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Hmmm... What to say? I've been visiting ff.net for some years now. It started out with Friends-fics, then some CSI-fics, but now I'm only into JAG. Am always interested in new Harm and Mac shipper fics. I like to busy myself with reading the great work of so many talented writers I have found here:-)

About my name. Don't remember where and how it came to be.(The movie mightwith Kevin Costner might have something to do with it ;-))My friend is constantly nagging at me because I insisted on spelling it with an s and not a c. In MY opinion dancing just wasn't as unique as dansing is (I know, I'm a dork, I always say things like "doy" instead of "duh" because I think "duh" is too unoriginal...). But my friend also pointed out that people will think I'm an idiot, so I tried to change my pen name at ff(dot)net, but apparantly that was already taken. Guess I'm not as original as I thought I was, so I'm sort of glad I wrote my name with an s (even though now -unfortunately- I write the word (minus wolf)with an s EVERY time I write it, cuz I do it on autopilot, lol).I think I'll let it stay that way. I figured a long time ago that it would be too much trouble to get a new email-addy.I think I'll stop the lenghty tales of my alias now.

Anyways, I live in Norway and I love JAG. For one simple reason: Harm and Mac (no, that is NOT 2 reasons, you can't have one without the other). Before JAG was sort of just the show that always was there, but I never watched, cuz frankly it seemed quite dull. Oh, how wrong I was. Last summer reruns of JAG was the only thing on late at night (1, 2, pm, three nights a week), so I just started watching casually to have something to do ( summervacations always mess up my sleepingpattern). The thing that made me turn on the TV again and again was the chemistry between Harm and Mac. I didn't know anything about their history, but I could see that something was between them. That was season 5, and THEN Boomerang happened, and I was hooked. And after that I tried to catch as many episodes as I possibly could.

Lastly I wanna say that I think that people should write more H/Mfanfics! I don't have time to write any myself (yeah, right), but to all you writers. Keep up the good work!

The Dansingwolf (with an s)

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