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Author has written 7 stories for Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Fatal Frame, and Friday the 13th.

Hey. Im 21 years old and living in WV. I love Fatal Frame and currently have written the novelizations of all three games. I just finished a Friday the 13th story, and hope to finish up my fanfic of the original Tomb Raider soon, then finish Silent Hill and hopefully start on something new. Reviews really keep me writing, and as long as I know at least one person wants me to continue so they can read it, then I'll work my ass off. I hope to get recognized for my work one day because I put ALOT of effort into it.

Aside from the stories I've posted on here, I'm working on a few others and have a couple originals of mine completed.

The Haunting of Soldiers Memorial Theater- A group of teenagers are suddenly burdened with a supernatural curse from another time period. They only have seven days to solve the mystery alive.


The New Nightmare: Soldiers Memorial Theater 2- Sole survivor from the Soliders incident moves from the sleepy town in West Virginia to a new state to start a new life, but sometimes new change can bring about new nightmares.

Obscure- Several students at Leafmore High School stay after class to find their missing friend who disappeared the night before. After the doors are shut and locked, the group realizes this night of terror will scar them forever.

Fatal Frame- Miku Hinasaki goes to the secluded Himuro Mansion in search of her brother Mafuyu, who went to investigate the disappearence of novelist Junsei Takamine. She soon discovers the mansion is cursed, and starts to unravel tales of murder, forbidden love, and a deadly secret.


Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly- Mio Amakura and her twin sister Mayu are visiting All Gods Dam when a mysterious crimson butterfly leads them to a village trapped by a terrible cure and stuck in endless nightfall. Can they overcome the Crimson Sacrifice, a ritual where one sister kills the other?


Stay Alive: The True Story of Elizabeth Bathory- The true story involving the horrific life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, from her start of learning witchcraft from her old chamber maid to finally thinking she has found the fountain of youth; blood. Most of her life is spent hunting and trapping young maidens and draining their body of blood, then bathing in it. The beauitful ones were saved and preserved for Elizabeth to drink the blood. Can anyone survive her disturbing obsession before she is finally caught?

Streets of Rage- 3 police officers, Blaze, Axel, and Adam, go against the police force to try and put an end to the crime and poverty over running their city. Once Adam is captured by the mob boss destroying the city, Blaze and Axel take matters into their owns hands on the streets of rage.

The Ultra Corps- A team of elite secret agents and assassins known to the world only as the Ultra Corps, face their biggest challenge as powerful drug lords invents a time machine to import indestructible super soldiers to the present to destroy the Ultra Corps once and for all.

The Blair Witch Proj3ct- Intrigued by the myths surrounding Burkittsville, Maryland, news editor and freelance journalist/photographer Shana Beth takes a road trip from her home in West Virginia to Maryland packed with audio and video recorders, attempting to exploit and learn more about the legends while searching for the spirit of the Blair Witch herself. But someone is very territorial.

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the prequel of the tormented. hope you like it
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His hand's shook as his mind processed this impossibly. Shook, as his eyes recongized her handwriting, as his nose inhaled her near-forgotten aroma. James shook as he read that letter. "I'm waiting for you.." he paused, inhaling sharply, "In Silent Hill".
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Ketsurui, Kourui by One who once wrote here reviews
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Silent Hill: Origins reviews
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