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Author has written 9 stories for Dark Tower series, Van Helsing, Fifth Element, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Harry Potter, Secret Window, and Professional.

Hola y bienvenido soy Rosie Real!

Name: (My penname should give it away, make it Spanish)

Gender: Chica

Height: 5'7''

Weight: Umm... Somewhere around125 to 130.

Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown

Eye Colour: Black to brown to orange. They change much.

Favourite Actor/Actress: Antonio Banderas/ Salma Hayek and Winona Ryder

Favourite Singer/song:Juanes, Fijate Bien por Juanes.

Favourite Book: I loooooove Dracula! Dracula is my all time untimite favourite character! (I like anything gruesome really... Stephen King books are the best!)

Favourite Movie: Tengo mucho! Another favourite is Secret Window (With Johnny Depp... hearts...) Or Once Upon a Time in Mexico! ... there's also Van Helsing (Oh! Dracula A few more hearts popping...)... I like The Fifth Element and... uh... anything else with Johnny Depp in it.

Favourite Animal: Amo Todo los animales pero... I like puppies and the like best!

Favourite Activitie: I love to swim, sing, play guitar, and write. I also like read (gruesome) scary stories... and watch (gruesome) scary movies.

Favourite Story Types: Me gusta... HORROR! Me encanta horror! I also like comedy anda bit of sci-fi (although I detest star wars and the like... I think the only sci-fi I really like is anything medical,Minority Report and the Fifth Element) I like write romance, comedy, horror, and mystery. I also like to write a bit of medical sci-fi.

Hobbies: Writing, swimming... um... reading?

TV Shows: I like anything medical, like Trauma: Life in the ER or... the Ebola War: Nurses or Guru. (I want to be virologist someday...) I also like shows random like... Funniest Animals and other animal shows.

So a bit of myself... soy una chica loca! I love chocolat (I wonder still why I am only around 120lbs... honestly you do figure I shall be more from chocolat!) y I have odd like for men like Johnny Depp... and gunslinging Zorros que Antonio Banderas! Soy de Valencia, Espana...Valencia ciudad de fiestassssss! (I also love oranges... naranjas de Valencia...) Me gusta la lluvia de sol verano y rosas rojas... I love sunny summer rain and red roses. (I'm Really Rosie and I'm Rosie Real... you'd better believe me--I'm a great big deal...-Maurice Sendak... one of my favourite poems!) Pues... por ahora...

Bienvenido a mi mundo de amor, rosas y la lluvia de verano!

Stories... let us to see be I remember them all:

Absolute Zero: A Stephen King-esque horror...This is one of my classic medical thrillers. Is about a killer virus that invades the Morton Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. So far it has two chapters (they are in different sections because I was not able to find out to put new chapter... but soon I am to fix that...)

The Spirit of Paradise: My favourite so far: It is a Van Helsing fanfiction about Dracula. Dracula falls in love with an Elven Princess when he is human and then he gets turn into a vampire by the Lords of Hell. It is a romance and drama and supernatural etc. It already had 13 chapters but I am to work on fourteen now. It is to should be finished soon. (This is my very poetic story...)

Acrobat Love: Another favourite: This one is a Fifth Element story about Zorg and Leeloo. I like Zorg. Also Leeloo is the best role of female I have saw ever! So I wondered what it was like should they fall in love. So is a romance between Zorg and Leeloo and Katrina (Zorg's blue-haired secretery "I know you said you didnt want to be disturbed unless it was Mr. Shadow on the line... and it is Mr. Shadow on the line...") is jealous. And Zorg was only bad because of Mr. Shadow... you shall see.

Puppy Love: This is a cute short story from Secret Window. Mort gets a new girl and Chico is angry. Short story comedy.

Cerulean Moon: A Harry Potter story. It is of Snape and a new girl Luna Azura (Her name in Spanish basically translates into Cerulean Moon) who has a big crush on him. She loves to tease him and dreams of student-teacher affairs. It is a comedy mostly but will get more romantic after.

Carnaval Atomico: My Once Upon A Time In Mexico story! What would happen if Mariachi took the now disabled Sands in to live with him and the random Chicle Boy. It would be one hell of a carnaval atomico! (Atomic Carnaval in Spanish... pretty simple to figure out) it is mostly comedy and Sands swearing.


Roots: A story of Leon: The Professional. Mathilda is still living with Leon... but so are her little brother and the rather psychotic Norman Stansfield. Leon rescues Nick, Mathilda's little brother, and is trying to turn Stansfield into a sane man by entertaining his obsessions and sending him to a psychiatrist. Mostly a comedy, but being THE PROFESSIONAL and all it will get of some action soon.

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