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I'm Emilee or Chi. I'm 14,

Where do I live? You think I'm gonna tell you my address But I do live in the USA

What I Look Like: I haveblond (natural)hair and it falls an inch or two below my waist. My eyes are mostlyIcey but often change to Blue. I'm english, and I have tanned for the summer, but i will get very very pail in the winter. I'm around 5"6 and I'm skinny and lean.I'm normally wearning jeans, tee's and tanks. During the summertime, it's a bit different however. Tank tops, shorts, you know what i mean. People tell me that I'm pretty and that my face is more mature than a 13 year old's, but no one that I know of has had a crush on me, so you can guess for yourself.

Gender: If you haven't already guessed oh Smart One, I'm a girl.

Hobbies: Reading fanfics and books alike, drawing manga, reading manga, watching anime,going to mall, playing video games, playing the guitar, conputer, dancing, music,my website,and messing around with my friends

Dislikes: People who ask too many obvious questions just to get attention, anyone trying to steal anything (items, affection, attention, the list goes on), people complaining all the time, jerks, frozen computers, pop-ups, no updates (like I should talk), disgusting people, those who can't take a hint, overly boasting people, people who think they're perfect, someone dissing a friend

Yeah, just to let you know, I don't get mad easily. That's why I show flamers who send flames with no constructive criticism no mercy. HA!

Music: don't feel like writing it all but mostlydance and pop and rock

Dreams: I don't know why you would really want to know, but I want to be a writer. Dead serious. That or a manga artist. Or both. Plus I do want to get married and maybe even get into a really good college- which I could if I keep my grades up!

Likes: Friends, manga, video games, drawing, magic, Harry Potter (books and movies), music, writing, reading, im, conputer and shoping in hot topic!

Pairings: RobStar, RaeBB, CyOC, ReaRob,HarryGinny, HermioneRon, LilyJames, RemusTonks, SiriusOC, HermioneDraco, InuyashaKgome

My FavCartoon person: Ichigo, from tokyo mew mew she is the coolest and i LOVE her

Here is a spot for falmes and thing like that:

this is a ripoff of one that someone did only it was robin writing starfire a
'reasons why i hate you' letter and in the end he ends up claiming he loves her
and doesnt really hate her. it was done long before you even posted this. you
could try being more original and not plagerize other people's work. someone
should really report you.this is a ripoff of one that someone did only

one problem there, i don't read star/rob fics, and i posted this 3 years ago but it was raven/beast boy,its not like i knew they had one already, this was based on a poem i wrote about my dead friend and i turned it into a fic, deal with it

A big shout out to all those who rock, namely those who have put my stories on their favorites, those who have put me on their Author Alert list (Dark S3cret ), those who have reviewed me with kindness, those who have understood my need for my stupid HIATUS, and those who encourage others to read my work. I need support to continue on, and I'm glad that all of you are here. Mushy and cheesy, yes, but hey, it could be worse. I could be some lame author/ess who no one reads their stories and they fade into the distance, hoping that somebody will someday review them and catch their (usually) non-existent talent. But anyways... i am one so that up there is just for the future.

Email me sometime at I'd like that. Just write that you're from this website, 'cuz if not, then I won't read and will probably delete without a second thought. Thanks!

By the way, for those who flame others 'cuz they don't like what they read or don't like the couples, may I remind you that there is a 'BACK' button and an exit button? If you don't like a story just for those simple reasons, then don't read at all instead of hurting someone else's feelings. If you have advice or constructive criticism in mind, then by all means, go ahead. However, flamers with no real advice or criticism shall be dealt with in a sarcastic way in the next chapter, a way that will put your flame to disgrace. Flame the way a flame is written. Oh the irony.

So, now that you've read my serious and oddly enough, too mature for a 13 year old, Bio, feel free to read my stories and leave a review of what you think. I will warn you though, that some of that stuff I wrote many months ago but now I have, I like to think, become a bit better.

So go ahead, by all means, enlighten me.

Emilee (AKA Zander, Raven, Phoenix, Em, Chi, and much much more)

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