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Hey. This is cheezheister. Allow me to rant for a moment.

All of you sons-of-batches-of-cookies out there who write those scathing and cruel reviews for horsie890's stories should go and rip out your esophogi, stick them in one ear, and pull them out the other.

Thank you.

Gender: Male. Is it really all that important?

Hair Color: Brown.

Hairstyle: A little something I call "permanent bedhead." Well, not really anymore.

Now, I kinda have short hair. It's actually really difficult to get it messy.

Age: If you're just trying to make me call myself old, then forget it. Less than age 80, more than age 10. Pick a number. C'mon, keep a-trying...ok ill give u a hint. IM UNDER AGE 60.


Location: Now, let's not go into specifics. I live in the USA, and that's as far as I go.

"Conditions" : Other than complete hyper-ness and insantiy, I'm...mostly normal.

Sock Color: I feel very weird saying this, but my socks are WHITE. I know, it's a shock.

Not-so-Basic Junk

Favorite Food: CHEESE! That one's pretty obvious. Well, not really, but...shut up!

Favorite Dessert: Dessert Pizza place. It's cookie dough shaped into pizza dough, covered in cinnamon sugar, chocolate sauce, and frosting. YUMMY!

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Swimming, hands down. I love the cold almost as much as cheese, and swimming gives me exercise without me burning up!

Least Favorite Food: Spaghetti. I just don't like Italian Food that much, and spaghetti is horrible.

Least Favorite Dessert: Cake (or anything else)with too much frosting. I love cake, and I love frosting too, but too much frosting makes me sick.

Pets: Technically, I own three pets, but I have four animals in my home. One is my dog, Chompers, who I share with my sister. I also share two cats with my sister. They are Oreo and Mocha. I luvs them :D My sister owns a snake, and it has no name, the poor thing.

Random Quote(s) of the Week-or-probably-more: "Genius by birth, lazy by choice." A shirt

Joke of the Week-or-probably-more:

Yo' momma so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!

Well, I look forward to publishing random stories for! See ya!


Email: [email protected]

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