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My pen name is Da Sluggo, but my real name is Samantha. Call me Sam, Sluggo, or Cass. I have a dear friend on this website, Wordbearer, who also happens to be my beta reader. I hereby thank him heartily (and publicly) for going over 'Karma Always Comes Back Around'. It would have stunk very badly if he hadn't. So, visit him and give him some lovin', because he's a really good writer and, if you have the chance to talk to him, a real logic cruncher.

I like Oriental food, Nightwish, art, and Anne Rice. Ever hear of a website called deviantart? Visit me there, if you dare.

I'm not the best artist around, but I do like it when people drop in to say hello or to offer critique.

Also, a warning. I am a Roma-holic. That means, I'm obsessed with Ancient Rome. Society, army, Emperors, you name it, I like it, no matter how disgusting or 'taboo' it might be. I suppose that means you know what one of my favorite movies of all time is then? Yup, 'Gladiator'. I watch that damn movie at least once a week when I can.

I do NOT like rapid shippers who attack people for writing and/or doing artwork of a couple they don't like. Live and let live, otherwise this planet we inhabit would be a helluva boring place. Comprende? Good.

Let's see...so far, I've only wrote two Teen Titans fics, both of which revolve around my favorite character, Red X.

I know, I know, some of you have asked (or in some cases; demanded) that I make more stories like my previous two. I probably will, in good time. I'm working on something right now, and it'll be more Teen Titan centered than just Red X. And it might not be as lighthearted as my previous fics...

I think that's all I should tell you...hm. Yup, that's it. Remember, go visit Word and give him some loving. Read his fics, leave him a review, and you'll make both of us happy. Okie dokie?

I'm outta here then.

Roma Victor

"Men willingly believe what they wish." ~from Julius Caesar

"Rome is the mob; conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom, and still they’ll war. The beating heart of Rome...is not the marble of the Senate. It’s the sand of the Coliseum. He will bring them death...and they will love him for it!” ~Senator Graccius from ‘Gladiator’.

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