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Age: I am fourteen but I my personality can be rated as a 5 year old!
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Dark brown
Gender: Female

Favorite Anime: Shaman King

My Ultimate Favorite Pairing:
Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyouyama (I just LOVE the two of them, and their son is so kawaii!)

Yo! Here is a fact ladies and gents: I am weird. Go ahead and laugh but don’t come crying to me when I get hyper! That’s the way life works, my mother calls me an Ice Queen and I actually take it as a compliment. -

I am the exact opposite of a snob. I’m also hard-working, lovable, fair, lazy, and very take-charge. Oh, and modest, too! (Please don’t run away! I’m just stating facts!)

More facts: I’m in tenth grade. (I have no idea how this happened, but I jumped up 2 grades! Life is not fair) I have shoulder-length blonde hair and dark brown eyes. I’m 65 cm tall and I dress casually all the time. I live in a huge house, sort of a mansion. (I’m not trying to show off people! Remember just facts are being told) My family is highly blended. (Don’t you just love that word? It makes us sound like a big chocolate milkshake!)

Got all that? Good, because I’ll be giving you a quiz later on.

Just kidding!

Okay I might as well say it right now. I do have a sense of humor. Despite of what some of my friends say. They think I’m loud, bossy, and highly opinionated.

Hard to believe I know. First of all, I’m only opinionated when I KNOW I’m right. Maybe I go overboard, but I can’t help it. I’m a real solutions person. If I see a problem, BANG, my mind springs into action. When others are still in the head-scratching stage, I already have an answer. My friends call me crazy.

Thank you, thank you! Don’t applaud just send roses! (Joking!)

As for being bossy, well I have to be. Try living with my brothers and sisters and you’ll see. I have to be loud, too. Come to my house someday and you’ll know why.

Something else too. I like to write poetry. None of my family members is a poet and it’s impossible that William Shakespeare could be my ancestor.

Another thing you should know: I don't do hentai, or yaoi, or anything like that. I may be weird, but not in that sense.

Oh, and here's a Fun Fact: I hate any parings other than YohxAnna. So be warned, if you insult them face to face with me, you're in big time trouble. No joke, ladies and gentlemen.

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