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Author has written 2 stories for Kim Possible, and Ranma.

I have very little to say. I like reading stories where teams break up (at least for a little while). I will always continue my story until they are finished, i will not stop in the middle. I may lose interest in it for a while ,though. So if you want me to update, just send me a message or a review and I will probably do something.

P.S. If anyone could tell me where I could find a good Bleach story where Ichigo's mother didn't die I would be grateful.

I was recently looking at some other profiles and I came across some with rants about other fics and mangas and books. Idiotic things done in mangas and books are just better ignored, because they have been released to the world and aren't going to change. However, I do have a rant about a common things in Naruto fics.

Naruto's Beatings!

I have read numerous fics where Naruto is beaten by the villagers and sometimes ninja (Sakura and Tsunade beatings don't count). That's just stupid. We all know that Naruto gets cold looks from villagers and I'll accept him getting ripped-off or getting kicked out of stores, I would even accept a beating from a drunk, but when an entire mob gangs up on him then it's going overboard. As far as I know (and correct me if I'm wrong), The manga nor the anime has ever mentioned that Naruto got beating. The Hokage has forbidden anyone from mentioning the Kyubbi and has the power to keep the law enforced, but is unable to stop a mob from beating a child? I hate it even more when Naruto just takes the beatings and then just gets up like it's nothing. And then someone asks him if he is alright and he just says it's normal. He can't be tolerant of beating but get all pissed-off when someone insults him or is stronger than him, it isn't logical, even for a fictional story.

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Repetition reviews
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