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To my readers,

I have been on a VERY LONG break from writing fanfictions in an attempt to finish schooling to an extent (check!), get a job (check!), get accepted to a second college (check!), work on my art skills (always working on it!) and write original stories with my own characters/story/etc. (also still working on!) I apologize for the fact that I have not been updating at all for the past x number of years. However, I have been reading more of my old stories and decided I want to go back and edit those with a more book-like format... . I didn't realize how terrible my formatting was and how many punctuation/grammar mistakes I had. OMG, it makes me want to stab the one that wrote it-- until I remember that it was me.

Hi, I'm Mo-chan769! (I tried to get the name without numbers... but it wasn't available...) Anyway, I'm an old veteran here on! Really, I am! o3o I just took an uber long break... and while I don't promise regular updates... I do want to redo a lot of my old work and possibly post some of my newer work.

May 9th, 2011 UPDATE: So, a while ago I finished re-doing Bright Sunset, Evening Moon (BSEM). Yes, I have started typing the sequel story and I have completed only the first chapter at this point. Once I am farther along, I will likely start posting it. I like to be a few chapters ahead when I have an audience to please. :) Also, I've been working on a DBZ/Sailor Moon crossover story that's been in my mind for a while. I posted chapter 1 to see what kind of results it yields. If it does well enough, I'll type/post the next chapter (even if it doesn't do well, I'll probably still type it, just not post it as eagerly). That's about all I have to update on for now. Thank you for your time and support.

November 13th, 2011 UPDATE: Alright, lots of schoolwork to do recently, but I'm glad to report that I have gotten plenty of positive reviews on my DBZ/SM crossover fic! :D I just posted chapter 5 and feel the need to post a progress report. Still working on chapter 6, but probably a page or two from concluding that one. I predict posting that within a couple days (given my homework load and that I just got Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), the end of the week at the latest. Also, happy NaNoWriMo! XD I'm not doing it because of homework, but I know so many people who are! I might do it next year if my load lessens. Even if I'm not actually doing NaNoWriMo, I have worked a little more on my original stories. So I'm slowly making progress. And that's a good thing! ;)

January 27th, 2012 UPDATE: I'm pleased with the traffic stats of my latest fic, the GohanxRini one! I know I said I might have the next chapter up by the end of break, but things got busy again. I DO have most of it written and I've mentally plotted out the next chapter to involve the scouts (as they are planning to watch their young princess in the tournament). I more or less just need to add a few more paragraphs and then I can start the next chapter. Today, I'm planning on getting Bio homework done and maybe a drawing assignment... Anyway, it should happen by the end of next week if I can manage myself efficiently enough. Also, I recently (yesterday, in fact) got a request to post fics written by another author on I have agreed to it and I will claim no rights to the fic as I'm only going to be distributing it, not producing. We'll see how this goes.

March 6th, 2012 UPDATE: Once again, I'm amazed by the traffic stats for my GohanxRini fic! I literally went through all the reviews and such yesterday and I giggled and squealed with delight. The next chapter will probably be up next weekend sometime. My finals for school this quarter are approaching quickly so I can't make many predictions on chapter releases for the next few weeks. And then I'll be on Spring Break for a week. :) I look forward to going home for a few days and seeing my friends and family. Seattle is great and all, but it's so busy all the time! I imagine LA will be like this x10 if I end up moving there... Anyway, I'm happy that my RinGo fic has gotten so popular. I don't wanna toot my own horn (I really do, but it's a dusty horn as it's not tooted much) but I did a search here for more DBZ/SM x-overs and was proud to see mine at the top of the search-- before I even specified genre or characters. :3 Thank you all so much for reading! I should go wash my hands again... there's still a light stench of latex and frog guts...

April 4, 2012 UPDATE: I've been a bit busy with school stuff and moving from one room of housing to another lately but I'm finally calming back down to my normal state of being. :) Classes have started for the quarter and I must say that I am pretty pleased so far. I particularly like my Writing for Animation class. Get to write premise stuff, scripts, do concept art and storyboarding. Great fun! I am excited to do my first assignment, which doesn't happen much. Also, I'm getting pumped for Sakura Con this weekend. I'll be going dressed as Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Hope it goes well... And I went to Comic Con last weekend... saw the Weasley twins and became a red deadweight. . I didn't get to talk to them or anything, but seeing them was enough. Very tall and cute in person. :3 Let's see, fanfic-wise, I know what I plan to do in the next chapter of my RinGo fic but I haven't written it out yet. I will probably do that next week sometime since this weekend will be packed with friends and con activities.

May 31, 2012 UPDATE: Ohmyglobinalogwithfrog! I've been swamped this quarter with assignments! :( I'm soooo sorry to my readers (you!) for not updating recently. But this quarter will be winding down after the next week because all my finals are projects that should be done before week 11 anyway! And then I'll have 3 weeks off for summer break before my next quarter. I HAVE started the next chapter but it's only about 1/3 of the way done by my standards... Meanwhile, I enjoy reading reviews and comments from you all; I hope you can all be patient for just another 1-2 weeks while I try to finish my finals for this quarter.

June 30th, 2012 UPDATE: I have the next chapter of Sailor Moon Meets Dragonball Z finished! However... the doc manager doesn't seem to want to upload it (I've tried around 20 times, I think)! D8 This saddens me because I spent a few hours finishing it so I could post it today... I'll try again later tonight and tomorrow if need be. :o *determined face*

July 5th, 2012 UPDATE: Alright, since chapter 14 posted after much frustration, I'm happy. XD I've started working on the next chapter and, so far, it's mostly centered on the scouts. It will probably end up being about half and half (scouts and then Rini/Gohan) with a little bit thrown in for Goku's group before Rini and Gohan catch up to them. I see this chapter being completed within the next few days if not today. Anyway, I head back to Seattle tomorrow because my summer break ends after this upcoming weekend and I would like a day or two to kind of wind down and re-acclimate to Seattle (about 10-20 degrees colder than it is here). PART 2: I finished the chapter a little earlier than I thought I would. Anyway, hope you all like! Not too much happens, but I felt it was an appropriate place to end (16-page chapter in Word).

August 3rd, 2012 UPDATE: As many of you have probably noticed, I've started a new fic recently. It is an AvengersxSailor Moon crossover. Cosmos is pretty much deciding to start a new life in a different world after having a vision about this new world being in some sort of peril. I only have the prologue and chapter one out right now. As for my RinGo fic, I have not yet updated it since last time (but I've written 5 pages of the next chapter!). I apologize. This quarter's homework has been a huge amount. My 4th quarter review is coming up soon... It's like a big analysis of my skills to decide if I'm good enough to continue... Anyway, I have storyboards, animations, 3d models and mutliple drawing assignments every week. Hopefully around midterm (next week), I can get some more typed out. The RinGo fic takes longer to type chapters for because I have to reference DBZ episodes to a certain extent. The AvengersxSailor Moon (AMoongers? I'm working on a shorthand way to refer to it...) one doesn't take too long because I'm keeping the chapters a little shorter and I get to make it up as I go. I'm not sure how many people actually read my profile updates... Haha, I guess it doesn't matter too much. I'm sure those of you who do read these get a kick out of it. Maybe.

September 15, 2012 UPDATE: I have posted 4 chapters of "To Gain What is Lost" as of now. :D I decided to wait until my break (after next week) to try and pump out a couple chapters of my RinGo fic. Hopefully, I'll get to. I apologize for not updating that one for a long time. :( School is priority and when I'm not in class or doing homework, I'm either reviving my dead social life, sleeping or making food.

In other news, I recently watched all of Slayers ( I play Netflix for background noise while I draw) and Shuffle. (SPOILERS!) Both were good, but Slayers was better. Shuffle went from light-hearted romantic comedy to drama... and Kaide turned out to be a psycho... ;_; Did not see that one coming. Also, if I had to choose a favorite character in that one, either Nerine or Itsuki. I liked Slayers a lot. The characters were fun and the adventures were grand. Zelgadis was my favorite character in that one. He's adorbs. I didn't really like how his canon pairing is Amelia; nothing against her, she's awesome. I just feel that Zel was close to Gourry's age or older... so Amelia, who's like 13, I feel is too young to have something going on with Zel, who seems to be about 19-25 or there about. Though I also found it hard to believe that Lina was supposed to be 16. . And I'm pretty sure Gourry was supposed to be about 20ish. Not that I know for sure, just the vibe I got. Anyway... until next time, I bid ye all a merry farewell! Yay old timey speak!

October 4th, 2012 UPDATE: Alas, my break has ended. But I did manage to get one chapter up for RinGo fic. :D That's always good news. Though, I wanted to get more of it done last week... I was reading a book that I couldn't put down... Lame excuse. I know. Sorry to the fans that are eager for the next chapter, but also a "you're welcome" because I did give something. (I'll try to get it up between assignments!) . I figure I will get occasional chances to work on it over the next few weeks. And I feel I'm a few pages away from the next chapter release of my AMoongers... Hm, still doesn't flow perfectly, but whatevs. XD Teehee. I'm working out how they will run into/take down the bad guys. And how certain Avengers will makes entrances. Thor's entrance is one that I want to be grand and filled with comedy. And maybe Natasha's will yield a chuckle or two as well? Maybe. I chatted with my roomie over ideas for Thor's reason for being gone. It mostly had to do with silly things that I actually kind of want to use. And that's about it on updates for now. I wish you all well and, as always, please read and review!

December 25th, 2012 UPDATE: Alrighty, peeps! I've added chapter 17 of The RinGo fic. :D I hope to get at least one more done in the next two weeks. Sorry to have not had time to update until now. The next fight is concluded and the world tournament is going to have a battle royale! Wooo! Anyway, I FINALLY thought of a way to refer to my Cosmos/Marvelverse crossover-- Cos'Merica! 8D I like the way it flows!

On another note, I've started watching Fairy Tail. SO GREAT! I really love the whole main cast. I'm two seasons in and I don't know who my favorite character is! And that's just peachy! :3 Also, if you haven't checked out Funimation's Tenchi! War on Geminar yet-- do it! It's pretty great for classic Tenchi fans. I love the storyline and there isn't too much fanservice yet. XD Um, that's about it, aside from my burning love for the Rise of the Guardians! It's AMAZING! LOVELY! MAGICAL! Jack Frost is a very attractive character and the rest of the cast interacts so well! It's become one of my favorite movies. :3

May 9th, 2013 UPDATE: I'm sooooo sorry for the long wait. I've been itching to work on my stories recently and I might get a chance this weekend, actually. My homework load is actually down this week. I can't guarantee a post, but I'll definitely put some work into writing. I wanted to work on them during Spring break but I was moving to a new apartment and that took my whole break pretty much... then I went to Sakura Con (I was Liz from Soul Eater!) and my break was over. Anyway, I expect I'll have something to post, if not this weekend, in about a month. My Summer break is then and I'll have a few weeks off before starting classes again. So I thank you all for the patience and I hope you can all wait just a bit more. Meanwhile, for those of you who are um... I'd say 15ish (?), I watched an anime recently that is called "Binbougami Ga" and it is hilarious! Human girl has too much fortune so a misfortune god is sent to extract the fortune from her (in a nutshell). Also, I started watching Hataraku Maou-sama (Or, as Funimation has called it, "The Devil is a Part-Timer!"). There are only 5 episodes of that one so far if I'm not mistaken... but Funimation has jumped on licensing that one super fast! As in, it only JUST came out in Japan a month ago, I think. I kind of hope Todd Haberkorn goes for the role of Maou... ahem, anyway, I guess that's about it. OH WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!! FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING!!! It is my new favorite game ever! OMG. I got it the day it came out (reserved it back in fall of last year) and I play it when I can. I've done a few playthroughs and decided my shipping for some characters but others I think I need to explore more options! However, Gaius is MINE. My avatar is the only one I want to pair with Gaius... because he's my favorite... I have all the DLCS and all the extra content so far and I've beaten it and replayed it and there's still more to do! SO MUCH TO DO! I'm obsessed and I'm okay with it. :) Anyway... NOW I think that's it. Later days, everyone!

December 9th, 2013 UPDATE: So... Yeah. I'm alive. And my fanfics are breathing... sort of. I've been so busy lately with art school portfolios and production classes. Sorry, guys. I have received a few messages expressing concerns that I've given up on writing my fics. I assure you all, at this point, I don't have any intention of stopping my fics where they are currently. So... for those who care about my life lately, if it can be called that... School takes up a lot of it. I get in at least 10 extra hours at campus working on programs I can't afford to have on my own computer. And then I get home and I'm exhausted, but I stay up late watching Walking Dead and Face Off with my boyfriend anyway (that's right, I have one of those now, too...)

As far as games go, I've gotten Pokémon X, Rune Factory 4, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Trying to stay up-to-date with fandoms... And I went to Aki Con... which has a bad rep. I will say, I was not aware of the happenings until last week. That's why it's important to go to cons in groups of good friends, everyone. :) I also went to PAX Prime. It was fun, but I only got 2 days and it wasn't enough for everything I wanted to do. Cosplays I have done this year: Miss Captain America (ECCC), Liz (Soul Eater), Serena (Pokémon X&Y fem. trainer), and Nayru (LoZ). Cosplays for next year: Lissa (FE:A), Yang Xiao Long (RWBY), Elsa (Frozen), and something else comic book-themed... I'm not sure yet.

Hm, what else...? Oh, you'll all be happy to know that next quarter, because of how few classes I have left before graduating and because of the certain order I have to take these classes in, my class count will be halved, meaning 2 classes next quarter and every quarter after that until I graduate at the end of next summer. So I should be getting more time for hobbies and perhaps a part-time job.

February 8th, 2015 UPDATE: Wowzers, sorry I took such a long break. I was busy all 2014 with so much schoolwork. I'm virtually done(ish) now, just a few things to clear up. I'm just focusing on work and life in general. I need to review where I was and rewatch a few episodes, but believe me, I think about where to take a few areas of my RinGo fic pretty much all the time. :3 And I'm not completely sure on my Marvel/SM fic. I like it a lot and love that I played with the idea, but I'm not quite sure where to take it after they Red, Black and White... I'll think on it a while. :\

So, in other news, I managed to accomplish cosplaying Lissa and Yang last year. :D Next on the list is Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail), Opal Beifong (Legend of Korra), a secret, Olivia (Fire Emblem: Awakening), Elodie (Long Live the Queen), maybe Anju (Majora's Mask), and maybe Yuelia (Fantasy Life). Busy stuff! :D Woooo! And I may have a full-time job soon, fingers crossed!

For those of you who have been so incredibly patient with me, thank you!

Later days, everyone. If you read my updates on this profile page, thank you... if not, you totally should. ;)

July 6th, 2015 UPDATE: Hello world! I have now watched and read all the Magi available to the public. :) Soooo good! I love this series! I've also been watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal and just saw the first episode of the new Dragon Ball Super series (subs) this morning! :D I'm so stoked! It's amazing and we get to actually see the relationship between Goku and Goten a bit more. It's wonderful.

Played since last update: Bravely Default, Fantasy Life, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Majora's Mask 3D

Cosplay goals: Cosplayed Lucy Heartfilia, Yang and Nurse Joy at Sakura Con! :3 It was fun. Still on my cosplay to-do: Opal Beifong, Olivia from FE, Elodie, and Yuelia.

Life: My part-time job has shifted to full-time (sort of) for the summer... but I really am growing to dislike it. I would prefer something else, so the search has been ongoing. School work is slowly but surely in the works. I usually have to choose something to do because of how few days off I get. It's always between anime, reading, writing, gaming, drawing, cleaning, laundry, groceries, cosplay making, and animating. If I'm lucky, I can dedicate half a day to cleaning and half a day to something else... but laundry isn't very optional, nor are groceries. :\ I seriously need to up my standard of living. -_-

January 21st, 2016 UPDATE: Hi again! Goodness, I swear I'm still alive! I got a new job and am making about twice as much income as before with full-time hours. I've been adapting to this for about two months now and I think I've finally found my groove again. Cosplay and new video games have been consuming my life outside of work lately, and I enjoy that. Undertale and Bravely Default are the games I'm working on right now. :) I though of my fanfics the other day and I felt... detemmienation.

Cosplay this year: Hyrule Warriors Link, Elodie (chain death), Elodie (hunt coat), Jolteon gijinka, and maybe something Undertale? Should be fun! I'm working on Link right now for Sakura/ECCC and I will start chain death Elodie soon so she can be an option for those as well. I will probably bring back Olivia and Goten this year to fill in any gaps in my lineups.

Life: Good job, good pay, and looking for a reasonably-priced place to move into... my building is old and has bugs living in the walls, I think. Too many. Ugh. My job is going to allow me a puppy here in a bit because I can afford it AND I can bring him with me! It will be awesome. Boyfriend and I are still going strong. We are working on adulting.

Life and writing: I still think about RinGo fic all the time, and I guess I ought to finally sit down and finish it. I really want to, I just never really do it... So today, I will dedicate a few hours of time to typing up the next chapter.

Anime/Manga I like/love/worth mentioning: Lupin III, Princess Precure, Akagami no Shirayuki, Fairy Tail, Magi, Free! Iwatobi Swim, Soul Eater Not!, Shugo Chara, Noragami, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE, Soul Eater, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Slayers (All of them), Binbougami Ga, Hataraku Maou-sama, Deadman Wonderland, Dragon Ball Z (Super), Sailor Moon (Crystal and original), Fullmetal Alchemist (that includes Brotherhood), Yu Yu Hakusho (FAVORITE OF ALL TIME), Inuyasha, Sgt. Frog, Ouran High School Host Club, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Favorite/Most Played Games: Fire Emblem Fates, FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING(!!), Bravely Default, Undertale, Long Live the Queen, Fantasy Life, Rune Factory 4, Zelda series, Pokemon games; Kingdom Hearts series; Fire Emblem 7; Dragon Quest series; Golden Sun series; Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 10. I do play many more games, but these made my "favorites" list.

Some Non-Anime TV Shows I Like: Futurama, My Litte Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, Family Guy, American Dad, Supernatural, Face Off, The Walking Dead, Parks and Recreation, South Park, The Unit, Rules of Engagement

ALSO, I absolutely LOVE Captain America and Avengers anything! XD In recent years, I have gotten into collecting American comics as well as Japanese. I feel it is a good way to "study art" and all that. It really is!

So naturally, my fanfics will likely involve my favorite games/shows/etc. ;D I'm geeky and I know it

-_- If you've got any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail/message me! Please enjoy... RR? :)

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