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Hi! I'm ReesieReese, and this is my profile! )

I haven't updated this profile in 6 years, so all the stuff below is from my young'un days. *sniff* Oh, the memories. ;_;

Real name- Just call me... Nunya.

Age: Younger than your parents, but older than your baby sister.

Favorite colors-red, purple and dark blue... and black

Let me just say this before we move on: (Eyes turn red and looks scary) I HATE FLAMERS!

Favorite movies!

Favorite characters! Chum(Finding Nemo), Lenny(Shark Tale),Oscar(Shark Tale), Patrick(Spongebob Movie), The thugs from the thug tug(Spongebob Movie), Those monsters in the trench(Spongebob Movie), Spongebob(Spongebob Movie),Mushu(Mulan),Timon and Pumba(Lion King), Jim Hawkins(Treasure Planet),Fred and George(Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban),Ernie and Bernie(Shark Tale),Crush(Finding Nemo),Squishy(Finding Nemo),Dory(Finding Nemo), Kakashi (Naruto), Naruto (Uh... duh?), Gaara (Naruto)

And now...drumroll please...silence...I SAID DRUMROLL PLEASE!...drumroll starts...ahem, and now for some quotes!

Mushu:Loser? How 'bout I pop one of your anttenaes off and throw them across the yard, then who's the loser, me or you?Mulan

Anchor:Except stinkin' dolphins!
Chum:Dolphins! Yechh, they think they're so cute! Ooh look at me I'm a flippin' little dolphin! Let me flip for you, ain't I something?Finding Nemo

Sharks:Fish are friends, not food!Finding Nemo

Oscar:Messing up reggae song Don't worry! ooh ahh ahh! About a thing! 'Cuz every little thing's...gonna be alright!
Ernieor was it Bernie? sting slaps Oscar:That's not the way you sing that song mon'.Shark Tale

Silver:You can't so much as eat, sleep, er' scratch yer' bum without me sayin' so!Treasure Planet

Marlin:No eating here tonight! Wooh! No eating here tonight!
Dory:No no no eating here tonight you' on a diet!Finding Nemo.This is also my mom's favorite quote.

Lino:...and what?
Sykes:What what?
Lino:What what what?
Sykes:You said what first.
Lino:No I mean 'what what' as in 'what what?'
Sykes:...But you said what first.
Lino:Now you're making fun of me?Shark Tale

Ron:Bloody Hell!Harry Potter and the P.O.A. It's my favorite quote for now, but it's starting to get annoying.

Lenny:Mom says it's not okay to hit.
Frankie:tiny slap Mom's not here.Shark Tale

Timon and Pumba:Hukuna Matata.Lion King

Randall:Shh, you here that?...It's the winds of change.Monsters inc. This quote had me laughing for 10 minutes just when I remembered it!

Oscar:He trips underwater.Who in the HALIBUT trips underwater? And on what?Sharks Tale

Oscar:Now my man Sykes... just begged me... not to murderlize all ya'll in here a'ight? But that depends on the individual acts on all the individuals in here...individually. A'int that right Sebastian?
LennySebastian:Dolphin noises.
Shark guy 1:Look, he's got dolphin muscle.
Shark guy 2:My uncle Vino got whacked by one of those.Shark Tale

Dory:I shall name him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy. C'mere Squishy! Come here little Squishy!dory makes baby noises.
Dory:Oww! Bad Squishy!Finding Nemo

Satan:Yes Billy?
Billy:I have to tell you something.
Satan:Well what is it Billy?
Billy:Well Satan, you're my savior, and I LOVE YOU MAN!sniff
Satan:You're not getting your soul back Billy.
Announcer guy:Everybody wants Miller Light. It's just too good.
Jesus:Forget it Billy.A skit off Mad T.V

Dave Chappelle:I'm Rick James Bitch!Chappele show

Gill:All in favor say aye!
Gurgle:I think you're nuts!
Gill:'sigh' Finding Nemo

Bruce:I'm havin' fish tonight!Finding Nemo

Dory:You want a piece of me?Huh huh? Do ya', do ya', do ya?Finding Nemo

Crush:Grab shell dude!Finding Nemo

Zak:I'm positive
Batty Koda:Only fools are positive
Zak:Are you sure?
Batty Koda:I'm positive...I fell for it! I should've known!Ferngully

Some guy:I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!Forgot the movie

Shrimp:You're a good person.Shark Tale

Prince Julian: I like to move it, move it...

Alex: Darn you all! Darn you all to heck!

Spider: Well howdy do!

Here are some characters I've made up. You'll see them if you ever read my stories:

Marquella- She's a Hammerhead shark. She's Anchor's (finding nemo) fiance, and used to have an evil boyfriend named Dante. She's sweet, sincere, and a very good person to be around.

Jamel- Age:21
Appearance: Spotted with brown eyes. Lepoard shark.
Who could do his voice: All right, he isn't an actor. In GTA vice city, there's a character named Lance. That's who could do his voice.
Personality: He's a good friend, and a fun loving guy. He can find humor in everything, but whenever his friends are in trouble, he'll get serious and try to help them. He's also fast-talking and has connections.

Andre- Age:21
Appearance: Bluish white, a white tipped nose, with dark blue eyes. White tip shark.
Personality: Very outgoing. He's the one who helps out Jamel and Lenny when they have a problem. He's very peaceful and he's usually the one who has to pull Jamel and Lenny out of trouble!
Who could do his voice: Frankie J.

Ronnie- Age: 19, though she's turning twenty
Appearance: Black and white with dark green eyes, has a thin, blue line across the tip of her tail. Great white shark.
Personality: She is NOT a Mary-Sue. She's helpful, good at doctoring, and knows her around the city. She has a Puerto Rican accent and speaks Spanish whenever she's relieved, surprised, extremely sad or mad. She's very gentle and has an innocent look, but get on her bad side and she'll kick your butt.
Who could do her voice: Jennifer Lopez

Markie- Age:22
Appearance: Grayish white with a white tipped nose, and black eyes that let you know he's a trouble maker.
Personality:He's a trouble maker and likes to pick fights whenever he can. He acts tough, but like most bullies, he's a wimp. His cousin is Andre, and he's very different from him.
Who could do his voice: Jason Statham. (He's in Transporter 2 and Snatch)

Shelly- Age:20
Appearance: silverish blue with bright blue eyes. White tip shark.
Personality: She's got a southern accent, a fiesty attitude, and a no-nonsense tone to her voice to match. She works at a place where you can play pool, and knowing that the creatures that usually play there can be crooks, she's learned how to break up fights and stand up for herself as well as other sharks.
Who could do her voice: Jessica Simpson (if she uses her southern voice. She plays Daisy Duke in 'The Dukes of Hazard,' and has a TV show.)

Ricky- Age:25
Appearance: Black and white with violet-blue eyes. He's muscular! Great white shark.
Personality: Being Ronnie's older brother, he's protective of her, and usually tells any boys that come around her 'touch my sister, and you're dead.' He's fun to be around, very energetic, and can be a great friend once you get to know him. He's very friendly and nice, but turns fierce whenever he or his friends (and especially his sister) are threatened.
Who could his voice: Carlos Mencia. (He has a comedy TV show called, 'Mind of Mencia)

J.T.- Age:26
Appearance: Tannish with dark brown spots, brown eyes, muscular, has a brown circle around his neck that looks like a collar. Lepoard shark.
Personality: He's a fast talkin' street wise guy, and likes to play cards. He's Jamel's older brother, and he's the reason his brother is fast talking like him! He cracks joke from time to time, but always gets serious whenever there's trouble or somebody in need of help.
Who could do his voice: Nick Cannon. (He used to have his own TV show, and now he's starring in a new movie.)

Cody- Age:21
Appearance: Navy blue and white, with violet eyes. Great white shark.
Personality: He's part of the mafia, and is Lenny's friend. He began to hang out with other sharks when Lenny was gone. He's fast and stealthy, which gives him an advantage in tag, races, and hide and seek.
Who could do his voice: Clay Aiken. (He's from American Idol. 'Nuff said.)

Micheal- Age:22
Appearance: Black and bright silver with grey eyes. Muscular, has two black rings around his eyes.
Personality: Stealthy, fast, sneaky and quiet. He also has two black rings around his eyes that make it look like he's wearing a mask. These are five reasons of why he's known as 'Mr. Bandit' in the mafia. He's tough and has a sarcastic attitude, but beneath all that toughness, he's a softie.
Who could do his voice: Does anybody know the guy who plays Micheal Corleone in 'The Godfather?'

Jimmy- Age:22
Appearance: Scrawny, black and white, shifty dark blue eyes. Great white shark.
Personality: A bit of a wimp, kind of a worry wart, very jumpy, gets startled easily. It's not his fault he's like this though. When he was 14, he was pupnapped, and though he never told anybody what the pupnappers did to him, they know that whatever they did to him was bad, because before he was all wimpy, he was brave and laughed a lot. He may be a wimpy and jumpy friend, but he's a good wimpy and jumpy friend.
Who could do his voice: Darn it! I know ya'll are gettin' tired of me not knowin' the actor's names. But... does anybody know who plays Markie Wylde in 'Hot Wheels World Race?'

Willie- Age:30, maybe 29. Nobody knows his age for sure.
Appearance: Very black and white, a white circle around his mouth, muscular, and eyes that strike fear whenever they're angry. Killer whale.
Personality: He's a champion pool player. He's a thug, ruthless, and doesn't care what he has to do to get revenge.
Who could do his voice: Bruce Willis

Carlotta- Age: 21
Appearance: Midnight blue eyes, striped skin, skinny. Tiger Shark.
Personality: Can anyone here say 'gold digger?' She's the shark version off Lola, only with more tricks. She wears poison lipstick (for all of you who don't know why, read my story) which kind of makes sense because she's like poison to all the guys that she dates... or all the guys that double-cross her. Her father's the boss in an orginization of hit men, which means she can get anything she wants... except for Lenny...
Who could do her voice: Eva Longarie (sp? Anyway, she on the show 'Desperate Housewives')

Lamont- Age: 42
Appearance: Black eyes with no emotion, striped skin, muscular. Tiger shark.
Personality: The boss of an orginazation of hit men. He's tough, ruthlesss, intimidating, and just to sum things up, you don't want to get in his way. He has no conscious; which explains why he can kill with no emotion.
Who could do his voice: Al Pacino

Ace- Age: 29
Appearance: Pointy nose, blue eyes. Swordfish.
Personality: Intimidating. He's one of Lamont's henchman. He's got the brains and braun, unlike his partner. He's ruthless and tough, but I doubt that he'll try and double-cross Lamont.
Who could do his voice: Still deciding. Any suggestions?

Tex- Age:29
Appearance: Pointy noise with a grey tip, gray-blue eyes. Swordfish.
Personality: The dumberer in dumberer, he's the stupid one of Lamont's henchmen. The only reason why Lamont made him his henchman was because even though he was stupid, he could kill people without a blink of an eye... that and he didn't want Tex to mess up the simple jobs. However, even though Tex is stupid, he's also dangerous. He's known to go off into fits of anger and beat up anything in his path.
Who could do his voice: Ashton Kutcher (He's on Punk'd)

C.J.-Age: 22
Appearance: Violet eyes, a white bandanna around his neck, muscular. Great White Shark.
Personality: He's gangsterish! He's also stealthy, tough, and good with da ladies. You'll only see him work at night; that's because he can blend in with the shadows. He's now Lenny's new friend, and shows him how to get through his new life alive and get him out of trouble with Lamont.
Who could do his voice: Bernie Mac (He has his own TV show)

Rhea- Age:22
Appearance: Space purple eyes, a purple bandanna around her neck, musculed tone. (not freakiahly huge muscles but you can see that she's strong) Great White Shark.
Personality: Fiery, sarcastic, a no-nonsense attitude, and tomboyish. She works at the 'Tipsy Tug Tavern' and always carries her switchblade on her just in case she gets in trouble. She doesn't like Lamont because he told her that she couldn't work as a hitshark because she's a girl, and can joke about him as much as she wants, because she doesn't work for him and she's probably the only one who can take him down.
Who could do her voice: Pepa (You know... the singer from Salt and Pepa?)

That's it, until I come out with more characters...

And now, for stories I'm thinking of!

Gray Versus Silver- Kakashi gets tired of people calling his hair gray...

And now for quotes my friends and I made up!

Me:Burn baby burn!
Christina:P.E.Inferno!(We sang that during a dodgeball match at P.E.)

Me(To myself when I was bored and incredibly violent and in my imaginary world)Oh. So you've got a gun.What now?

Shanelle:Back back back it up!(falls over bed's pillow)

Me:Get to steppin' fool!

Melissa:We've been in this hot media center practicing for two long weeks, and we hope you like our show. If not, too bad.

Jade:(name witheld meaning it's my name) You ain't gotta do all that!

Shanelle:We are so pawnsome! We are so pawnsome!(Said that after winning a reading tournament)

Shanelle and Christina:Hey...Fairlawn jocked our mascot!

Me:I'm the bonecrusher, bonecrusher!

Teacher:The other half of the twenty-five dollars goes to your scholarship.
Me:Oh...So where's my fifty dollars?(Me after winning 50 dollars and only getting 25)

Jade:Man, this is some booty!

Teacher:What really makes me mad is this bullcrap you call writing.
Reading Group:LOL(another good memory. Happened during a fifth grade reading group.)

Me:I'm going to go to the olly jolly castle.
Mom:Oh. Where is it?
Me:I don't know.(I was so cute when I was three!)

Me:So, in other words, we're not getting anything.
Me:Oh.(walks far away) Bullsht!

Me:I'm jiggling!

Couples I like: I like alot of couples so I'm not naming them

Couples that if I see together I'll go and attack the author:Warning, this is wrong! Timon/Pumbaa, Anchor/Chum, Diego/Any of those tigers, Gill/Nemo Simba/Scar. Getting attack gear ready...

Thanx for reading my profile!

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