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March 7, 2006

Hey y'all! Foxiego here! I just wanted to say thanks to all the reviewers -You guys really made my day. After a long tiring day of blood work and dental appointments, I come home to find reviews! Reviews! Reviews! It was the awesomest feeling in the world, so thank you for it! I'll leave y'all for now with my thought of the week : "Only wise men never play leapfrog with unicorns."

March 13, 2006

Yes, I am planning to turn this into a little blog type thing. Reviewers, I love you. I sincerely do. I was out of school today due to a very early morning blood test (gack!) and that went horribly. Especially because I was already emotional going into it, so now my results will probably read-"Woah! She needs bloodtherapy!" or something... If there is such a thing as that. Anyway, I came home today a mess and decided to write another chapter of "Simple and Clean" (and yes, I was listening to Kingdom Hearts music as I was writing...and choosing a title) thanks to the wonderful reviews once again without my copy of Twilight. If you don't know what that is, I doubt you'd be here reading this considering I have only written one fanfiction dealing with only that book.(lol) Of course, I don't mind you looking, I promise. I'm weird like that too(hee hee).

Let's see...I don't know if I'm feeling very creative for the thought of the week. Hmmm, I suppose I could just leave you with this for lack of something better: "Never moon a werewolf. Just don't do it."

March 21, 2006

What an interesting day it has been, what with all tenth graders being required to take their High School Exit Exams and all. At first I was kind of ennerved at the thought: "Leave high school already?", leaving me torn between "YES!" and "NOOO!" I'm sure I passed, anyway. It was a good feeling, knowing that no matter what happens next, I'm sure I can leave high school. But it also is strange and makes you ponder the road ahead ("Am I really going to leave my friends behind?" and such). Plus, I can say I could have graduated high school at fourteen. Heh, heh. Ya, that's worth it! .

That's the thing about being a year younger than the regular crowd(besides the parent complex). Once teachers find out they treat you completely different, almost like you are suddenely their child who needs to get an A+in your class or else they aren't good teachers. That's also how I sniff out the good ones from the great ones. I have respect for all teachers, but the ones who treat me no different than my peers, now, those are my favorites. Usually. Sometimes, though, it can really suck to be younger. One time I had this teacher who obsessed over everyone's profiles so much she could name every single thing about every student in every one of her classes. Scary thought. Well, anyway, this one time I was sick for a week and didn't turn in a huge project in the seventh grade(back when I was ten) and my teacher shrugged it off, saying, "Oh, it's ok, sweetheart. You're young."

Thank you but ouch.

Alright, here it is. The thought/saying of the week. Yay. Deja moo. That feeling you get when you've heard this bull before. Not the best, I know, but it was the first I saw on the quotes website. Yes, I got lazy-lol!

March 24, 2006

Do you ever wonder how those "Keep off the grass" signs got there? I mean, seriously. Someone had to step on the grass. I don't know. It's like singing "Take me out to the ball game" when you're already there. It's kind of pointless. Please don't think of me as a plant hater or something. If I was, I'd probably choose to be a vegitarian. "I don't love animals, I hate plants!" Lol. I'll stop now.

Here it is, then. A B C D E F G. Gummy bears are chasing me. One is red, one is blue. The yellow one just ate my shoe.

March 27, 2006

Never. I repeat: NEVERask a crazy friend what they would be like if they were a vampire. It results in bunches of inhumane grunts and noises that either leave one in a state of complete shock, or uncontrollable laughter. Especially while in the counselor's office.

I suppose it was worth the stares of disbelief and mutters of "how old are they?" we got from the counselors. We'll probably be called into questioning about our home lives any day now.

But it really was funny!

Calcium Anthropology: The study of milkmen.

April 5, 2006

It's midnight over here, but it feels earlier. Daylight Savings Time sucks. Oh, well. Life goes on!

My cousin spent the weekend with us. We got each other obsessed in each other's obsessions. I introduced her to Twilight. It started innocently enough, that is, until I actually started reading it to her. Then it was like crazyness. We finished the entire book, sometimes skipping meals to do so. And we read it out loud. Or, better stated, I read it out loud to her. Which explains my lack of voice.

Well, there were some parts where she read Edward's dialouge. Twilight became a comedy that night. It was funny, actually. She's completely in love with Jasper, because as she says "Edward's taken." But, when I tried to explain so is Jasper, she ignores me. It's hilarious, actually.

She introduced me to Rebelde, a teen spanish novella. Let me just say, I listen to their songs at least twenty times a day now. I know it's strange, but I love spanish novellas. Some are so fun to make fun of. Others really move you. I couldn't really decide which catagory this one fit under, but it entertained me nonetheless.

"Y soy rebelde, cuando no sigo a los demais! Y soy rebelde, cuando te quiero hansta rabiar!" Gotta love it, man! Gotta love it!

Take it or leave it: I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

April 8, 2006

I have just discovered the cutest thing on Earth. Well, one of them. It's Sora, from Kindom Hearts, dancing and singing with Ariel in Atlantica. You will never see anything cuter. I mean, it measures up to the cutenessof L from Death note when he said, "Light-kun, You are my first ever friend."! (AWWW!)I remember exactly where I was when I first read that. I was like, "Awww! I'll be your friend, L!" lol! I was discussing with my friend how you can't help but put 'Sora' and 'cute' in the same sentence. He's just that adorable, and I'm so happy they got Ariel's voice right. I have an affinity for the Disney princesses-lol! I grew up with them : )

My dog left with my tia and tio this week. That was horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. But, I hear she's doing all right, at least. Hn. The backyard seems so empty. That's probably because it is empty, but whatever. Hn. : (

On another note, I recently saw the cover for New Moon. On amazon. Not only is it gorgeous, but it made me realize just how close the next book is coming. When I think about it, it's like 'wow'. Just, wow.

Because this is probably all you read anyway-lol: Half of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at.

April 13, 2006

I am officially obsessed with Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. It's affirmed. He is so adorable. Too adorable. It's not 'sex appeal'. It's 'affection appeal'. Yes, I've even created a name for it -it's that bad. He's impossibly cute! I adore him_ I love Kingdom Hearts 2!

And, I haven't even seen Riku yet. He was crazy hot in the first one.(And I don't drop a comment like that easily.) I can only imagine what he's like now... _

My birthday's in 5 days! That's it -just 5! It's so crazy... I feel like my it should be next month, or something. But, nope, it's now. It just doesn't seem like a big deal to me this year. At all. I suppose that should make me feel sad especially since I have nothing planned, no presents, and no cake. But, to be honest, I'm only going to miss the cake. lol! Your reviews are my presents, so it's all good. _

This is something my grandmother used to say. "You can't scare me, I have grandchildren."

April 22, 2006

Huzzah! Another year down the tube! lol! Now, if only I could say the same thing about a certain AP final...

Eight days until Death note volume 5. I know -I'm actually counting. But if you've read it, you know what I mean_ L is so sweet!

We're celebrating my birthday tonight! Should be fun and all, having the entire family together... We shall see.

This is kind of random, but this could be my very lastprofile entry -lol! And, if it is, then Thank you all for reading this! lol_

Riku is so fine. Riku is SO fine. Ok, I'm done oggling at the picture in my gameguide. I can't wait to see him on the screen though! He's the sweetest of characters! (And, SO not a villian, non-beilievers!) _

BAM: "Never miss a good chance to shut up." Good advice! I should take it -lol_

April 17, 2006

I'm BAAACK! lol! The dinosaur story. Ok, I'm done, I swear! lol! I don't have much to say. (Pedro quote) It's very late and I'm sneaking to be online. Woops. I figure I should probably write a new profile entry nonetheless, though.

Life sucks. It's the truth. I should be happier right now, but I've been exceedingly down lately. It's kind of sad. And kind of pathetic. I don't even know why I'm so down. Anywoo...

My friend got his heart broken today... He'll never read this, but I feel for him and wanted to give him a shout out! "Hello, Mr. Bear! BUT, Indy, I'm your friend!" Ok, I'm done.

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

June 26, 2006

Is it really June 26th? That means 4 more days until New Moon chapter 1. Isn't it sad how I judge my days upon how soon I will read the first chapter of my favorite series? Heh, heh...

Duuude. Look at my last entry. April. That's sad. And kind of scary. Seems like yesterday. lol! Not even! Seems like a year ago, but whatever. Sigh Fanfiction world must come to an end soon, I'm afraid, for reasons that are too long to list here.

I will use this space as a bit of a book review, because, after all, if I'm not writing -I'm reading.

Let's start off with the best I've read in these two months: A Great and Terrible Beauty/Rebel Angels. Second best YA series in the world and should be acknowledged as so. These books have been my new top recommendation now that I've got everyone hooked on Twilight.

Uglies. I'm still reading this one(I just started last night), but I can say for a fact that it's great. I'm almost finished already, so that's a little depressing. I have to write about it here, because it's on my mind... lol!

Death Note Death Note Death Note Death Note Death Note. You will die in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.I'm just kidding. But, yeah -Light's got to go back to the dark side sometime(irony!)... and it's going to happen in the next installment. Goodie, goodie. And, no, I am not necessarily rooting for the bad guy... he's just confused. And I love L more, anyway. No, wait... GAH!

Da Vinci Code Everyone and their mother knows this book, but I must say that it didn't quite meet my expectations. Angels and Demons was so much better.

Rurouni Kenshin is coming to a close. However, that does not stop it from being so addicting and pulse-racing that you forget that you're actually reading and are not there fighting alongside him. I wouldn't want to fight alongside him. I would try to protect him if he was in danger, though, he'd be the one protecting me, because that is, after all, his main ideal. Protect those in his sight. Aww!

Bitten and SmittenHilarious book. Makes you want to be a vampire all over again.

Avalon High Interesting novel... I enjoyed it.

Oh, I've read a lot more... but I'll save them for next time, I think. This little blog shot is getting too long... sigh Ce la vie!

You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

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