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Ok, no, funny math and evil math are too entirely different things..."- Kapricia.

"You know your a bored as hell redneck when you fly your kite out of your friend's convertible out in the country, preferbly Barbarossa!"-Kapricia

"I'll never be too cool to eat school cafeteria food."-Kapricia

"Chinchilla's are about as gangster as WonderBread!"- Kapricia

"Who really needs math anyways it's not like I'm gonna get asked what Y and X mean at Arbys!"- Kapricia

"I can make them kiss if I want to! It's my flippin' story you can't tell me what to do! Na na na na na na!"- Kapricia

Attention: All unfinished stories at this time have been deleted why? Because I'll never finish them, that's why so get over it, I'm sorry for the inconvience, but it's the end of the school year and I have things to I'm sorry, peace out!


Hey homey-chans! I'm Kapricia and I'm an anime fan and I love cartoons even though I'm a teenager I luv acting like a kid, this includes buying toys, cartoon dvds and etc, but I can also be mature for my age, for some reason people think I'm older then I am, I guess because I'm so shy and act real grown up when I want to, then sometimes people think I'm younger then I am, cuz i went to Ihop once and the waitor like totally gave me a kids menu, I mean I know I'm short but im not that short it was very hurtful...So yeah, I hope you like my stories, So yeah, have fun reading my stories, luv ya!

Junk about me:

Favorite Colors: Purple, green(lime), red, black, hot pink, blue, brown, orange and yellow.

Favorite Foods: Steak(mmm, meat), Pizza, Chinese Food(Panda Express),soup, hamburgers,chicken fingers, and the mozzarella sticks from Sonic.

Favorite TV Shows: Good Eats, Spongebob, Andy Milonakis Show, Monk, Mytbusters, watching Bobby Flay lose on his stupid show Throwdown with Bobby Flay(I hate him with a passion!), Bobobo-bobo-bobo(or however you spell it), SRMTHFG, Viva la Bam and a whole lot more!

Favorite Movies: Cars(I'm obsessed I admit it!), Talledega Nights: Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Illusionist, Memoirs of a Geisha, Hello Dolly, You'e Got Mail and others but I don't feel like typing them all.

Things I Love(in no particular order):

Alton Brown, anything purple, anime, Nascar (Jeff Burton is Love) cats and kittens, Cars the movie, my family, my stupid friends(j/k),myspace, fanfiction,gaia online,candy,my cat CINNAMON(I LOVE HER!),Texas, West Chester P.A, Bam Margera, drawing, computers,water, food network, Squidward and music.

Things I Hate(most of them with a passion):

Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray's new talk show, the news, any kind of doctor shows(not because they're not good it's because I can't stand blood or cutting or anything talk about the human body, I can never be invovled in the medical field),people who hate rednecks(they're hilarious, I live among them!),Naruto, people who block the hallways at my school, the pep rallys at my school(they suck horribly), that lady at Claries who was mean to me, Hollister and all those big brand name preppy clothes stores, and men who think women can't do the same crap they do, I hate sexist men! HATE THEM! clears throat and I also hate math, especially Geometry which currently I've failed once so far...

The future:

I hope to either be a chef, like my hero Alton Brown and my daddy, or I want to be an animator that's cgi not 2d, it's not that i don't love 2d, I adore it, it's just 3d peeks my intrest more.

So yeah that was junk about me...

Kapricious' Corner

Kapricious' Finished Story Hall of Fame


The Trouble With Tohruu:

Yay! This Story had the most reviews totalling to a whopping 38 which is the most reviews I have up to this point! YAYAYAYA!


This Intoxication Called Love:

My very first cars story totalling reviews of 10 which is the most reviews for any Cars fanfic I have...pretty said yeah I know...

Currently Working On:

Why Do We Act So Stupid?

Sequel to TICL. Chick and Breeze's relationship hit's a major road bump. Jealousy! Oh just read it if you liked the first one! XD

A Scandalous Affair

A kind of experiment for me. Idea came to me while I was at my aunts house, for some reason all my story ideas come to me when I'm at her house...I think it's the wide open space and fresh air. Yeah...she kinda lives out in the middle of nowhere near New Braunfels, TX. Anywho, have no idea how this will's kinda a giant leap for me but it's a good story, trust me.And I forgot to mention it's rated M, so yeah...whatever...

Future Stories:


Untitled story in the makes!

Doc and a majority of others leave town for a variety of reasons. Breeze and Mater are left in charge while they are away. Seraphina, Breeze's extremely fliratious cousin, stumbles into town and stirs up some trouble, which consists of jealously, tricks, intoxication, lies, romance, you know my normal drama junk :D

You can definately expect a Talladega Nights and Cars crossover which is untitled for now.

It's gonna have a lot of craziness, jealously,a lot of Jean Girard(cuz he's french), a lot of shake and bake, a lot of Magicman and El Diablo, a lot of racin' the real NASCAR way, Ricky's kids relapse to their evil ways and a lot of overall Ricky Bobby fun and ya'll thought I could only write dramas, puhleze! lol Anywho, title should be coming soon along with chapter une!(one) :)

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