fenix (OC) Story crossing over several ideas with Naruto, Sonic, and Halo

Stories posted:

A Fenix story in Starcraft 1 (Awaiting Reviews)

Tales of a Summoner waiting on a beta edit before i repost Chapter 1, Chapter 2 in progess

Greetings all you mortals!...yeah i think that sounds weird as well. Anywho...

Welcome to the creative space of 1 young american the enjoys fiction soo much he felt he had to add his own twist of lemon.

the real purpose of this page is just to provide explantions and details about my stories and characters. This may provide spoilers for some of my people but nothing too drastic to the story.

Frist off i want to explin something that i posted in my last StarCraft Chapter. yes you would have to have NEVER heard of it to not realize that i did rip off a certain show about a 500+ year old demon and the modern day school girl that feel in love with him. However i want it on the record that FENIX IS NOT THIER BIRTH SON. She found him in the woods covored in the blood of his birth father after he was dropped off by a transdimentional wormhole. A full explantion will take place eventually. along with the introduction of other characters that i have waiting to reveal themselves; including the demon that attacked the village.

Next i want to clarify that yes i hate self inserts that start with 'My frineds and i were (insert verb[i.e. Playing] and noun of any media [i.e Zelda] and suddenly found ourselves in that world!'... i really (Bleeping) hate that (Bleep). i have read pleantly of them. but unless you do it for something that allows personallization like wow

With that being said i am not doing so much of a self insert as i am the story of an OC.

using my name and life to a certain point i introduced an impossiable event that starts the life of a young man as he grows into a powerfull warrior making him an OC vs. an SI plus i wont lie i enjoy working on him then i do my other stars.

if anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, flames and so forth, just drop a line and i will respond as soon as i can.

i am trying to update as soon as i can. so anyone that is following my stories. your requests are appreciated.

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Tales of a Summoner
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