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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon.

Getting back into writing after a 10 year hiatus.

Current Genre: Pokemon

3 pieces in the works:

- Deal with the Devil, WIP, will not be posted until complete, genre: suspense.

- The Long Road, ongoing non-chronological journey-fic with chapter updates every 3 weeks. (1 chapter remaining, then an epilogue/sequel, TBD).

- Hoenn Short Story Collection is now posted as well, updates weekly.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and favorited my stories so far. You guys are awesome and I'm so happy to share this journey with you.

Always feel free to leave a comment/criticism on any piece. Or leave a PM if you just want to chat.

Progress Log:

2/12/2018: Chapter 16 of The Long Road has been posted. It is with great relief that this chapter goes out, as that means we are now one chapter away from my first completed fanfiction. I'm excited to get to this point for a myriad of reasons, and I'm so glad to be able to share this story with so many people. Again, the story is not over once chapter 17 comes out, but it will have reached a conclusion. There will be the epilogue chapters, as well as new work hopefully coming soon as well.

/2/7/2018: Many apologies for the delay in Chapter 16. An unfortunate accident has left me unable to write for nearly two weeks. Things are on the mend, and I am hopeful that I can pick the chapter back up again soon. Thank you for your patience with me.

1/25/2018: I just now realize I forgot to log the posting of Chapter 15, whoops. Also, Chapter 16 is near completion and should be ready to post before the end of the month. Then, only one chapter left in the main story! I will be marking the fic as "Complete" when Chapter 17 is posted, but there are 4-5 "extra" Epilogue style chapters planned that will follow, each one taking place chronologically after the end of Chapter 17 (and thus after the conclusion of the main story). Also in the last chapter I will be including a list of the chapters that one can follow to read the story in chronological order.

1/5/2018: Happy New Year everyone! There was a big flurry of activity on The Long Road during the holiday break, and, well, and extra chapter popped out of the mess. There will be a bit of time to format and edit now that two chapters have become three, but expect that Chapter 15 will be out this weekend, with the ultimate goal to finish this story (through Chapter 17) by the end of March, the 1 year anniversary of this fic.

12/21/2017: With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the Chapter 15 will not be posted until after the New Year. With only two chapters left, I want take the time to do the finale of The Long Road justice. Hoenn Short Stories will still be updating with special holiday chapters. Thanks for your patience everyone, it will be rewarded soon. Happy Holidays to all :)

11/27/2017: Chapter 14 of The Long Road has been posted! The story has also eclipsed 3,000 views, so thank you to everyone who has given this story a chance. I'm so thankful to be able to share it with all of you. There are only two chapters left, a two-part finale, and then the narrative will shift a bit. The continuation of Steven's journey post-championship will be told through the eyes of people he's met along the way. I haven't settled on formatting it as a sequel or just adding epilogue chapters onto the main story. In any case, there are at least 4 additional chapters beyond the remaining two, so stay tuned for those as well.

11/21/2017: It's a holiday week in the US, so that means travel, and travel means quality writing time. Chapter 14 of The Long Road has been in progress for a while (it stalled a bit with the execution, but it's back on track after extensive editing), and I think I finally will get to come up for air and finish it for this coming weekend. Stay tuned!

11/7/2017: Life has been turned upside down in the last week, apologies for the delays. The Long Road is not going to be abandoned. I just need some time to figure things out. Hoenn Short Stories backlog will be posted regularly as time allows. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me thus far.

10/31/2017: Chapter 14 is in progress, but moving slowly. Hoenn Short Stories will still be updated regularly, with the Halloween chapter currently posted in the spirit of the holiday.

10/14/2017: After a long block of stress, a breakthrough has been made. Chapter 13 of The Long Road will be coming in the next few days. Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your patience.

9/29/2017: Shake up at my work has put Chapter 13 handily behind schedule. I apologize for the delay, and hope to get the chapter out as soon as possible once things calm down.

9/14/2017: Chapter 12 of The Long Road is posted. 4 chapters left of the main story, but there will be epilogue chapters to fill in and expand beyond the end of the journey. 4 epilogue chapters planned thus far. Thanks to everyone who has followed, favorited, and reviewed along the way. It means a lot :)

9/8/2017: My WIP, Deal with the Devil reared its head recently, so apologies for the delay on The Long Road. That being said, Chapter 12 of The Long Road is well on its way to completion and should be posted by the end of the weekend. Hoenn Short Stories still has nice backlog, so regular updates will continue for that series.

8/21/2017: At long last, Chapter 11 of The Long Road is out. I have more travel coming up at the end of the summer, so as much as I'd like to have Chapter 12 out in two weeks, it might not be realistic. I will do my best though. Thanks for sticking with me on these longer updates. Happy eclipse day everyone. (I also just realized this is the chapter with Lunatone and Solrock, posted on the day of a total lunar eclipse.)

8/14/2017: Summer has proven to be a hectic time between work and travel. Chapter 11 is definitely coming, battle scenes take much longer to write than anticipated :X Latest posting date for Chapter 11 is 8/19. No more delays this time, it's nearly there.

8/4/2017: Posted the first short story in the Hoenn Short Stories Collection. Will most likely be updated weekly. Chapter 11 of The Long Road coming soon.

8/3/2017: Real life has taken over yet again (this summer has been hellish at work), and it appears Chapter 11 may not be out for its scheduled posting this Sunday. I apologize for the delay and at the very latest it will be posted by 8/13, if not sooner. To make up for it, I'll begin posting some of the short stories that came out of a drabble series I've been writing with a friend. Stay tuned!

7/26/2017: Posted Chapter 10 of The Long Road with only a slight delay in the schedule. Chapter 11 coming in 2 weeks. Only 6 chapters until the end.

7/20/2017: With some weekend travel coming up, I wanted to inform everyone that the scheduled chapter update for this week will most likely be delayed until Monday, 7/24. Thanks for your patience.

7/16/2017: I wanted to extend a very big thank you to everyone, as The Long Road has passed 1,000 views. Thank you to everyone who has read it so far, I'm so glad I've been able to share this journey with you thus far. Looking ahead, after some more outlining, I've determined that The Long Road will be a total of 16 chapters. 5 more regular chapters and a 2-part finale. I am considering doing a few epilogue chapters, but I also want to dive back into my other project. I also will be travelling a bit in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully it won't impact the posting schedule of The Long Road, but if it does, I will update here.

7/9/2017: Posted Chapter 9 of The Long Road. Many apologies for the delay; this was the first time life managed to upset my regular posting schedule, and hopefully it will be the last. So as of now I am back on schedule for a new chapter every other week. Thanks for your patience, and I hope the longest chapter of the story so far makes up for the wait!

6/28/2017: To my readers, unfortunately it looks like I will not be able to meet the scheduled posting date this Sunday (7/2) for Chapter 9. Many obligations have left me with less time than I like to produce the next chapter. That being said, I hope everyone in the US enjoys the holiday weekend, and please look forward to Chapter 9 coming the following Sunday, on 7/9.

6/19/2017: Posted Chapter 8 of The Long Road. It has dawned on me that I should update the story summary before posting the chapter, as it has the old chapter's summary still linked in the notification email. Sorry if there has been any confusion.

6/5/2017: Posted Chapter 7 of The Long Road. Halfway done by my best estimation, although this story has grown exponentially since the originally planned one-shot. I'm also mulling over the idea of an "epilogue" series that covers events after Steven takes the title, but still before the events of the R/S/E games... But that's a ways down the road.

5/22/2017: Posted Chapter 6 of The Long Road. It was a long one too, about 2,000 words longer than the other chapters. I don't typically include author's notes, but my formatting for the flashback scenes was not working when uploaded, so hopefully the chapter wasn't confusing with the alternate formatting I ended up having to use.

I also sat down to plan out the majority of the chapters, and I'd say this chapter nearly marks of the halfway point of the stories I'd like to tell. I may open it up to ideas from the readers as I close in on the end of the planned chapters. But that won't be for a while since I have at least 7 more chapters planned out, plus the finale.

5/7/2017: Posted Chapter 5 of The Long Road, back on schedule. Hopefully it does post, as I got an error message the first time I submitted it. Apologies if anyone following the story doesn't receive an alert, ff.net's notification emails appear to not be working at the moment...

4/25/2017: Posted Chapter 4 of The Long Road. Apologies for posting later than planned, life got in the way. The good news is that the rough outline for the next 5 or so chapters is coming along nicely. Next chapter coming in 2 weeks.

4/10/2017: Posted Chapter 3 of The Long Road. Moving forward I am planning to post a new chapter every other week. Once my long-fic is complete, I'll be posting that on alternating weeks with this story.

3/27/2017: Posted Chapter 2 of The Long Road. This chapter is also part of /r/Fanfiction's Prompt Challenge for the month of March (which sort of inspired the whole series in the first place.) Chapter 3 is in the works.

3/20/2017: Posted Chapter 1 of The Long Road. Basically it's a collection of one shots about Steven's journey on the way to becoming champion. Chapters will be non-chronological and I'll update as ideas come to me. Right now there's three chapters in the works. (This is not the multi-chapter story I was talking about though, that is still in progress and will be posted once it's entirely complete. Progress is about 75% of the way done.)

2/15/2016: Valentine's Day one-shot is up. First piece shared on the new account. Many thanks to Izzyaro (they are oh so good, do yourself a favor and check out their work)

12/1/2016: After discovering #NaNoWriMo last month, I can say I have a multi-chapter story well in the works. So much for one shots only... Will publish once the entire thing is done. No more flaking out on stories like I did back then.

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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 20,135 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 1/28 - Published: 10/30/2011 - Steven S./Daigo, Flannery/Asuna
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Hoenn Short Stories: The Elite reviews
Just because you're one of the top trainers in Hoenn doesn't mean life is boring. There's plenty of excitement to be had even when there are no challengers around. Prompt inspired short stories starring the Elite 4 and their Champions, with guest appearances from the rest of the Hoenn cast too. 1/2 of the Hoenn Short Story Collection co-authored with Izzyaro.
Pokémon - Rated: K - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 38 - Words: 31,734 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 22h - Published: 8/4/2017 - Steven S./Daigo, Glacia/Prim, Phoebe/Fuyō, Sidney/Kagetsu
The Long Road reviews
Budding trainer Steven Stone learns the hard way that the road to the top isn't easy. Snippets of the Hoenn Champion's journey from fledgling trainer to League Champion told as a series of one shots. Ch 16 - Having defeated both Iona and Glacia, Steven now squares off with the third Hoenn Elite; Phoebe. But things aren't what they seem with the youthful ghost-type trainer...
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 16 - Words: 118,627 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 2/11 - Published: 3/19/2017 - Steven S./Daigo, Phoebe/Fuyō, Banette/Juppeta, Dusclops/Samayouru
The Gift of Giving reviews
The holidays in Hoenn are a busy time, but when Steven goes out of his way to get gifts for his friends, he puts the rest of his holiday plans in jeopardy. In the spirit of the season, the Elite Four band together and help cover for the bedridden Champion, and end up delivering a gift of their own in return.
Pokémon - Rated: K - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,411 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Published: 12/24/2017 - Steven S./Daigo, Glacia/Prim, Phoebe/Fuyō, Sidney/Kagetsu
For All the Beauty in the World reviews
"...I'm not letting you waltz your way out of here without a proper answer. Something has my best friend wound up and ready to snap, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let it keep eating away at you like this." In which Wallace and Steven have a conversation about love and acceptance. Belated Valentine's Day one-shot.
Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,866 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/15/2017 - Steven S./Daigo, Wallace/Mikuri - Complete